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  1. but what about poor Leeds? It'd be a shame for the season to be void. Meanwhile, we're about to go on the longest unbeaten run we've recorded this decade.
  2. Interest, no! Research in order to to a professional job, yes! Two years ago at Swansea he refused to believe the commentator who stated we had 15 first team players out injured. A bit of research would have told that was the case. It's plain ignorant.
  3. I hope that C0ckwomble isn't commentating tonight, he seems to hate us with a passion, does zero research and generally needs a good kick in the nuts.
  4. No manager, under performing team, under investigation for sale of the stadium, players being banned despite being cleared in a court of law, FFP cloud forever looming, fans booing players before kick-off Makes me feel like packing it all in.
  5. shame the 3 games don't quite squeeze in to a week pass.
  6. It goes against everything we claim to be. WAWAW? A family club? A loyal fanbase? WHY DO WE NEED A SCAPEGOAT? WHAT IS TO BE GAINED FROM SCAPEGOATING? It's infuriating
  7. According to the Star "The fans booed his name before the match and he looked a little bereft of confidence. Far better in the second half. If that's true, shame on any one that did this. That's not what we should be about. Boo a bad performance, boo a huge mistake, DON'T BOO A PLAYER BEING ANNOUNCED IN THE TEAM, fizz sake!
  8. This. Upheld in a court of law, but found guilty by the FA. Laughable
  9. I disagree. I thought Rhodes played well. He ran, he battled, constantly moving. And got a good goal to boot.
  10. 39 mins gone and Newcastle are 3-0 down. Good luck Steve, you fat turd.
  11. I hope we don't even acknowledge his departure on the website. fizz the tw@. We all know its happened. NUFC haven't acknowledged us at all in their announcement - I hope we go one better and not even mention it.
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