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  1. Snowyowl61

    Fraser Preston & Alex Hunt

    Both Alex Hunt and Fraser Preston were on show at Lincoln on Friday and to my mind both acquitted themselves very well. Hunt is quite small, I reckon but worked hard. Preston was probably the better of the two and caused the opposition some problems with quick passing and hard running.
  2. Methinks,A12,that you are being a tad economical with the truth. Thanks all the same. And yes my railcard is still serving me well.
  3. I have noticed that since I started supporting Wednesday 57 years ago, I too have aged. The fact that I look 70 years older now than I did then is probably due to the roller-coaster ride that the Owls have inflicted upon me. Still, WTID or should it be WTISA (Wednesday 'til I stop ageing)?
  4. Snowyowl61

    Away kit 2018/19

  5. Snowyowl61

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Time to move on.
  6. This is not a dig at you. Are you not able to go alone?
  7. Snowyowl61

    Owls to host Dutch opponents

    Old news. See post Bread can!
  8. Snowyowl61

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    The Temple.
  9. Meadowlark Lemon went to that basketball court in the sky on 27/12/2015 (according to Wikipedia.
  10. Snowyowl61

    How are you holding up? Hmmm?

    So bored that I spend my time doing calculations. Assuming that our first match of the new season kicks off at 3 p.m.on 4th August, then at 5 p.m.today only 5,436,000 seconds to go. How sad is that?
  11. Snowyowl61

    If Fulham win the play offs...

    Didn't Watford let FF go after promotion? He obviously didn't figure in their Premiership plans. Anyway,if Fulham do go up it means we will miss out on what is usually a good day out (IMHO).
  12. Snowyowl61

    Future managers

    George Hirst.
  13. Best news of the week so far. Thoroughly deserved. Great interview as well. Love the guy.
  14. Snowyowl61

    Anyone disagreeing?

    No disagreement from me. Reach has been far and away the most consistent performer all season.
  15. One resides in a leafy village called Burton upon Stather in North Lincolnshire, don't you know. But spend much time away from my domicile following the might Owls all over this sceptred isle.