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  1. Here it is, this is what I logging in to see, that special kind of joy only you can spread
  2. there can be only one if can be only Him
  3. Good to see you’re so positive about all aspects of life
  4. Very nearly had a positive post, you had to Chuck a negative in, keep trying you’re so close yet so far
  5. I said this when I first saw him play. Not in a three though as part of a midfield pair one for future and for now useful to have when needed and to come off the bench.
  6. Apparently not it’s a forum for whinging for the sake of whinging
  7. here he is with his own brand amid positivity.
  8. Stop with this postivity it’s now allowed. Someone will be along shortly to poo poo this and turn it into doom and gloom.
  9. Make your mind up is it the squad or starting line up you’re whinging about I bet if you go through all the games this season our ‘starting line’ up avg age is a lot lower. Either way way stop whinging, you sound like Nora Batty
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