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  1. Brighton tickets

    but has she gone down and been paid
  2. Brighton tickets

    don't do pm's what i have to say, i can say in public
  3. Brighton tickets

    find the post i was warned for, and see if it's abusive, it's not, it was meant to be a light hearted dig, cos he was getting on everyones **** with his price ranting, how can mentioning warm up routines (i was addressing the post, not the poster) be abusive, if i upset kivo, then i send him my apologies here and now you mention move on, move on from what, some jumped up nobody issuing "official warnings" look mate, it's a forum mostly for the deluded stay away fans, nothing could happen on here that i could need to move on from this isn't real life, it's make believe, unlike others, i don't take owt on here seriously (or personally)
  4. Brighton tickets

    why would i argue with someone who will just pull the plug if i don't play little nice boy, i wonder how many warnings have been dished out to people who've abused me in the past, i got a warning for asking kivo to stick to analyzing warm up routines (a post he made a few days previous) instead of moaning about prices, and you say there are no favourites, are you being serious i admit, i sometimes go a bit far, and i apologise to anyone i've offended, i just type it like i'd say it
  5. Brighton tickets

    well i'm not little, and i'm not a kid or a student, so obviously i don't fit in, but i post my opinion, and if you can be bothered to look back over my posts, you will see i end up being right more often than not, and how come it's alright for you to insult me, but if i call someone an idiot, i get their pet mod on my case typical
  6. Brighton tickets

    well i'm 100% sure you are wrong crowds aren't down much, and i'd like to bet gate receipts are up professional running of the club, of the highest order
  7. Brighton tickets

    who said i was happy about high prices, the prices are scandalous, all i said, was the club knew exactly what it was doing with the categories, and it did have you ever tried reading my posts instead of jumping to conclusions, the poster i was talking to has a minus 400 rating, and was talking utter 5hite, just because i'm not in your little gang, doesn't mean i cant state my views
  8. Next 6 games

    it would have been bloody brilliant, had he not waited for the results before posting
  9. Brighton tickets

    always so sarcastic, with nowt to say
  10. Brighton tickets

    he's a porker on the wind up, no one could be that thick, let him play nicely on his own
  11. Brighton tickets

    pig, 100% night piggy, sleep tight
  12. Brighton tickets

    i've had my own business for 30 odd years son, i'm no Chansiri, i only employ 16 staff tops, but i think i've forgotten more about "the financial way of life" than you will ever know, but hey, maybe a thicko like you is right, and maybe a multi millionaire who puts his money where his mouth is is wrong oh well, here's to Dave Allen 2, and the next foray into div 3, no worries though, there will be two tenner matches for you to not go to
  13. Brighton tickets

    why am i arguing with a tugger with a minus of 400+ i must be pi55ed