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  1. Not really bothered about yesterday’s match we all know the outcome of that anyway Liverpool Man City final so what’s the point in trying I know it sounds a bit defeatist but nine times out of 10 that’s the why is it going to be a big team against a big team at the end
  2. Winnall’s arms Do they serve a nice pint I’ve never been there..........
  3. You may be right you may be wrong but only time will tell
  4. I do not get why people are getting on his back all because he’s not Sheffield Wednesday’s manager he never was going the manager in the first place. And even if he did have the opportunity to become Sheffield Wednesday I think he would reject it the only reason for this is because he likes the challenge in teams that are struggling....
  5. Atdhe Nuhiu Is playing well at the moment
  6. In my opinion does not deserve a start in the next game or even on the bench absolutely dreadful and 30 million Transfer fee paid for him I wouldn’t give him 30p
  7. It’s even come out of his own mouth that Sheffield Wednesday have not approached Lincoln for permission to even speak to him so how can we get rejected when we’ve not even tried to get him And to manage in the Premiership you got to prove yourself first in the championship which he hasn’t done And for the last three games he’s been struggling In league one
  8. I would rather have Monk over Cowley Especially if he’s losing to Wycombe Wanderers and I think it’s a third Defeat in a row including the cup
  9. Monk likes to play the counter-attack 442 451 Away from home He does play the 433 at home games But still plays with caution doesn’t like to commit to many forward
  10. 1. Chris Houghton - Turned Down Agreed 2. Tony Pulis - Turned Down F@ck me he did us a favour Break - Give Bullen a go 3. Cowley - Turned Down Don’t believe he was even offered 4. Monk - Accepted Personally feel a good second Choice appointment
  11. Personally I think it’s a good appointment . but for those who do not like him for those who do . we all have to stick together give him 100% backing and let him prove the doubters wrong that’s the only thing you can do . good luck monk on your journey It’s a long and successful one
  12. He already stated in the press conference that Bullen will be assistant manager
  13. Welcome Monk I wish you every success in the world at this club please take one tip of advice please lose Jos Moustache
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