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  1. I have a sneeky suspicion that you may be doubly dissapointed with Lee and Hooper....12 month deals ?
  2. Would be a great shame if he went. i would have serious doubts about challenging for promotion with Dawson as number 1.
  3. If he doesn’t pay anyone £40k a week in the premier they will do a Huddersfield (hopefully).
  4. Good job then aa the crowd would have been shocking....bloody part timers who do they think they are supporting the club for 50 years and turning up when they want !!
  5. Is that the end......come on wednesday...turn it around please
  6. Talking of Chelsea.....how would an emotionally charged loan for Gary Cahill be received to lead us back if we dont get Hec ?
  7. Not sure which is more depressing...... Dooom 57 today Missing game as in Valencia Still...could be worse....could be a blade ! Come on Wednesday 2-1 Hector and Fletch.
  8. Would have depended who was in charge....if it was SB from day 1 of season then automatic for me imho.
  9. Is that in America ? I would offer him a reduced salary contract with a massive bonus clause for games played, goals scored and promotion (assuming we dont get promoted this season) :-) Best striker we have when fit imho.
  10. I can feel a Steve Mclean play off final scenario coming with Hooper.
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