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  1. Hello! Where are you people drinking pre-match for Derby?
  2. I need one. I can chip in if there is someone else needing a ticket.
  3. Perhaps I need to buy tickets through Derby. What do you think?
  4. Hi fellow Owls! I am travelling from Norway and I need tickets. Can anyone help me out? Best, Tom
  5. Hi, I am coming over from Norway next weekend, and I see that the away allocation for Derby is sold out. Are there anyone with a spare ticket? Is it even possible to get a spare ticket? Best, Tom
  6. My method as well. But the picture really lags alot
  7. I have the picture, but how does one get commentary?
  8. Yes. But he has been sacked so often, so not weird that he thinks about it.
  9. In his latest pre-match press conference, Carlos said in the other clubs he has been to, he would have been fired after the Boro defeat. Great to see that he feels support from Chansiri and the Wednesday fans.
  10. Thanks! Please use my link! https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1514438-sheffield-wednesday-player-online-subscription?ref=share-undefined-copy_box-web-deals&rui=215206812&rpi=199015064 WAWAW?
  11. Linked with Vitor Goncalves apparently. http://www.record.xl.pt/futebol/nacional/liga-honra/gil-vicente/detalhe/italia-chama-por-vitor-goncalves-970893.html
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