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  1. Think it originated in Newcastle “Wendy boat comes in“
  2. Hope we are awful for the first 10 games and pick up 24 points then move into 2nd gear... 🙂
  3. The lack of perspective from some on here re the situation we are in is staggering! Not even played for us and Kachunga being slaughtered on here and twitter! Every club in the Championship and half the Premier League are in the market for a 20 goal a season striker, we must be somewhere near the bottom of the list in being able to sign one. The last one we signed, JR, seems to have alas lost the ability to know where the goal even is! i think GM is working within the constraints he is under and will hopefully prove everyone wrong UTO
  4. Totally agree we are like a washed up Hollywood actor who is now an extra in the Woolpack hoping for one last big break. We will have to continue being a bit part player for some years to come, unless GM can pull off a miracle. He has my best wishes and hopes. In the current situation we are in, I agree Kachunga would be a bit of a coup IMHO. UTO
  5. Ahhhh ok....I lived there from 65 to 88 so want me who served you 🙂
  6. I am so glad we employed Stevie Wonder as our medical man!
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