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  1. 33-1 for Promotion

    Saved me a fortune this weekend...... premier is all over so cancel sky and we now don’t have a prayer so save a few bob there too. i was used to our season being all over after the 3rd round of the cup for years but December 9th.......!!
  2. Is our season over already?

    ok.....so all teams drop 10 points in 25 games which means 65 points......that means we will have to win all 25 and keep our fingers crossed for goal difference. love your optimism but give it up.......
  3. Is our season over already?

    It is......that’s the point.....7 other clubs have to do worse than us for us to have a chance and that won’t happen.
  4. What can we salvage?

    Blades may be in decline but problem is there are 6 other teams between us and them all wanting what we want......so things need to change at 7 other clubs and ours.....not likely to happen.
  5. Is our season over already?

    No, as long as everyone else scores no points....which won’t happen.
  6. Is our season over already?

    The problem is there are at least 6 other teams will probably get more points out of the remaining games than us. Everyone isn’t going to stand still so we can catch them eg...Blades 1 point from last 12 and we are still 10 behind them. So unfortunately yes it’s all over bar the shouting. IMHO time to get someone in now to get things ready for next season.
  7. If Carlos walks REALISTIC names

    Chum.......Ince is dog meat and should never be seen in a technical area ever again IMHO.
  8. Megson

    Beats the hell outa what we have....
  9. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    That should get them all on board as this season at WBA shows....
  10. Megson

    Make it stop....... Gary Johnson Dean Smith Paul Heckinbottom All better propositions IMHO
  11. Pulis n Meggo anyone?

    No thanks....personally I would like Lee Johnson
  12. Norwich City 3 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Given the points per game ratio we have we can’t afford to lose another game all season if we want to finish 12th....! That said, 0-0 with 1 shot on target. God I am totally fed up of feeling so negative every match day but I hope for the guys travelling it turns this week and it’s onward and upward. Come on Wednesday.
  13. 25/1 (Twenty Five To One)

    Given this seasons form I would say 25/1 is a bit tight.....bookies are not very often wrong.....unfortunately.
  14. Van Aken "I'm not used to sitting on the bench"

    He better get used to it and buy a nice soft cushion.
  15. If Hull had been beaten.........

    Won’t you actually be back in time to actually be the op on this post......?