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  1. Injuries Wednesday players don’t get injuries !
  2. Glad we’re in agreement. Remind me when you’ve donated I’ll do the same.
  3. Yeah but that’s sitting on the fence? Rhodes and Windass for me
  4. 1. Westwood 2 Roland Nilsson 3. Rhodes 4. Rhodes 5. Rhodes 6. Rhodes 7. Rhodes 8. Rhodes 9. David Hirst 10. Rhodes 11. Rhodes
  5. Who plays up front till the January transfer window ?
  6. I never said you did mate, you responded to my question of who plays up front till the January transfer window. Someone has to ? I think Rhodes is the answer, considering he’s not had run of more than five games in the side, others don’t so hence my question
  7. You’ve said other clubs don’t want to sign him because they don’t, haha please give over. You know this how? you haven’t said who plays up front till January transfer window is because we know the answer and it goes against everything you have said. Your argument holds no water. As for the negs, is that really the best you have? Quite laughable.
  8. So from that list what has Windass and Paterson (who Pulis has openly said isn’t a forward) done to warrant starting ahead of Rhodes ?
  9. That’s a doubt not a name of who plays up front from now till January.
  10. what’s minus got to do with it, but some Cheb end went through every single post and negged them, Not sure what you want me to answer, I’ve asked a simple question which you can’t answer because the answer goes against everything you have said. so for one final time who plays up front from now till January when the transfer window opens ?
  11. They played Pukki or what ever his name is who was scoring for fun at the time. You’re argument holds no water as no one at the club has a better record ‘ at this club’ in his position, and or who has proven they can do it previously at this level to even a quarter of the standard he has been at. The fact remains he hasn’t had a consolidated run in the side to afford him the opportunity to get up to pace nor has he had the players around him to support him to his game. With this in mind tell me who plays up front till the transfer window opens in January?
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