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  1. Asks some good questions does that gilly 😉
  2. Surely you could cite work commitments or illness and ask for a refund? Or maybe read t&c’s and see the refund policy
  3. Exactly wake up and smell the concrete. He has had more clubs than tiger woods ffs.
  4. Fans have a patience threshold. There was a dreamy relationship in 2016 because we nearly achieved something when no one expected us to. that in turn raised the expectations from owner to occasional potg punters. Ticket prices soared, bang average merchandise was produced late at exorbitant prices, match day experience worse than ever. slowly but surely (myself included) fans have run out of patience with the current structure and will stop attending games and buying said merchandise. It’s a personal decision.
  5. I used to regularly abuse Claude dielna on Twitter......... and guess what he blocked me!
  6. I’ve stopped going....... even tho I’ve paid for my season ticket last year! It’s not enjoyable anymore. Not renewed for next year either. I might go to boro game just to wave a few of the dossers off. As for monk....... sooner he is gone the better
  7. He’s sh’t. He is 40 year old and already had 5 jobs.
  8. Would have been better keeping thorniley and selling lees. He is an absolute car crash at the minute.
  9. Just not interested in anything swfc related at the minute. Season ticket not renewed. Have a massive dislike of Garry monk. Don’t really know what to feel
  10. Tom lees constantly looks like he has just seen a ghost
  11. I wouldn’t trust monk in a transfer window....... he could sign messi and we would still look toothless in attack. His tactics are dire, he isn’t even 7 months into his time here and the fans already want him gone in the main. He is a journeyman manager who has been sacked everywhere he’s been. Bloke is only 40 ffs and already into his 5th job. wake up and smell the concrete. Garry Monk is not the man to take SWFC forward.
  12. Sounds like a goodbye statement that. Can see him negotiating a contract settlement if its not already been done. Sad way to end really. Especially given the predicament we’re in at the minute. Just about sums this club up currently
  13. He is another one who has become too comfy. Clear the lot out and start again
  14. Pudils mrs fu(ked off with an airline pilot...... he is banging a bird from Sheffield now. Check out his insta.
  15. Not been today. Mrs is happy as she got her new wardrobes built
  16. Think someone has been playing to much championship manager
  17. Any potg fan who goes today seriously needs sectioning.
  18. I resisted the temptation to renew and I’m happy with my decision.......... everything comes to an end one day. My day has come. Wonder how many more people there are like me.
  19. Fletcher would have to take a wage cut to stay here. It’s not like any other team would pay him 35k a week at his age with his injury record is it
  20. Who knows. I’m not exactly eggheads standard of intelligence personally, but it is confusing. Wonder what the uptake has been on them.
  21. I still don’t understand how this works....... I’ve read it about 10 times as well
  22. And it won’t end there......... people not renewing season tickets won’t contribute much as potg customers next year due to the insane prices and awful football on display. Could get a lot worse before it’s better imo
  23. People will vote with there feet if they have any sense. Season ticket renewal deadline tomorrow......... I’m not renewing mine. I bet there will be loads not renewing
  24. Westwood has an ego hutchinson has an ego monk has an ever bigger ego. What could possibly go wrong!
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