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  1. Becoming a real asset to the team.
  2. Top notch reviewer...Sensible and balanced. Keep it up.
  3. Fort William in the Highland League. Just look at their goal difference.
  4. With the very congested fixture list at the time of year, perhaps it is time to scrap replays altogether in the FA Cup. that would at least mean that the original fixture would have both teams fighting hard to score. Maybe a tad more exciting.
  5. Does anyone have any knowledge as to whether FA Cup replay will be available to watch on iFollow? Circumstances have conspired against me and I am prevented from going. It will be the first, and I hope the only, match that I shall not attend this season.
  6. Nothing to do with Boris Johnson"s current pet phrase. Much more to with the fact that come 27th November we will have played equal numbers of league games at home and away, against our current situation of having played 3 more games away than at home {after the Cambridge match, of course}. I honestly believe that we will be far better placed then to assess the progress or regress of the season. Good results at home during November could put a whole new perspective on the season. Not holding my breath, but always hopeful.
  7. Might still get it away.......draw at Hillsborough followed by a long away journey on a November Tuesday night. What joy that would be.
  8. Sorry clicked on wrong link. Comment about Paterson still stands though. Thought Brown was very good last night, by the way
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