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  1. I had similar thoughts but if there was any CGT due it would have been shown in the accounts. As there isn’t we have to assume none is due.
  2. I agree with virtually all of this but it has been said many times over the past couple of years. Hopefully we will see a start this close season by not signing any old,injury prone, overpaid players.
  3. Agree with your points about potential tax issues but I’m fairly sure well paid advisers will have been involved. There doesn’t appear to be anything specific in the P&S rules to prevent this hence clubs looking at this as an option. Of course the rules need reviewing at the same time as parachute payments need to be.
  4. Yes because that was at the end of the game. Of course there are various factors why we hadn’t won the game prior to the shootout - I’m in a minority but I think injuries cost us (just as they did Brighton the year before). It’s forgotten by many that Fletcher had to come off injured after scoring his goal.
  5. Are you forgetting a certain penalty shootout?
  6. Agree. I understand the decision to release him but it’s made me realise we’ve let our best striker go.
  7. Agree he body checked our players several times and got away with it.
  8. I’d say it’s injuries that are still our main issue. Without the two injuries we suffered today I think we would have won that match.
  9. It’s straight forward for us though, we have to take the three points.
  10. Was also at that game, the goal was fantastic. We were playing in the green and white shirts?
  11. You can add a fit Hooper and Lee to those 5.
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