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  1. Snowyowl61

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Excellent opener,Snoots, especially the Rudyard Kipling pastiche. Superb UTO.
  2. Snowyowl61

    Fans Today

    The loudest I heard anyone shout was after the full time whistle when one individual repeatedly yelled 'F**k off,Nuhiu'. His demeanour suggested that only Nuhiu was responsible for the debacle. It matters not what you think of that player but the entire team was responsible for the dire display. To single out one player for abuse is plainly wrong.
  3. At least we didn't lose to a non league side on our own ground. Not this round anyway.
  4. My post was not aimed at any specific individual. I also go home and away every week, but have no reason to suppose that I am the no.1 fan. I do realise that the cost of my concessionary 3 year season ticket /card (call it what you will) only equates to around a fortieth of one week's wages for one of our top players. Maybe my expectations are tempered by that fact.
  5. The mood in the crowd and on here is far more toxic than in the team. Sure there are serious shortcomings, but they won't disappear through constantly slagging off everything and everyone. You either support the team or you do not. I do. WTID.
  6. Probably be without Pudil anyway for the next couple at least, but Lees on current form as well, perhaps not.
  7. Snowyowl61

    Pudils head

    I too heard the the crunch from the back of the top tier. I really believed that a cheekbone had been fractured by the sound the contact made. That Pudil must be a reyt tough cookie.
  8. Snowyowl61

    SWFC on Sky Sports

    Rather be at the games, so I will be.
  9. Snowyowl61

    Wednesday In One Word

    One word for Wednesday (after 57 years of trial & tribulation) - ADDICTIVE.
  10. I feel now,obviously, that my life is no longer worthwhile and that a year of my season ticket will only bring misery. What a load of tosh. A publication called Racing and Football Outlook put us as play-off contenders and piggies bottom half. You pay your money and take your choice.
  11. My 3 year ticket expires at the end of the upcoming season. I was unable to renew earlier but whatever happens, as long as I'm still alive, I shall definitely renew next year for as long as possible. WTID to me means Wednesday 'Til I Die.
  12. Snowyowl61

    Fraser Preston & Alex Hunt

    Both Alex Hunt and Fraser Preston were on show at Lincoln on Friday and to my mind both acquitted themselves very well. Hunt is quite small, I reckon but worked hard. Preston was probably the better of the two and caused the opposition some problems with quick passing and hard running.
  13. Snowyowl61

    Our star players are ageing....

    Methinks,A12,that you are being a tad economical with the truth. Thanks all the same. And yes my railcard is still serving me well.