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  1. Central defence

    Hutch for sale :-) sounds like an advert out of the look local.....worthless in the transfer market except for wages saved if he went.
  2. Lucas Joao

    Exactly what I tell our lass.......!!
  3. It's freezing in Hillsborough right now

    Back in the 70's the hose pipe would have been out and hey Presto stand....postponed !
  4. He's an alley cat isnt he......?
  5. International Break

    Reckon if we had a 6 month break we wouldnt get anyone back...... :-(
  6. Conspiracy theory

    The truth is out there......!
  7. Fans at games abusing their own players

    Fans usually have a scapegoat who when things are tough gets the majority of the abuse.
  8. Blunts key to our survival?

    Personally hope they lose every single game left this season.....we are masters of our own destiny...!
  9. TBF.....didnt most of that list play in the fiasco against pigs at Hillsborough ?
  10. Will FF ever play for us again?

    No......and we will probably get £500k for him.
  11. Totally agree.....winning and in our case not winning becomes a habit......really need a positive result in a win very soon.
  12. Run in & wins

    Seriously......will we win another game this season? Genuinely worried.
  13. Pelupessy

    Maybe that’s the plan......:-(
  14. Almen Abdi