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  1. 1 good season still trying milk the club I say good ridden do not let the door hit u on the way out👿
  2. Was there one? The only positive thing was the red button on my remote
  3. Coronavirus or not We will be able to see the difference in Rotherhams fan attendance 🙄
  4. It's on all forest player's and staff teared negative of the virus So that's us getting pumping again...........
  5. What I'm trying to say is let's face it no matter what we do the only excitement Sheffield Wednesday fans get these days wondering what the chairman is going to get next in from the scrap yard as a manager.... changing manager is not the answer it's a temporary solution until the players do it again with the next manager........
  6. Correct the manager does pick etc the formations the style of play but let's face it if there's a problem with the players and he's trying to change something that wasn't broken in the first place which is confusing him. and he's trying all different things which is making him look bad because no matter what he does for some reason the players are not going to respond..
  7. I have to say it . Its not the manager this time too many times this has happened with other managers in the past I personally feel now . this is down to the player's you cannot tell me they can play like that under monk leadership until Christmas . then all of a sudden become a bad shambles something's just not quite right we're not going to do anything this season I think it's time for the manager to take the reins get rid of the outdated players and a lot of the expired staff that comes with Sheffield Wednesday and start afresh. We shouldn't be getting on monks back and let me see from the start monk was never my choice of manager but we've got him. let's support him because he's the only one that showed any passion after that game
  8. I've Realized Hutchinson & Westwood need to stop trying to run the club 2 bad eggs turn the rest off
  9. I miss the old scoreboard There is no replays on how BAD we was in the back 4
  10. Look on the bright side league 1 isn't that bad ticket prices will go down to £39 on the kop
  11. Not really bothered about yesterday’s match we all know the outcome of that anyway Liverpool Man City final so what’s the point in trying I know it sounds a bit defeatist but nine times out of 10 that’s the why is it going to be a big team against a big team at the end
  12. Winnall’s arms Do they serve a nice pint I’ve never been there..........
  13. You may be right you may be wrong but only time will tell
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