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  1. I like it a lot but why did they make it so tightfitting I look like a rhino Shrink rap
  2. Just imagine the prices of CabFair If the match prices was anything to go on Hillsborough to Sheffield town centre 80 quid
  3. I bet the person rang and informed them Sheffield Wednesday was after him was Matthews agent to boost the transfer To the other clubs
  4. Good Fletcher Has somebody to go to the bingo with......
  5. Who wants to buy any players from relegated team next season
  6. What time does he want dropping off I’ll take him myself a 14 million And gladly collect the 14 million of Mr Burns I mean Mr McCabe
  7. Just offer him one year with a further option of another year if the manager thinks he deserves it end of If you truly wants to stay at the club that is what he will do if not I suppose there is plenty of young goalkeepers that would like to be given the opportunity No disrespect but players have got to stop holding Sheffield Wednesday to ransom This is why where in the trouble we are in now
  8. We need somebody to keep the structure warm for the other players now that abdi gone
  9. Lucas joao Give him one more season to prove yourself and grow under Bruce sam winnall The same as give him one more chance to prove himself
  10. Navigation is broken down they wanted 4p change
  11. Probably will get shot down here but wouldn’t be disappointed if he was sold in the summer he’s scored a few Wonder Goals But majority of the time is just a player for himself I almost think he missed a penalty on purpose
  12. I don’t agree with that I think Matias had flashes of what he could do but injury prone granted Who could forget the fantastic goal against Leeds that’s on its own was worth the money I think he scored about 5 this season I thought he was actually picking up under Bruce Even thought Boyd was picking up just a little too late I believe for both of them for the rest I think it was a waste
  13. I didn’t know that near mine might be able to get some money for him
  14. Well they’ve done what they have to do a bit disappointed not to have seen Fletcher on the list He’s probably one of our biggest earners
  15. Still a decent player but not going to cut the mustard throughout the full season need younger legs also need to get the wage bill down would be best if he was to move on. Need a similar type player but with more consistency
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