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  1. 3 senior goalkeepers and not one of them can kick properly. Major issue if Moore wants to play out from the back. All 3 can go for me. Free up wages for a proper no1. Use Jackson and render as to fight out number 2 slot.
  2. For me the academy going would be a short sighted move. Like the rest of the club, our academy needs restructuring to make it more efficient. it needs to start paying for itself a bit more. IMO the way to do that is by integrating players more regularly into the 1st team before selling them if not suitable for the 1st team. Also need to start loaning them out more often as well. Man U used to be experts at this..... they would give academy kids opportunities in the 1st team to raise there profile......then sell for vastly inflated prices compared to selling them being t
  3. Don’t know why people are getting triggered. Hutch is worth another year all day long, especially in league 1
  4. I’m not clever enough to understand...... but looks like a 17million loss. Down from 23 million loss on season before?
  5. If we can get our money back on him or even make a profit I would let him go. Not a team player for me. Don’t really know what he is.
  6. We still had season tickets up to last season. Was never going to re new this season regardless of COVID. l run a local grassroots football team and have done for the last 5 years. Hopefully we can pick that up again once permitted
  7. I started taking my youngest lad when he was 5 going on 6. It was Carlos first season and he fell in love with it all. He is now 11 and doesn’t even watch them on I follow or sky now. Been all over the country with him watching Wednesday, he even cried at Wembley. Without sounding corny I will look back and remember that 2 year period with fondness. our life has since moved on, our family has grown and business commitments are now a priority. but in my opinion it’s the perfect age to start taking your lad.
  8. Not seen anyone mention the salary cap! Is that still a thing in league 1? If so 2.5 million wage bill doesn’t allow us to keep many of the players even if we wanted to.
  9. I think even Dc has got the message that we’re a league one team
  10. Decision making is what sets apart the best footballers from the average ones. Perfect example is Barry bannan. If his decision making was quicker/better he would have been a premier league player.
  11. Wonder how many pens we have conceded as well. Probably most in the division as well
  12. Insanity is doing the same things over again and expecting different results.
  13. I think there might be some logic to this theory. Maybe a lack of fitness leading to poor concentration, particularly in the last 10-15 minutes of games.......... when we seem to concede a lot of goals.
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