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  1. but what about poor Leeds? It'd be a shame for the season to be void. Meanwhile, we're about to go on the longest unbeaten run we've recorded this decade.
  2. Interest, no! Research in order to to a professional job, yes! Two years ago at Swansea he refused to believe the commentator who stated we had 15 first team players out injured. A bit of research would have told that was the case. It's plain ignorant.
  3. I hope that C0ckwomble isn't commentating tonight, he seems to hate us with a passion, does zero research and generally needs a good kick in the nuts.
  4. No manager, under performing team, under investigation for sale of the stadium, players being banned despite being cleared in a court of law, FFP cloud forever looming, fans booing players before kick-off Makes me feel like packing it all in.
  5. shame the 3 games don't quite squeeze in to a week pass.
  6. It goes against everything we claim to be. WAWAW? A family club? A loyal fanbase? WHY DO WE NEED A SCAPEGOAT? WHAT IS TO BE GAINED FROM SCAPEGOATING? It's infuriating
  7. According to the Star "The fans booed his name before the match and he looked a little bereft of confidence. Far better in the second half. If that's true, shame on any one that did this. That's not what we should be about. Boo a bad performance, boo a huge mistake, DON'T BOO A PLAYER BEING ANNOUNCED IN THE TEAM, fizz sake!
  8. This. Upheld in a court of law, but found guilty by the FA. Laughable
  9. I disagree. I thought Rhodes played well. He ran, he battled, constantly moving. And got a good goal to boot.
  10. 39 mins gone and Newcastle are 3-0 down. Good luck Steve, you fat turd.
  11. I hope we don't even acknowledge his departure on the website. fizz the tw@. We all know its happened. NUFC haven't acknowledged us at all in their announcement - I hope we go one better and not even mention it.
  12. I'll be there. Bringing my 4 year old daughter along to her first game.
  13. Just called the ticket office, for any one that needs to know, you can't book tickets for under 7's online, it has to be over the phone.
  14. Trying to book Northampton tickets, it says under 7's go free but it only has an option for under 18's which costs £5. Any one know what is going on? Am i missing something?
  15. I'm from Higham Ferrers, about 5 minutes drive from where R&D played. It's such a shame to see what happened to them, and to see that empty space where a lovely little stadium once stood. A team still operates in the lower leagues now as AFC Rushden and Diamonds and I believe they still have a cult following from the original die-hard fans.
  16. I was thinking of taking my daughter to the Northampton Town friendly for her first game. Does anyone know when they go on sale? NTFC are selling home tickets and they are free for under 7's. Will that apply to away fans as well?
  17. I enjoyed listening to Carlos. Jos though, I gave up after a month. Dull, disengaging and uninspiring.
  18. same here, and submitted a request for a reply.
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