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  1. Best ref in the business. Thought he was spot on today. Kept his cards in pocket early doors but kept the game under control. Can't fault him today. Us however....
  2. All I am saying is Mammadov. We had as good as announced the sale and he lost his wallet.
  3. It's okay. I came to learn the error of my ways. She still didn't like me as a wednesday fan either though.
  4. Well, I was wearing a red hat with the badge on and cheering for Man United. I wasn't exactly hiding it.
  5. Well, now you mention it. Before I was a Wednesday fan I was a man United fan, as a child. Converted around age 11.. Strangely a 2-2 draw with Blackburn was the game that turned me blue. Anyway My aunt used to take me to watch Wednesday in the home end when they played man United. The lovely lady in front started going mad about (6 year old) away fans in the home end (like I could have got a ticket or gone in the away end by myself!!). My uncle put her straight, as did the steward whom came to see what all the fuss was about. My aunt complained and we got complementary ticket
  6. Just go and get Carlos back.. Apologise, admit we were wrong and being the bloke back. Give him a warchest. And be done with it. In 3 years every club is getting a - 12 so it'll be reet.
  7. He is in a perfect lunging pose. It's the force used that makes it what it is.. A pleyer who lunges, with excessive force. At full speed he goes flying in, he is not in control, the fact he doesn't hit the player is irrelevant, the reading player is lucky that he didn't because if he did, that could have easily ended his season.
  8. As a fellow referee I find Keith Hackett opinions and views to be very outdated and many referees agree. There are a few ex pros who struggle not being in the limelight anymore, he is one of them along with Mark halsey and Glenn Turner. All deliberately Controversial on a bid to remain relevant.
  9. It's why it is a beautiful game. The game is very different now. Fitness and strength is significantly higher than 'back in't day' and players rightly have to take more care. We must have a different idea on what a lunge is Here is a picture of someone "lunging": VS Shaw. If shaws front foot was planted to the ground he would be in an almost perfect lunge. Then if I consider the actual definition of a lunge in the English language: a sudden forward thrust of the body, typically with an arm outstretched to attack someone or seize something I have to
  10. I'm sorry but it's a red card challenge. Meets all the criteria for serious foul play; speed, intensity, off the ground, studs showing. A red card does not have to endanger safety, it has too use "excessive force" (OR endanger safety). To be more specific "Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force or endangers the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play." The force used in the challenge was such that even getting the ball meant it had to be red.
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