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  1. I believe we're now on our 15th manager since the year 2000 so it would seem that no one is the man for the long-term rebuild. We need to stop chopping and changing and finally give someone a chance. IMHO Monk should be given at least until the end of next season as a minimum to clear out the Deadwood and build his own squad and bring in his own coaching team.
  2. We have to accept it then because they have both been party along with FF Bannan Lee etc to losing and taking us no where in the last 3 years. Clear out required of all players who have failed, so thats a huge chunk of the squad and start again imho.
  3. The first part of that is more realistic than us staying up at the moment :-(
  4. You could say that leaving them out was ballsy like Jos did but he got lambasted for it. We have no idea the mess that Monk is dealing with but will be the same for next man if we dont clear out fast. All players e.g. FF, lee, lees, bannan, hutchinson, westwood, all part of our failure over the last few years need moving on imho.
  5. Who should be the next manger is not the question though....:-)
  6. TBF cant blame Monk for penalty and awful defending :-(
  7. The trouble is when I have a good clear out the toilet still stinks for quite a while afterwards..... Fear the same here, but it is a necessity.
  8. I refer the gentleman to the 11 worse i watched every single week throughout the 70s and 80s.
  9. Can we get back to the reality of our situation. We have as good as we are going to get so give him a chance and time to build his own squad. We no longer command any power in attracting top class managers and players and the sooner we accept it the better we will all feel. That hurt.
  10. Unfortunately depends which week you ask it mi lord.
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