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  1. seem to remember we were in the playoffs when we went into the international break when Jos was here......didn't go well !!!
  2. Hope that if we dont make it this season expectations are kept under control for next season and we give SB time. He will achieve the dream for us i am 100% sure.
  3. I would say it will be the best comeback since Sinatra's fifth if we do.
  4. Alexis Sanchez ..... He isnt getting game time?
  5. Only thing i would say is he has raised our media profile.
  6. We should get Franny Lee in to coach our players in the art of winning penalties. Anyone of a young dissposition check youtube on something i believe is called the interweb to see what i mean :-)
  7. A bit like Sarri at Chelsea with a wealth of world class players? :-)
  8. The vile comments by people on social media about ff made me feel sick.
  9. I am depressed....another weekend ruined mediocre side at best and dem blades potentially getting £100m next season minimum :-( Toll on neepsend blonde (not the female type unfortunately) !
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