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  1. Come on you WEDNESDAY.............4.0 win Barry Bannan will get all four lol
  2. I hear David has just as got A tipoff that there is a little bit of beer left in the pump on the far left he didn’t want to leave business Unfinished A proper professional
  3. Everybody is going on about the bottle f throwing but United were just has bad after the game and I found a little video here
  4. On a serious note it will probably turn out to be some 15 year-old child who should know better I also hear Carlos was at the game yesterday in the commentary stand wonder if he was trying to get his own back LOL
  5. I heard they couldn’t get the piano into the stadium so the bottle Had to do
  6. Listening to Bruce it’s like a breath of fresh air compare to the other two in which I could never understand he doesn’t go on about transitions from attack to defence from midfield He tells it how it is and if you don’t like Tough
  7. At the game and I’m surprised how easily I got home today
  8. I have to throw a coin to decide against Palmer and hector
  9. If it’s gone ginger does that mean they’ll have to cut it off
  10. Not hundred percent sure but as he was going through the Academy ranks I think he played left back a few times
  11. Absolutely disgraceful 100% a red card but theTrouble is Fernando has got a reputation of diving so when he got fouled like he did rolling on the floor doing the backflips the double turns the rolling over gripping his leg like he was dying doesn’t really help the matter has I said at the beginning 100% definitely a red card
  12. What is head lol Tell you they want to make football players of Firmer stuff like they was in the old days
  13. Why are a lot of the owls bothered Whether or not United going to the premiership if they Do it will be well done And Merited I think we’ve got to concentrate on our own team No matter if they’re in the premiership before us or not will always be the true Sheffield team
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