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  1. He's got a back problem; getting no backing from Monk.
  2. Problem does not arise, tattoos are naff, so I would never contemplate having one (misspelt or not).
  3. Ashes can still be put in a grave of someone you may have loved/respected and lost.
  4. By wisdom and courage, or whate'er you will I'll follow The Wednesday through good or through ill. My faith will not waver, nor my passion fade 'Til that final day in my grave I'm laid. WAWAW, UTO.
  5. Obviously not yet seen a real PARTNERSHIP only a collage of different players/strikers up front. My judgment (for what it's worth) remains on hold until we acquire another true striker (or 2)
  6. Could be a good challenge. I reckon we can beat them.
  7. He wasn't firing today. According to BBC came on as sub and made no impact. You're right about the better balance being refreshing.
  8. Could only base my vote on points made by Radio Sheffield commentator and Brian Laws, since I will have serious words with iFollow after paying my £10 and the video refusing to stream. Voted for Brown, it sounded as though most good play was either from him or through him.
  9. Thanks for all the memories. It's been a delight to watch and support you. Every good wish for the future. We will miss you.
  10. Just thought I'd correct that for you.
  11. You may turn out to be correct, but it's not a case of being excited about this season (which we know will be tough), but just taking things as they come. No-one on here can know how things will pan out, only speculate. Wait and see, you may be surprised.
  12. I'm nearly seventy two years old, and I'll score more than J.R.
  13. No point in posting if not watching. Job done. Bye, John (hopefully).
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