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  1. Warringtonowl

    Matias wants to stay..

    Whenever I have seen him play he has looked like there is a player in there. Problem is no one has seen him play an awful lot. We paid a reasonably high fee for him so its bust if he doesnt start paying off.
  2. Warringtonowl

    Jay Bothroyd

    But... but.. but.. He won every flick on.
  3. Warringtonowl


    This cant be fact. You did not finish the sentence with "FACT!" FACT!
  4. Warringtonowl


    My mrs always takes her handbag too so you'll be reyt
  5. Value him. Then triple it. Thats your price weeds.
  6. Warringtonowl

    Left Back

    Urby emmanuelson. Just we never played him
  7. Warringtonowl

    Gary Hooper to see London specialist

    Can only imagine much weight he is going to have put on not training considering how plump he comes back after season break..
  8. Warringtonowl

    Sam Winnall

    Iirc he had a falling out with Nando. So its one or the other I think. I know which one I would keep.
  9. This is a fairly misleading thread title. This is players and their faith. Not religion in football. Thought it was gunna be a celtic/rangers , catholics/protestant or bear some reference to clattenburg halting the game in Saudi.. To suggest a player cant make any gesture of their faith when celebrating or preparing to come on in my view would be unfair. They are not preaching their ideoligies to anyone merely giving thanks/prayer to the God in which they believe. I am not a religious person but feel those that are should be able practise their faith at any appropriate time they wish to. Regarding Clattenburg stopping a game to answer the call to prayer. I felt this was very respectful. Saudi Arabia is a muslim country that has Muslim ideoligies enshrined into law and 99.9% of participants are Muslim therefore it is reasonable to make an adjustment as thats not the laws of football. More laws of the land. I wouldnt expext thay to happen in a western country though.
  10. I have to admit my head is turned now westy has been called up despite "injury." Regarding OP theres such thing as a non disclosure agreement. Given that alot of our players are signed for undisclosed fees it wouldnt be too far fetched to imagine that all details in the contracts are subject to an NDA or at least certain parts. Given that undisclosed usually means there are add ons and bonuses and future payments then it does make you wonder... Forget Jos' history with board interference. Nothing has changed since he took the job so he took the job on knowing the circumstances.
  11. Warringtonowl

    Was it Over the Line?

    Dont we have GLT? A picture from that angle tells you nothing really a ball that is only just in by a mm will look well over from that angle.
  12. Warringtonowl

    Matias Appeal

    I was thinking similar. Wont have to make up an injury if you cant pick him due to a ban.
  13. Warringtonowl

    Dave n Marco

    If Nuhiu can add goals to his game, which he has been lacking, hence the dislike from some quarters, what a player he could be.
  14. Warringtonowl

    So-called goal

    Also this is a nothing event bei g talked up by sky. It was a foul..it wasnt clear az day but there were conclusive angles which showed a shoulder charge in the back, which is not allowed and is a foul.