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  1. I refer you to my OP of yesterday... Sell him on now before his resale value starts to dwindle.
  2. This is not a blame FF post. I think he gives 100% but have concerns about him blocking us finding a balanced side.
  3. FF has been a big favourite of all of ours for some time and rightly so. However, I can't help feeling that his role in the team makes us unbalanced. Surely the front pairing should be Rhodes / Hooper or Fletcher / Hooper with a role for Winnal to play from the bench. Lumping long balls to FF seems like total madness and I worry he could eventually cause deep-seated problems. I think we should cash in on him and let him go to Leeds, Derby etc.
  4. Rashford has the key attribute that Hirst lacks... Blistering pace. All young successful strikers have it. I'm all for nurturing him but he is no Rashford.
  5. Agree. Very annoying. I'm afraid we got hold of him two years too late. Same as Rhodes, if I'm honest...
  6. Same question to you... Why? He is a bung-taking has been who is a premium survival specialist brought in to top flight clubs in January on mega wages to save them. We are not his bag and he is not ours. It would be a shortsighted appointment.
  7. We are not in a position tactically to play Hirst... Currently two very experienced strikers (Fletcher and Hooper) are on the bench and have far more to offer this season. Hirst needs a good loan move and constant positive reassurance that he has a bright future at S6.
  8. People who think Big Sam would manage Wednesday are mad. Pearson most realistic option which is concerning.
  9. Kirkland should know better - very annoying...
  10. Agree. Obvious gulf in class and quality today...
  11. OP couldn't be more wrong on Hooper today... Intelligent forward play and held the ball up brilliantly. Some of his first touches were superb. Sure, he lacks an injection of pace across 2 yards but, awaybfrom home, back often to goal, he couldnt have had a much better game in my view. UTO!
  12. Hoilett and Richardson are the ones who stick out of the pack...
  13. Madness this... Rhodes' flame is dimming and FF has lots more to give.
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