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  1. According to latest news releases this afternoon (3pm here) Bruce and assistants have arrived in China this morning. Really - how long does it take to get a visa in the UK to visit China these days? It used to be 3 to 4 days expedited.
  2. Amazing.... the head coach is having a truly bad time last few weeks, the run of results puts the team's confidence very low, no "statement" from the club as, oh so sadly, often claimed by supporters as a default reaction to a bad run of anything more than a run of four losses and.... every single day we read in open media about so called options for the managers position. A position that is NOT vacant. I think I actually agree with Khun Chansiri.... Is this how "family" normally behave..... seriously...?? This is business not football! If Jos gets the sack does anyone seriously think another credible manager will come near SWFC ? The whole company is in a mess, due to whatever reasons, which are in the past. We need to look forward - but I doubt sacking a manager after less than 1 year is the answer. Needs some strategic thought and application.
  3. I opened the article just to check if The Times actually used the word bobbar.....
  4. I am in Manila until Wednesday 17 January
  5. Hey Animis,..... get another photo mate...her right leg is covering the camel's toe....
  6. How much compo.....? CC has brought in all his own staff and you can bet they will have written their contracts in their own favour as DC has not got a clue, DC said we would be promoted this season..... remember..... Carlos Carvalhal is not the problem...... he is a puppet in the big scheme of everything going on behind the scenes at the club
  7. I was at a 50th wedding anniversary.... and the trio playing the music were the same as the trio that played at the reception 50 years ago.... this is what life is all about ...
  8. Hi Darra...how are you? What an absolute mess this season is but I am sure it is a stategic manouvre from Doyen to pick the club up for f**k all and kick chansiri out. Carlos is on Doyen's books...he ain't going anywhere
  9. Nathen mate...how are you...hope you and the wife are well
  10. Carlos Carvalhal's version of the famous Mickey Rooney quote; If the referees don't give us the penalties If we have too many injuries all at the same time (after boasting that we have 2 full teams to rely on) If the medical staff are not properly trained....... my life would have gone like this..... Once upon a time, Carlos had a dream....... but now it is time to go back to Estoril and live happily ever after.....
  11. So many are still missing it....it is so obvious.....Doyen Sports recognise that the current owner of SWFC has not got a clue how to run a football club and Doyen Sports wouldn't half mind picking up a Premiership potential club for next to nowt.... and turning their pawltry investment into millions.... How? Railroad the club.....drag it down.....make the current owner sell off to cut his losses. Doyen can already compare the operations of SWFC to others....Reading (Chansiri's cousin/brother) sold to Chinese and lets not even compare to Blackburn and the Indian Chicken guys.... Carlos won't go anywhere as he is a Doyen man anyway..... My goodness....this is not CLUEDO......
  12. I can only comment what I read on here Rumbelow, it's not meant as a criticism, far from it. In my years I have also followed the club all over the country, way back in the dark days of the 1970s. The supporters are amongst the best in the land but the discussion is about what is happening behind the scenes at the club and therefore my comment was made as a reference only. But tell you what, if I was in England and spending 40 sovs plus travel costs to go and watch some of the Wednesday football I have seen on the telly so far this season, I would be front of the queue mate, shouting very loudly. The supporters are certainly entitled to a bit more clarity on certain issues within the club that is for sure. A previous post highlighted it even better - support the team, see SWFC when you walk in Hillsborough and not the glorification of an individual. No harm intended at all mate.......
  13. Laying blame and excuses for performance isn't going to help. Blaming the referee last week - what nonsense. To win a game of football you have to score more goals than your opponents - everything else is a factor towards this target and these factors are likely to be constantly changing due to the number of people involved at different levels at different times. The fault is way back in the infrastructure of the club.......anyone who reads me on here will know I have a habit of looking for the dastardly deeds within the business (Not because I have done dastardly deeds to anyone else, on the contrary actually). Doyen Sports or Global or whatever they call themselves, is it beyond the realms of possibility that they too may have recognised what a lot of the supporters have known and/or suspected if they haven't followed Chansiri's involvement. Sheffield Wednesday football Club, just a few years ago repeatedly in the top 6 clubs of Premier league, a huge potential, could be in need of a few bob more spending on them (new stadium etc.)....what an opportunity for the money men within Doyen (and there are quite a few of them with more than enough foldings) to take this massive football club and "steal" it at a bargain. This is a business. Question - how do we do that? Answer - you railroad the club, that's how. Question - who do we use to do that? Answer - one of our own.......!! Of course, conflict of interest is something to consider but enterprises like Doyen with the superstars they have on their books usually find ways around such nasty things as COI. (Thoughts from afar guys.....that's all, lazy Sunday afternoon baking in a very hot Malaysia!!)
