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  1. What Changed?

    Millwall really werent up to much truth be told. The amount of space conceded on the wings fox and palmer justbstood in acres and in the end it proved their downfall as our wingplay ultimately lead to both goals.
  2. Them boards

    I sat on 3rd row in kop last night no problems.
  3. People blaming Loovens?

    Except that all games have an official observer and failure to issue a mandatory sanction would see the ref crucified in application of law and whatever else the observer could find. 1st 2nd or 119th minute of extra time if you award a penalty there it has to be followed by a red. Also the laws of the game specifically state that the captain has no special priveleges so again theres no wiggle room, because he is club captain. Sadly this isnt a common sense decision its a mandatory. Common sense decisions are like when Mike Jones ruled out Leroy Fer for Norwich when they were supposed to be playing the ball back or Mike Dean keeping a brum player in the villa half so they couldnt restart whilst brum were at the other end celebrating.
  4. Final Payment Due in December

    Dont be daft. 350k. No more. No less.
  5. Rules and ref thread

    You also arent punishing dogso you are punishing serious foul play which doesn't have the leeway given in the dogso law.
  6. The sheffield wednesday community dance troop..
  7. Rules and ref thread

    Officially a player must be cautioned when: "handles the ball in an attempt to score a goal (whether or not the attempt is successful) or in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent a goal" You can only be guilty of denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity well if you deny a goal scoring opportunity and in this case a goal was scored so no goal scroing opportunity has been denied. At the end of the day the game is about scoring goals and if a goal can be scored advantage should always be applied. We could have missed the penalty. Ok we would have been against ten men but thats not a guarantee to a win.
  8. Tbf its exactly the type of game we've been losing for the last 20 years. Always said if your on a bad run Wednesday is the team you want to face.
  9. Does it really "even itself out"?

    Is the logic skewed here.... because how do we know what the other clubs have had happen in their games and how many points they feel they have lost. I think thats what they mean by evens itself out... its not just for and against but similar incidents happen to the other teams too. So we might be somewhere between 3rd and 7th but Burton albion might think they should be top of the league and we should be 20th because of all the other perceived injustices.
  10. Referee Again!

    Referee CAN over rule the linesman if he has made an obvious error in law. However to the referee, bearing in mind 99% of the offside is assistants responsibility this will not have been an obvious error to him remembering that he doesnt get to watch a replay. He will have 100% trust in assistant in that call - would do nothing for match control if he over rules there. Ref had a super game I thought. Did well to keep cards in pocket until Palmer incident and I think the yellow was justified given the foul stopped a promising attck. Nice to see a referee getting praise for a change.

    Most on here didn't rate JOC as a player.. not sure they'd be impressed with him in as manager
  12. I haven't heard anything

    Absolutely correct. What I see happening now is exactly what we saw with Dave Jones. MM for reasons unknown hung on to his man for longer than.anyone anticipated and if i remember even accepted he'd waited to long... Same story, the fans are divided once again. Some slowly turning to the idea of sacking Carlos. The only difference being the end of the table we are scrapping over. The longer it goes on the worse the results and more toxic Hillsborough will become as we meander towards what I feel now is an inevitibility.
  13. Hark thou hear song mark two

    Hark thou hear Mk dons sing...
  14. Illegal Free Kick?

    As a referee my view there is nothing wrong with this. It is one touch. There is no guidance on what constitutes a kick so rolling the ball, providing all one movement and touch should be considered legal. Not sure what this is but doesnt sound right. The laws specifically allow for lifting the ball in the air with one or two feet simultaneously.
  15. pop-bottle tops banned by SAG

    And removing the caps prevents this how?....