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  1. Reach

    Thinking about it we are doing this atm already with bannan practically playing centre mid
  2. Reach

    I think he's got the attributes to be the ideal wingback who could be in sole charge of the entire left wing freeing up resources for doubling up elsewhere on the pitch (fernando free role/hooper top diamond with two out n out strikers/hutch extra in centre mid for numerical advantage). Just so long as he isn't up against a winger with too much pace

    Again, no issues here in Gothenburg, Sweden. Had it running smoothly on my pc, browser: google chrome. Could the problem be on your end i e isp, software, firewalls etc?
  4. IFollow for tonights match

    For balance, worked fine here in Sweden, hardly noticeable lag around min 65-75. Perhaps there's a problem with your isp or summat else on your end
  5. José and Jonjo

    Nevermind ill just generally assume they were together at one of them London gentlemens clubs
  6. They were hugging and exchanging compliments for a loooong time after the whistle. Whats their connection? could he lure him to hillsborough? Would he be an improvement on the mighty lee? questions
  7. Lees MoM by a country mile

    Agree wholeheatedly , zero mistakes defensively some good balls out from the back and an excellent goal to boot, no contest really
  8. In place of whom though. Fletcher for me mom, cannot remember when ive seen a centre forward work so tirelessly and effectively all across the pitch ( bar the ood lapse just in front of their goal).
  9. Adam Reach

    looks a bit short on confidence. however did well today. You can see hes got a footballing brain as he anticipates situations and stole the ball off em 3 times, protects the ball with his sheer size, and although he lacks essential winger attributes such as pace, exceptional crossing ability or a shot capable of putting fear into the oppos, when i squint, I see Waddle himself strolling down the line and that does make me feel warm inside. So all in all £5m reasonably well spent.