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  1. Gutted. Everton were best team in England back then, but we could have had ‘em. Alan sodding Harper. Who knew? If you could put three players out of that team into the current XI, who’d you have? I’d go for: - Zico - Shelts - Meggo
  2. Bolder Sterland Bailey Smith Lyons Shelton Megson Taylor Bannister Mirocevic Pearson Sub: McCulloch
  3. Reading this article about Mourinho and the Portugese coaches' love of periodisation: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jan/18/jose-mourinho-method-charisma-instability-manchester-united This bit is telling – fitness not a requirement: It means no drills to improve stamina or discrete skills; it means no gym work unless a player is recovering from injury; No sh*t sherlock.
  4. Ha! Saw a Newcastle fan in the 90s with 'BREADSLEY' on the back of his barcode. Before the days of mobile phones, and I didn't have a pencil to draw a picture.
  5. Try footballflags.co.uk They did ours for Wembley - great quality, quick turnaround and top customer service. You can design your own on their website too. Dealt with a bloke called Ashley who was brand new. Just tell 'em The Scottish Owls sent you.
  6. Cheers Hack. We try and get down to as many games as possible. Last Friday was immense. Well worth the trip.
  7. And Koper, let us know if you're successful. She's more than welcome to join us.
  8. You're right Tutt, departure will be nearer 7am or before, just in case. As for stops, planning two at the most if the demand is there.
  9. Scottish Owls are planning to run a bus to Wembley. It'll leave Glasgow around 8am and set off from London afterwards at 8pm-ish. Planning to make a couple of stops on the way down, so could pick up anyone who wants to join us. Be around £50 a head for the round trip. Includes free Irn Bru and all the haggis you can stomach.
  10. Glasgow Owl - that sounds superb. There's two more of us Owls based in Glasgow too. Here's to a trip south soon!
  11. Hello. Good to see a few exiled Owls at the Killie game last night. For those who didn't go, or who missed them, there were some flyers put up for Owls in Scotland to hopefully organise a bus down south to see some games this season. Email here if you'd be interested: [email protected] There have been a few enquiries already, so hopefully if enough fans come forward we can get a good bus load to attend a few games. UTO
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