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  1. I didn't vote for Fox but I have no problem with the result of the poll. There were at least 3 players equally worthy. Fox's improvement recently has been remarkable. Good on him,long may it continue
  2. How about Er kommt aus Deutschland Spielt fur Wednesday Er ist der Kaiser.
  3. Absolutely this. Similar qualities to Beckenbauer. Superb player.
  4. He's better than Fellaini, because he controls his temper and doesn't elbow opposition players in the face on a regular basis.
  5. Absolutely, gold would be nice. Thanks
  6. With you all the way. I didn't leave early even when we were tonked at Man City 7-0 in the League Cup a few years back.
  7. Such a sad state of affairs which gives an absolute lie to those people (usually the ones that run the game) who have maintained down the years that as the Premiership gets richer then the trickle-down effect would ensure that clubs lower down the football pyramid would all benefit financially. What a total load of b@ll*cks. Selfishness and greed are ruining OUR (and it is OUR) game. RIP Bury. We can only hope that a club may form from the ashes and start in a lower league then climb back to some prominence to give pride back to its community.
  8. Have to agree. I love Bannan but am not blinkered to the fact that he is very one-footed and any opposition player who nullifies his left footed passing ability has him taped. Yesterday proved in some degree that we have good options when he is not available/sitting on the bench.
  9. At 70 years old I would be an upgrade on Abdi.
  10. Chap in front of me in North Stand kept calling him a tank. In view of his German origins, I guess we should call him 'Panzer'. Audi you feel about that?
  11. There is only one of his class around. He obviously just enjoys playing, and I for one gain great delight from watching him play. Agree with a previous post that only good things should come his way; he has earned and deserves them. How we have missed him the last (almost) two seasons. Golden not valuable enough, more like platinum.
  12. Realistic. Top 6, maybe automatic promotion. Unrealistic. Donald Trump appointed manager, does a fantastic deal with the Arab owners of Man.City to lend us their top 11 players for the season (because their 2nd eleven would romp the Premiership). Automatic promotion by Christmas, loan players returned across the Pennines by January leaving our regulars to finish season and Tom Lees to lift the Championship trophy in May. Lee Bullen as head coach knighted in New Year honours list.
  13. Not a brilliant track record and often his teams played quite tedious football. We need nourishment not punishment.
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