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  1. I'm from Higham Ferrers, about 5 minutes drive from where R&D played. It's such a shame to see what happened to them, and to see that empty space where a lovely little stadium once stood. A team still operates in the lower leagues now as AFC Rushden and Diamonds and I believe they still have a cult following from the original die-hard fans.
  2. I was thinking of taking my daughter to the Northampton Town friendly for her first game. Does anyone know when they go on sale? NTFC are selling home tickets and they are free for under 7's. Will that apply to away fans as well?
  3. I enjoyed listening to Carlos. Jos though, I gave up after a month. Dull, disengaging and uninspiring.
  4. same here, and submitted a request for a reply.
  5. ah yeh there was another guy ........I remember when he got excited he used to shout the first word of sentences. One that sticks in the mind (I think the 6-2 Leeds game) when he said "FIRST time pass, FIRST time touch, FIRST time shot, and Wednesday leadl!" Calm down mate...........
  6. was it John Helm that always said "Julian Hyde", did my head right in!
  7. Not ideal, I have plans I can't get out of this Friday so won't be able to watch a live (sky sports 6 :-) ) stream of the Leeds game. Will be home by 11pm and hoping one of you lovely people may have recorded it and uploaded online to download somewhere? I know a few people have done this in the past. I'd love to come home and play the game without knowing the result
  8. Honourable mentions for Drissa Diallo and Maurice Ross
  9. Blocked a Chris O'Grady shot in the warm up at Colchester 2012 with my left palm. That was a stinger!
  10. there's a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig difference between a legend and a cult hero. Bullen, Llera - Cult Heroes Hirst - Legend
  11. didn't recognise a few in the video they've posted? Have some of the kids travelled, if so does anyone know who?
  12. he must have been taken off at half time in a lot of those as well.
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