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  1. I believe fundamentally he is not the right man to turn this around....... oh my god..... I’m starting to sound like him now. monk out
  2. I think Ross Wallace was about as good as they get in recent times when it come to value. signed on a free, wouldn’t have been on massive wages and got 3 years good service out of him. Was rarely injured. tudgay, was money well spent, all things considered. Keiran lee , Westwood, lees, bannan, Buxton, all good servants to the club who cost zilch in transfers fees. People quick to point out the bad buys we make, but also some decent ones in there we did get right. biggest mistake was not selling them on for profits when we had the opportunity. Hindsight a wonderful thing
  3. For a bang average player....... I wish we had him at right back right now. Cost us 800k Hardly missed a game club captain.
  4. Beatie joining is bad news in my personal opinion, as it means DC is planning to keep Monk in charge. 😢😢😢
  5. Refund all day long. Works out at £115 for me and the lad. Far better off in my pocket...... I bet Barry bannan hasn’t had to take a mortgage holiday has he? I have, so call me what you like I will take the bloody money thank you.
  6. These threads always drag up similar names..... I’m not sure the people commenting have even seen these players in the flesh. Anyone putting the likes of bullen, crossley, bywater are clearly suffering as a result of lockdown.
  7. Another vote for Andy booth. Made the best of his abilities and was a real handful for defences. Lacked pace but was tough as old boots and a good team player.
  8. Surely you could cite work commitments or illness and ask for a refund? Or maybe read t&c’s and see the refund policy
  9. Exactly wake up and smell the concrete. He has had more clubs than tiger woods ffs.
  10. Fans have a patience threshold. There was a dreamy relationship in 2016 because we nearly achieved something when no one expected us to. that in turn raised the expectations from owner to occasional potg punters. Ticket prices soared, bang average merchandise was produced late at exorbitant prices, match day experience worse than ever. slowly but surely (myself included) fans have run out of patience with the current structure and will stop attending games and buying said merchandise. It’s a personal decision.
  11. I used to regularly abuse Claude dielna on Twitter......... and guess what he blocked me!
  12. I’ve stopped going....... even tho I’ve paid for my season ticket last year! It’s not enjoyable anymore. Not renewed for next year either. I might go to boro game just to wave a few of the dossers off. As for monk....... sooner he is gone the better
  13. He’s sh’t. He is 40 year old and already had 5 jobs.
  14. Would have been better keeping thorniley and selling lees. He is an absolute car crash at the minute.
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