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    Games on your Birthday

    May 26th - I think United have lost four play off finals on that day - brilliant !
  2. After a few tight fa cup games against Everton (about 87 ?) we played them at Hillsboro in the third? replay ?............5-0 down at half time, half the ground emptied out...............nightmare
  3. EccoEcho

    John Sheridan

    Nice one Watford ! I remember plenty of arguments on the kop at the Oxford game between the 'booers' and the ever faithful, some punches thrown ! Think many were frustrated as we kept drawing home games which in the end cost us the title...the penalty miss tipped a few over the edge that day...........that team from 89 til 93 was amazing, was a great time to be a Wednedayite, and a great time to be young and drunk!....
  4. EccoEcho

    John Sheridan

    There is a book which reviews and interviews 11 great Wednesday players (inc Mike Lyons etc etc)......Sheridan is quoted as calling Pleat a W@n**r and says "you can print that if you want!"
  5. EccoEcho

    John Sheridan

    Sheridan is the greatest player I have seen in my time watching Wednesday....I would put him ahead of Waddle, Neilsen, Hirst & Di Canio. I remember him scoring a wonder goal against United in the Zenith Data Cup , think we won 3-2. I used to have this on VHS tape....which I cant find anymore.............is it on Youtube ? The free kick at Luton also!