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  1. I got absolutely hammered on here when posted a thread about ground being sold back in December or something.
  2. Scored twice all season. One a 3 yard screamer on opening day against Wigan and the second was arguably an own goal against Luton. Well played big dave
  3. That was a very jos like performance and team selection
  4. Far to much time on your hands fella
  5. Think we need to get used to bruce’s type of player. Think iorfa is exactly that. Tall strong, quick. Good age, good pedigree and will also have a resale value should he be a success. All things considered, potentially a very good signing. Time will be the judge. Big yes for me at this moment in time.
  6. I’ve got a sneaky feeling abdi will be released from his contract by close of play today. Like mcgugan was couple of years ago
  7. As per title. Spare kids ticket. Can meet at ground. Front tier. Row 6.
  8. Lawro is a bit of a throbber, but can’t really class that as hating us. Peter Beagrie on the other hand
  9. Don’t like the 4-5-1/4-3-3 in possession formation. If we revert to a 4-4-2 Matias would be the 1st player to make way for the other striker. Funnily enough I thought we looked loads better when we went to 4-4-2 today. Wigan’s centre half’s were as poor as anything you will see all season. We should have won by 4 or 5. That’s football as they say
  10. Fletcher took his goal well and general centre forward play was excellent. Won almost everything in the air, really lead the line well.
  11. Ground sale announced in feb suddenly has a bit more legs to it now
  12. No one would pay 6 million for him. He has less than 6 months left on his contract and won’t be getting another. My guess is we could get him for a nominal fee and Chelsea rid themselves of hus wages. The bigger issue would be if we could get near his current wages and the length of contract. For what it’s worth my opinion would be to sign him up. Quite clearly best centre back at the club at present. Also a good age for potential re sale value. Sure he has made rhe odd rick here and there. Not sure he has cost us any goals (with exception of derby game) He is calm and composed on the ball, good pace, good in the air, also capable of playing out from the back. Can use both feet. What’s not to like?
  13. Our academy is miles off other academies. It’s traditionally who you know and not what you know. I.e Nicky Weaver, Steve Haslam etc. Former players who get preference over outside candidates. Local head of recruitment is a good guy but has had his wings somewhat clipped. Better coaches quickly get snapped up, Ramsdale, cadermateri etc. Doesn’t help that the guy who looks after the foundation ages does nothing but scream and shout at the kids either. Lots of parents take offence to that, and take them elsewhere. Ive seen Derby county and Everton’s academy first hand and it puts ours to shame. Man City/ Man U/ Derby are much more aggressive in scouting the Sheffield area than us.
  14. Out of contract players at the end of the season is quite a lengthy list. cant see many if any being retained. So the squad will see somewhat of an overhaul. hopefully makes for an exciting summer.
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