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  1. True. But in true Wednesday fashion our achilles heel has always been the lower teams. I have lost count a long time a go the amount of times we have lost a game we were expected to win. We should be glad we haven't had 9 nil-ones and occupying the bottom spot.
  2. Doesnt matter. We can refuse. Place them all on gardening leave and employ someone else to carry out their duties.
  3. Thats actually not true. The main reason is because Mark Clattenberg, our highest ranked FIFA official retired to work for another association. Therefore we did not have any referees with enough FIFA experience to go to World Cup. Michael Oliver will take up that mantle com the Euros and next world cup
  4. Yes but what you want and what the FA are teaching their referees are two different things. Whilst it may appear to you on the outside that the they are waiting for the ref, in 95% of situations thats not the case. Also, an assistant referees most important job is offside. So that will mean repeatedly moving eyes away from play to ensure that level with second to last defender, the optimum and expected position to maintain. it is very easy and plausible to not actually know what happened two yards away, as you were, correctly, looking in the opposite direction.
  5. The reason why the ref and assistant look at each other is because that is what is taught. Making the decision downstairs as a team. Every game is watched by an official observer at that level, and one of the competencies is teamwork. If you cross on a decision kiss goodbye to that section. Could destroy your whole mark. Its not that they arent making a decision, they are actually carrying out expected standards, offering the ref the decision and making it together. Whats the rush? Surely you want a correct flag thats not rushed than an incorrect flag thats rushed. On top of that, once people see ref and assistant crossing, immediately gives an impression of not knowing what they are doing increasing attention and pressure unneccesarily which is then likely to lead to more incorrect decisions.
  6. There are. And if you read my posts you'll see I have already complimented his capabilities in shot stopping. Undoubtedly his greatest strength. All i am saying is I have noticed him fumbling the ball on many an occasion.. it is down to luck.it hasnt really cost his so far. An example, I think it was the Leeds game, might have been West Brom where he mis controlled it at the feet and it almost went through his legs into the goal. If this was an isolated event I'd say, yeh it happens but its an accident waiting to happen at the minute. Like I say, I rate him and hope he can smoothen his game so these threads dont exist. Its an obvious enough problem that a thread was created and whilst dividing opinion I am not the only one. Could be worse, we could have had Bristols keeper. He looked extraordinarily shaky.
  7. I actually rate Dawson and first few times I saw him I thought he looks a great prospect, and still is. But there is no denying he has looked shaky. If results weren't so positive recently I bet most people would be more vocal about his performances.
  8. Not because he might make a howler, any keeper might make a howler at any time. But I cant think of many that look as shaky as Cammy has done in the last few games. 0 clean sheets this season... says it all really. Can blame defence too but he is part of that unit and in many cases he should be their eyes, ears and voice to organise and snuff out danger. He isnt doing it. I offer Wildsmith as a step in as obviously KW isnt getting a look in. He'll be chomping at the bit to get back in the side and given a chance likely to raise his game..also keeps keepers on their toes. At present Cammy is guaranteed a start, no competition..where's the incentive to keep improving?
  9. From a non westwood point of view the OP has a case. I'd be inclined to make Joe Wildsmith number 1. Cammy a good shot stopper but before long he gunna drop a howler and its gunna hurt him. Give him a break. Let Joe have a few games.
  10. Listed on sky as on sky sports..be on red button..Has stream quality.
  11. Regarding flagging for penalties - again discussed pre match what the ref does and doesnt want. Also dont forget that ref and lino have comms and are constantly in contact so the ref can easily handover responsibility in a matter of seconds if he becomes out of position or is blocked. Again, without hearing what responsibility the ref has hasnt given his team its hard to judge what the lino should and shouldnt be giving in terms of the overall refereeing performance.
  12. There's a lot more to it than that. Each referee will deliver what is called pre match instructions where most basic and more complex scenarios are discussed and what is expected to happen. For throw ins, it is pretty universal that the decision is made "downstairs" between ref and lino before signalling. Theres no rush to throw out the flag quickly ans it looks messy if ref and lino cross (from an official observation point of view this is a big no-no.) And going quick can lead to mistakes, like crossing each other. It sill always look better if both ref and lino agree. Often the ones 2 yards away right in front can be the harder ones to call. Lino is looking in 3 places. 1 the offside line. 2 when the ball is played, back to offside line, and also ball in and out, last touch so its feasible the ref will have the better view.
  13. Not quite right. A player can leave the field of play so long as it is part of playing movement. There's not many cases that would be without the ball but there are a few, such as over lapping, or going around an assistant referee stood on field of play.
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