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  1. I will be in new Zealand or Fiji on my honeymoon, it's not too far from Australia so pop round ifthe game is on and we can watch together!!
  2. It is week 3 of the honeymoon so all the romance will be dead :)
  3. Does anyone know if they play English games in new Zealand or Fiji as I will be on my honeymoon?? Typical, probably the only game we will get on sky this season.
  4. your confusing me with someone else who said hooligans live on council estates! I can only speak about what i saw on leppings lane and a bit further up (down from the Park Hotel) if someone was bitten inocently elsewhere, then that was wrong, however, the people i saw certainly were not innocent fans. Anyway dont want to post in this thread anymore incase Owl Capone's dog is reading!
  5. Seriously you just made me wee wee my self laughing! you should re read your post and be embarrased! What charges are "their" solicitors going to bring against me LMFAO!! and i bet the police cacked his pants when you told him your dog was harder than his dog! what did he do, "say sorry lads i cant compete with this guy i am out of here!!
  6. If you dont want to be bitten by a dog, hit one the head by a batton, don't stand in front of police looking hard baiting them! these guys were not kids, they were people old enough to know better! Simple really!
  7. They have both! Just hope the dogs never caught anything!
  8. I witnessed all the trouble after the game outside leppings lane etc, all those attacked by the dogs were baiting the police etc etc. if they did not want to get bit they should not of been there! Zero sympathy. It was funny to watch, grown men looking tough then screaming as the rotty got revenge! These idiots were also throwing bricks and bottles at police and wednesday fans! got what they deserved!
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