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  1. everydays_wednesday

    Stop it Gene, you’re killing me

    Jesus.....he really hates us and is so so bitter....it is hillarious. Anyway need a proper shower and scrub now.
  2. everydays_wednesday

    Manager solution......what is it?

    Whoever comes will have the same players, same injuries, same cash (zero) and be working for the same chairman. Good luck to whoever it may be and in the meantime good luck to Jos.
  3. everydays_wednesday

    Chansiri kicking off

    You are actually going to watch....? early bar 5.30 to 7.30 with 8 pints of blonde and straight to my bed by 7.45....phone off and see what Saturday brings !!!
  4. everydays_wednesday

    Chansiri kicking off

    Phillip Green.....he needs someone to love him !!!!
  5. everydays_wednesday

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Better than this big sham.....
  6. everydays_wednesday

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Steve Bruce anyone.....?
  7. everydays_wednesday

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Didn't Jimmy Melia have them....?
  8. everydays_wednesday

    My Balanced View

    I did see that someone said get Penney on a new contract and sell for 12m in summer....on the performance last night he wouldnt get in Hearts first team. Needs a rest and reallity check as obviously has talent but needs it managing imho.
  9. everydays_wednesday

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    It was a bit scary in the away end after the game....great goal great day.
  10. everydays_wednesday

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    What a day out that was :-)
  11. everydays_wednesday

    Why do refs hate us?

    I am pitching this to the History channel tomorrow...... ”why do all refs hate Wednesday” presented by pub landlord Al Murray. it will be easier to prove than the one he has going at the moment !!!
  12. everydays_wednesday

    Vs Bristol

    Hector showing why Chelsea are still paying him...looks very composed and commanding.
  13. everydays_wednesday

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    Jos should have tackled Barnes in the middle of the park and then the 4 defenders around him were Jos's fault and Dawson getting beaten on a tight angle at the near post....shocking manager !!!!
  14. everydays_wednesday

    Wednesday - V - L**ds United (OMDT thingy)

    We will have stolen a point if we hang on here......