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  1. The domino effect is in place....welcome to Hillsborough...... Zinedine Zidane
  2. Exactly....we do seem to look at Cardiff for all out players so nailed on.
  3. To be fair.....we weren’t saying that after 70 minutes v Hull at Wembley. He was the messiah when were 20 minutes from the Prem!
  4. We have gone from being one of the original clubs discussing a breakaway European league, playing in Europe, side of full internationals, Chris Waddle etc etc etc to Paul Cook (no disrespect to him) turning us down. just let that sink in !
  5. Josephines was ok but once 1 person had the clap, in the space of a month everyone did
  6. I hope that you mean Stephen Gerrard and not Gerrard Butler
  7. No cap! No cap! The next thing you will be telling us is he hasn’t got a whippet!
  8. Maybe he hasn’t applied for one or he has turned offers down ?!
  9. Calm down dear...don’t go overboard letting everyone know what a good prospect he is or we will finish up selling him for next to nowt. He is rubbish if anyone asks
  10. Managing a football club is like making love to a beautiful women....!
  11. I know however, Jeff Stelling said it would have been his first sending off for 8 years
  12. Looks like Glen Murray may be going from Watford to QPR for rest of season so is that the end of the Rhodes saga?
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