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  1. that comes with years & years of experience ...... 0o just a age thing i have the same problem
  2. Imminent new player has just been signed be announced January transfer window
  3. Let’s face it he would’ve celebrated like he’d won the World Cup if he had scored but to be quite honest he showed his self to be what he is a cheat and a third-rate striker compared to his dad at best
  4. All I can gather from that interview he had a bit of foreplay with their manager now he’s going to bend over and take it tomorrow
  5. You can blame all the managers we've had but the truth is it was the 11 on the pitch that cost us our championship status
  6. No the club can’t afford to chuck money away like that again
  7. If we retain our championship status then the season tickets as well as the match prices will stay the same. If /probably when we are in league one they will be a massive discount of 50p Off the match program...... Ticket prices remain the same
  8. I was really getting into this post until I come along a chromebook advertisement which really took my attention p.s. good luck new manager
  9. That wasn't an elephant that was my wife
  10. As I said about 10 games ago I lost interest about Sheffield Wednesday we have a clueless interim manager and even clueless chairman so I don't see the point in stressing about any substitution about the team because they don't
  11. I gather with everyone's reaction we lost again I give up caring about 10 games ago
  12. Absolutely agree 100% Barry has one good game and then 1 bad we need a player in midfielder what’s going to be consistent in his performance at all times it is irritating when he gets the ball and then instead of going forward when there is an opportunity. He will play it back to the defence and then call for the ball again and do the same Thing I don’t think there’s anybody on here that will disagree he gives it 100% We cannot criticise him for that . but I think too much pressure is put onto one player and there are certain games we need that different type of player . in midfield what we have not got but need......
  13. I wonder if the replacement parts are brought in from Thailand
  14. I do not know but check if the grass is better than ours we can go and get it by the lorry load
  15. If Our pitch has to be one of the worst in the championship. To say we paid over a million for the replacement. look at the pigs across the way there grass looks fantastic. They paid for the same thing I'm beginning to think if they used ASDA's own grass seed it would do a better job
  16. Snowy owl news that is the question. It's exciting keep us updated
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