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  1. Fair comment, only major difference is Rhodes has 200 goals to his name.
  2. Don’t understand this love for winall. He has little in the way of attributes to suit our current system. No great pace not particularly strong in the air not a target man little or no skill only thing I can think of is his link up play is decent a (little) bit like hooper. he should have been moved on in the summer. His wages must have been the sticking point to potential suitors
  3. Reach really poor for me. What kind of a tackle was that for readings goal. Harris looks a player. Brilliant from joao to see the game out.
  4. Positives. Rid off hooper 35k per week abdi 25k per week boyd 20k per week pudil 20k per week jones 30k per week Matias 20k per week total £150k a week signed borner odubajo harris combined 35k per week.
  5. Went to Lincoln and watched on tv today. IMO borner decent on the ball, better distribution than lees. Think he maybe a yard or 2 light on pace. Reminds me a little of Pontus jansson, just hopefully not as mentally unhinged
  6. would take him on 1 or 2 year deal. Can play either wing and full back. Great set piece delivery as well.
  7. Wednesday always. But also like Glasgow Rangers. Would love to go to ibrox one day.
  8. I think judgement needs reserving on Harris. He is 26 and only played just over 100 career games. Only played 70 times for Cardiff in 6 years. Really hope he he finds his feet at s6 and rips it up.
  9. What a piece of absolute turd. The flat nose mrs doubtfire looking tub of Geordie goo.
  10. I got absolutely hammered on here when posted a thread about ground being sold back in December or something.
  11. Scored twice all season. One a 3 yard screamer on opening day against Wigan and the second was arguably an own goal against Luton. Well played big dave
  12. That was a very jos like performance and team selection
  13. Far to much time on your hands fella
  14. Think we need to get used to bruce’s type of player. Think iorfa is exactly that. Tall strong, quick. Good age, good pedigree and will also have a resale value should he be a success. All things considered, potentially a very good signing. Time will be the judge. Big yes for me at this moment in time.
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