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  1. mansfield_owl03

    OFFICIAL - SWFC Christmas present thread.

    im there also merry xmas
  2. mansfield_owl03

    Fans forum match day thread

    are we 1 nil down yet
  3. mansfield_owl03

    Villareal live!

  4. mansfield_owl03

    Anyone got the new #SWFC away shirt yet?

    mine arrived this morning ordered yesterday so cant fault delivery .quality is decent and looks great i have no complaints
  5. mansfield_owl03

    9am this morning

    just ordered mine fingers crossed i get it before 4th august for my hols ,anyone know the usual time they take to arrive
  6. mansfield_owl03

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    here is my view .looks bang on,all be it a bit pricey ,so im gunna wait and see what folk say about the quality if its decent then i will fork out 60 quid for the replica ....dont have the belly for a pro .
  7. am i reading that right ,on top of my monthy sub ,i have to pay 10 quid more per live match ,now tv only charge 7.99 for skysport all day
  8. mansfield_owl03

    #SWFC Caption Competition

    must be a hot day ,can smell bumhole lane from here
  9. mansfield_owl03

    #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

  10. ffs my god we suck
  11. mansfield_owl03

    This Is Shocking

    about as much heart as a zombie
  12. mansfield_owl03

    Barnsley 1 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    sick of radio sheffield ,blowing barnsley and blades trumpet and cant wait to have a dig as us
  13. mansfield_owl03

    Caption competition

    Cya i`m off to Swansea
  14. mansfield_owl03

    Caption Competition

    who the hell put jive bunny on
  15. this guy and Hutch could make DC some extra cash pole dancing on south stand