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  1. I'd have to think what message it sends to rest of squad for him to get straight back involved. I would also have to think what potential there is for a divisive reaction in front of a home crowd. I think he either gets thrown back in at Burton (start or bench) or you leave it a couple of games. On that basis, I may be inclined not to involve FF against either Burton or Leeds. Then involve him, either from the start or from the bench away at Brentford. Hope he does something magical, which then makes his integration and likely acceptance at Hillsborough less of a side-show when we play Wigan at home (by which time hopefully we are top of the league!).
  2. So in summary, for tonight's show: - About 65-35% Wednesday fans for letting bygones be bygones. - About 100-0% non Wednesday fans saying FF should never play for Wednesday again. - Brother and sister phone up one call apart. Sister mentioned dogging?!? (but then she does live at Charnock). - Bloke on thousands a week rides a bike because he can't afford an Audi R8. - Gary Bannister told a Wednesday fan to do one away at Carlisle. - Bloke uses FF situation to slag off Hooper for being lazy, before saying he gets behind all the players. - Rob Staton spends 8 minutes failing to understand that Carlos can't see inside others people's heads so cannot answer questions on their behalf. Have I missed anything?!?
  3. For that one season we had the most exciting young front pairing in the league, and I still to this day cannot fathom how that team got relegated. At the time Dalian was probably viewed as a slightly better prospect than Hirst, although it was a close thing. Was absolutely gutted when we announced we'd sold him. And also felt a bit miffed when Big Ron brought him back to England to play for Villa. A tragic loss, and I hope the club mark Dalian's passing at the Leeds game. Another gone too young.
  4. For all those saying he should go, I assume you also applaud how the Club handled the DiCanio saga. If Man U can go through this twice with Rooney and still keep him, I don't see why Fessi cannot get through this and remain an Owl.
  5. So many superlatives to describe Hirst in his prime. Was watching Euros this summer and thinking there wasn't a striker in the tournament that could touch the Cudworth Cowboy on his day. For those not old enough - you missed seeing someone truly special. Did everything, so many memories - League Cup Semi Final goal 91 v Chelsea, FA Cup Final equalizer 93 v Arsenal, two-footed challenge on Mitch Ward at the Lane (only got a yellow ), runs and scores from half-way versus Hull and Man City, 20+ yard pile-drivers to score against Man Utd, Newcastle, Villa, Southampton, Tottenham, Liverpool, Luton, Leicester - no goalkeeper was safe. And a special mention for Howard Wilkinson, who was there to sign the best striker I believe I will ever see don the blue and white stripes; and was there again as Chairman to steer us towards calmer waters which took us to where we are today. Sgt Wilko I salute you!
  6. When goals are scored he celebrates with the rest. So can only assuming you are referring to on pitch and dressing room celebrations after Brighton second leg semi. Pretty sure it was said at the time that having been there and done it the year before he realised getting to Wembley was not something to go OTT about, true success was sealing promotion. I can assure you if we had beat Hull, Hooper would have been partying with the best of them - just has a different benchmark for what success is, in my opinion.
  7. I am Wednesday, You are Wednesday, We are Wednesday. Therefore "Wednesday's on our way" can be deemed to be appropriate.
  8. I'm as Sheffield as a spawny-eyed parrot-faced wazzock!
  9. Cool, but by your statement you haven't ruled out having Farage's arse transplanted onto Moudu Sougu's face, so I still feel you have given a green light to this other than Bannan.
  10. Funny you should say that...think you may be a DC outer (sorry),
  11. Let me start this by saying in terms of Owlstalk terminology I am very much in the 'Clapper' camp. We all can see that Dejphon is, to quote Uncle Dave, 'chucking a few bob at it'. But equally, at the same time I would suggest that we can also see that he has something of the megalomaniac about him. There are many pluses and minuses to his regime so far, for example: - Top six, playoff defeated finailists. - Ticket pricing / membership pricing / drive to increase number of ST holders - Investment in wages and transfer fees, that covers so far the likes of Forestieri, Hooper, Pudil. Abdi, Fletcher. - The new SWFC crest (and removal of the old crest from the Kop seats). - The new SWFC home kit (minimal stripes) - Random squad numbers. So my question is this: What has or would he need to do to cross the line to get to the point where you would say, no matter how much money DC has, he has gone too far, and therefore you would rather he goes? This is not a Chansiri out thread, just an attempt to understand how far he would have to go for some (and like some other posters on here, I have heard some thoughts from those at the club, and there is a genuine concern that the main focus of delivering a Premier League team has so many side distractions from Chansiri himself that risk the stability of our Club), so I would be interested to know from the 'support at all cost' clan what would be step too far?
  12. Chansiri asked one of his advisers what method he should use to pick lucky squad numbers. The response was... Then he got out the machine and there you have it. Only explanation!
  13. 35 years old, but Brede Hangeland appears to currently be a free agent having been released by Palace. Adds size, experience and competition. Could fit the bill for 12 months, and buy us time to find a younger alternative.
  14. I guess I would go: 1. Westwood 2. Nilsson (or Hunt) 3. Pudil 4. Hutchinson 5. Lees 6. G Cahill 7. C Ronaldo 8. Abdi 9. Hirst (or Fletcher) 10. Forestieri 11. Bannan
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