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  1. Had it on good authority he has a calf problem and is out for up to 6 weeks. Don’t think it will be announced until after tomorrow’s game.
  2. Send kamberi and Gibson back. Sow is tosh so move him on if possible in January.
  3. Don’t get this obsession with Megson. He hasn’t managed in 10 years since he got the sack with us, there must be a reason for this.
  4. This is good news. A player not performing moving on for a fee and saving us his wages between now and June next year. This is what proper football teams do. Well done Wednesday
  5. It’s clear that DM doesn’t know his best side yet. We have probably signed to many players. Unfortunately Johnson just isn’t up to it. He may prove useful at left back as cover. As an attacker he is a waste of a shirt. Dunkley absolutely frightening at centre back. IMO these are the the only concrete things we have learned. Everything else is still finding it’s way
  6. Can also verify Lee Gregory story. Happening on Thursday. Not sure if it’s a loan or permanent.
  7. Hardcores £5 bang across road mush
  8. Programme. Pie n peas. Drinks available at an extra cost. . ok I’ve just made that up off the top of my nut. Can’t see it being to far away from the actual truth though
  9. For me it could potentially echo the team that Turner/sturrock assembled 04/05 we picked up the likes of brunt and whelan from boro /city reserves. Simek from Arsenal reserves. McGovern and Maclean from Scotland. Added to that a few older pros and smart loans, and somehow built a team. hopefully Moore can do something similar with his new signings and form a new side with the experienced pros we already have.
  10. I got fed up of waiting and sent the club an email on 29th June (1 full year after first applying) basically told them I was going take them to the small claims court if my refund wasn’t processed within 7 working days. I got a call on Friday and the money refunded. fwiw I was full prepared to take the court option. It wasn’t just bluff. the best email to contact is welisten@swfc.co.uk Hope others are as successful as I was.
  11. The first line was an in answer to my question...... the rest was in reply to someone else and another question
  12. Check this out. At least dunkley had the decency to reply
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