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  1. I agree with most of this but the comparison was Primarily in the conversion bit. i haven’t seen Iorfa taking many shots at goal but I do believe that this is something that could be coached into his game. Natural abilities like strength, pace, positioning, general smartness and time and place intuition less so
  2. Sorry just panicking a little bit from this here fletcher situation.. until recently I had a strong belief that this might be our season of glory
  3. I’ve been watching our best centre back closely now these last 3 months and have come to the conclusion that he could be our next warhurst-like unlikely converted hard working, stamina in abundance, strong, speedy, eye for goal (proved already it with his Dead ball heading abilities), target-man able, discreetly (smart) fouling, lone striker alternative to fletch. when I was a kid the best players eventually ended up as forwards and lets all admit he does have standout qualities, obviously not previously recognised by wolves... we do have adequate cover at centre back with börner, lees. let’s go for it and turn a 10m£ centerback into a 30m£ drogba lookalike. discuss...
  4. They do, but will obviously name a reserve side as they have other commitments elsewhere
  5. Guess I’ve misjudged this. Let’s play the alfretons and Blyth Spartans of this world, score sheiteloads and then take that form on
  6. Every year we seem to arrange friendlies against opponents in league 1, 2 and below. I feel as though trying yourself against equal or better sides would prime the squad more efficiently towards what’s at hand. 4-0 at Northampton seems pointless compared to practising time on the ball or retaining structure at -say - Norwich, Celtic or Everton: or is it a given law that we cannot prepare against these?
  7. Roland Nilsson apparently in frame, would be a decent option
  8. All things considered (appearances and injuries, goals and assists, general contribution and grafting when on pitch, good looks) our stand out best player since he signed.. Other candidates?
  9. Just dawned on me, Im watching future Rotherham vs present Rotherham
  10. Made me realise how much I miss Kieran Lee. He’s everywhere.
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