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  1. I think there might be some logic to this theory. Maybe a lack of fitness leading to poor concentration, particularly in the last 10-15 minutes of games.......... when we seem to concede a lot of goals.
  2. If only warnocks mother had swallowed that night
  3. Borner much more composed than dunkley. Dunkley might have got the “leader” type image but for me borner is a better option at present.
  4. Can’t keep falling for the egg under the hat. Red cards, penalties, cheap free kicks, individual errors have cost us massively....... that’s before the dire and negative team selections and tactics. Add to that poor recruitment and injuries and points deduction and it serves up a recipe for disaster. we are so naive as a club/team/players it’s unreal. IF we stay up this season it will be a modern day miracle
  5. Most sensible thing I’ve read today
  6. Out of contract in the summer. Will probably move on. No doubt he will get another contract elsewhere. Journey man footballer............. there are literally 100’s like him about.
  7. Anyone who doesn’t say hutch has clearly been smoking the same herb as DC
  8. Windass done absolutely nowt thus far.
  9. Was only thinking yesterday....... maybe we could limp through to the end of the season and if we stay up have a go at nicking Ismael from the dingles....... other clubs probably thinking the same mind
  10. Stoke not won in last 11 games in all competitions......... please don’t do the classic Wednesday thing come Tuesday night
  11. Reach best attributes are running with the ball, crossing and scoring the odd goal. Play him wide left and ask him to do these things. He’s rarely injured. Don’t understand why he gets so much stick.
  12. Team for Swansea westy hutch leesy dunks reachy hazza baz shawy mass Pato rodo subs wildy palms browny bash windy kach penno huggy borns
  13. Can’t argue with this....... football now so over complicated. Nothing wrong with keeping it simple even if it’s labelled old school. my other pet hate is over playing at the back from goal kicks. Even the best teams in the world struggle to do it well. (Look at Alison for Liverpool against city) yet teams persist with it because its fashionable
  14. Age might come into it as well. For example bannan who is 31 I think....... he is not likely to get 3/4 year contract. I see him being offered 1 year with an option for a 2nd year. Hopefully likes of bannan, reach, Lee’s sign on for a bit longer. shaw, needs signing up for the long term. all host of other players I’m not sure what the future holds. Harris, Rhodes, Westwood, Penney. a few nailed on to leave JVA, borner. Etc
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