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  1. Hanley has potential in relation to this thread but either way. We need to sign a CB in the close season, Lees & Loovens been great again equalling last seasons Clean Sheet record but Loovens is aging and I'm not 100% confident in Sasso to be completely honest.
  2. Westwood Hunt Loovens Lees Pudil Forestieri Lee Bannan Wallace Rhodes Fletcher
  3. Finishing at 12 heading down to Wembley and staying over tonight. Red bull and Jagermesiter will keep me going and I'll have another one for breakfast to wake me up... I can't believe this is actually happening
  4. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but nasty words won't hurt me" When you hear the die piggy song, put your fingers in your ears and sing that song to yourself in your head on repeat. Remove fingers 30 seconds later. End of thread.
  5. If the deal does get done hopefully it will be done in time for tomorrow's Derby with weeds! Throw him straight in!
  6. Effort or no effort he still scored and that's what we are lacking.
  7. I'd take Joey Barton as this set up does look a little to friendly in the middle, lacking that bit of bite and Bartons distribution at this level is excellent! I guess that could be a whole new thread though...
  8. It's back on! Apparently Wednesday have lodged an official bid!
  9. Think it's fair to say hebwont be playing against Bristol toro 😂
  10. I agree with wilyfox. CC has stated he wants to bring in talent that have experience in the English leagues and KJ possesses this and is still at a good age to perform for a few season. We have a lot of foreign additions now and KJ would be a great role model to the likes of Joao in particular because it seems they may have similar attributes. Snap him up. Worth every penny. Team TUNABUCKS
  11. Nice find. Enjoyed having a look through that, Burnley have done well monetary wise. Huge profits! Hull even
  12. I think Nuhiu will come good this season. Always thought he has been a handful and adds a different dimension to the team. Understandably he has his critics as he has squandered opportunities at times. But he did well to get above 10 goals in this division with the limited service he was provided, In my opinion though, he will have a lot more of these opportunities in front of goal this season with this new look midfield and attacking set up, which in turn will provide more goals. He's got good feet for a big fella and holds the ball up well considering for half the season he had it lumped at his throat at 100mph. Believe.
  13. Purely for THAT strike at the lane! What a hit! Take a bow son!
  14. Don't get your knickers in a twist. Pre-Season friendlies have and always will be for match fitness, the result is irrelevant. Patience.
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