  14. Weren't people saying something similar about Dave Jones under Milan Mandaric just a few years ago??? It is a matter of time and the fastest way to make this happen, if that is what the fans want, is to simply stop attending games, stop buying better quality shirts that seem to have been ordered according to Thailand standards and spending any money on anything to do with the club. Chansiri is a businessman, he will be constantly looking at revenues to recover his investment. But just think on, there are always two sides to every story. I doubt Chansiri would sack Carlos until he had someone else lined up and has it occurred to anyone that there might not be any managers, currently out of work, who would even be interested in the job at Hillsborough? I mean come on......the club is owned by someone who has admitted he doesn't know much about football and the famous supporters turn on players, managers, coaches and themselves as soon as they lose a few games and performances drop. Carlos's tactics, it seems, are generally to start playing towards the end of the game anyway so perhaps his tactics over the season are the same.
  15. People are still belly-aching and going back to the old fundamentals of owning and running a football club. Dejphon Chansiri is a businessman and he will make businesslike decisions regarding his investment. Granted we were crap today except for the usual 20 mins after half time but there were 33,000 people there and whilst the turnstiles are turning these numbers through, nothing, or very little will change. However, irrespective of the opponent, Mr. Chansiri must surely recognise that we were beaten, convincingly, at home, by a team that came up from the lower division and with a number of their key players out of the first pick. Consider also a 20 year old who caused more problems than any of the Wednesday players. Perhaps he should keep this in mind when comparing him to our own fiery youngster who sits in the terraces most games but meanwhile we have a number of proven strikers, in what seems to be name alone. The business mind will reign over whatever squabbles we get into on this or any other forum. Carlos Carvalhal is incumbent to make sure that the teams' performance on the field, at each and every game, is sufficient enough, that the owners investment brings the expected return, when this stops happening they may be reviews of the circumstances. One humiliating loss after a 7 game unbeaten run will not drive Carlos out of the club, empty seats (instead of paying over priced tickets) will.
  16. Yes....i seem to remember something similar from this guy last season (or season before....) Thinks he is like his ol' man......n e v e r.........
  17. When Jack Charlton went to try and stop the Kop from throwing snowballs at Pat Jennings and Jack got a pelting too.....I still laugh watching the video on youtube
  18. Didn't the same happen when there was all those rumours of Carlos moving on....then when FF refused to travel earlier this season the Chairman had him in his office - perhaps it is DC's way of working.
  19. Surely he would have been wearing a shirt with the wrong coloured stripes in this case......must have looked very streaky and very appetizing to the Leos out there
  20. But does Joao use his attribute effectively. From what I have seen (limited admitted), he doesn't seem to use his "kickdown" to get that valuable few feet to get past defenders and onto the ball.
  21. Funny how he finds his fantastic form 6 weeks before the transfer windows opens....is he now in the shop window? I can't help feeling that Fernando, like, it appears, the majority of footballers (I'm assuming) don't play the game according to their skills but what their agent tells them to do. Agents are the real problem in modern football - not the players, managers or owners. (I have to make sure I am correct in stating it is my assumptions or Sonny will have another pop at me)
  22. Fletcher was brought into the side for full 90 minutes too soon when it may have been better to integrate him into the side by either starting and playing 1st half or subbing after a/2 time. The outcome seems to be, to me, that the regular team from last season (with Reach) still grind out better performances and results than the first quarter of this season. I only get to see streaming so far so don;t chop my head off!! (Now Houston Owl)
  23. I cannot understand why people's memories are so short....is it the local brew......? or just the fickle mind of a Wednesdayite? Look what happened last season - we had spanking runs - winning 6 out of 8 and then had 3 or 4 crap games and then another good run. Carlos plays his game to win in the last 5 minutes, obviously giving your opponent less time and chance to equalise. I do not agree with this method by the way but if he employs it for a game what is to say he doesn't employ similarly for the season...see last season..... all this talk of we were over the line 4 games before the play offs is nonsense. Last season, we had a fantastic cohesion of players, a camaraderie, if you like, I am not sure if that is still there as I do not see so many games so I would rather not comment. But I can recognise the team this season, with very few changes to last season, simply not functioning to the same level - yes you lot with the short memories, last season we were seeing goals scored..... and scoring goals wins you football matches..... Steven Fletcher.....mehhh....he's a tall Stevie May.....he was thrust into a performing and functioning side, prematurely for me, and he screwed up the balance. How did we do when he wasn't playing last few games....?? For discussion - not for slagging off......
  24. Do you happen to have fly fishing by JL Hartley by any chance.....??
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