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  1. mine arrived this morning ordered yesterday so cant fault delivery .quality is decent and looks great i have no complaints
  2. just ordered mine fingers crossed i get it before 4th august for my hols ,anyone know the usual time they take to arrive
  3. here is my view .looks bang on,all be it a bit pricey ,so im gunna wait and see what folk say about the quality if its decent then i will fork out 60 quid for the replica ....dont have the belly for a pro .
  4. am i reading that right ,on top of my monthy sub ,i have to pay 10 quid more per live match ,now tv only charge 7.99 for skysport all day
  5. must be a hot day ,can smell bumhole lane from here
  6. sick of radio sheffield ,blowing barnsley and blades trumpet and cant wait to have a dig as us
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