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  1. Not a brilliant track record and often his teams played quite tedious football. We need nourishment not punishment.
  2. Posted by whom? Supported by official documentation, no doubt.
  3. Does anyone,anywhere have DEFINITIVE proof that we are under any type of embargo,hard or soft?
  4. Fully agree with what you say. I reckon that above all the commentary on the build up, scoring and replays of Reach's goal was the best ever...classic.
  5. But have had a couple of late equalisers to cheer (very loudly) in recent times.
  6. Thanks for a sensible reply. It is appreciated.
  7. I may have missed the announcement, but does anyone have any information on the date of the Carabao Cup 1st round draw? I am aware of the date of the 1st round games but not the date of the draw or where it will take place.
  8. Looking in the wrong place, It'd be on REYTMOVE, wouldn't it.
  9. Mansfield over 12 x 3 minute rounds at O2 Arena. Ringside seats available to fans with 700 TPP.
  10. Looking forward to going to all away games (health and finances permitting) EXCEPT Swansea (tedious journey, miserable city and people).
  11. Atdhe Nuhiu is one of the most committed players we have seen in a Wednesday shirt EVER and is severely undervalued by many. Long may he be connected to the club, in whatever capacity. His enthusiasm is priceless.
  12. What a stunning evening's entertainment. Difficult to single out anyone for MOM, but for heaven's sake nobody rated less than 7. It should not be forgotten that Dawson pulled of some crucial saves (he may not be Westwood standard but did pretty well after being thrown in at the last minute).
  13. Our relegation battle doesn't begin until December (in the Premiership)..
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