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  1. Assuming we’re not paying him massive wages then has to a good deal for League One.
  2. If we go back to the selling of the ground this was done primarily for two reasons: 1 Avoid breaching FFP limits and therefore a points deduction 2 Improve our FFP three year average figures so that we could spend on players wages and transfers and remain competitive in the Championship. Then what has happened is that our administrative failings resulted in us not avoiding a points deduction and our Chairman decided not to spend money that he could have and remained within the FFP limit (I know it’s now P&S). Therefore we failed on both points in terms of the selling our ground - if we had not sold it then we would have had a points deduction and got relegated (probably in the 19-20 season) but still own our ground and not have the 30 year leasing of £2.5m hanging around our necks. So we are now worse off because we sold our ground and that could become a long term problem.
  3. It was actually a bit more basic than that - we just failed to have the paperwork in place by the required date.
  4. Doesn’t look like Cardiff have turned up today - easy win for Rotherham.
  5. I believe this is a big point - to me it’s the impact of Rhodes not playing on the performance of these two that hurts us the most.
  6. Re the penalties I think you are probably forgetting that two of our best penalty takers had to go off injured and so it needed others to step up.
  7. Pretty much agree with everything you say. However if we are relegated and less than six points behind 4th bottom then it’s not correct to say the players deserve to/ should be relegated. Should the players have won more points than we currently have - yes absolutely.
  8. This is what’s great about football. Fans see a player 90/180+ minutes a week at the most and yet many think they know better than a succession of professional managers/coaches who work with them all week and know all about their physical and mental fitness. It’s crazy but yet we love it (most of the time).
  9. I’m not defending the players - I wonder if a team has ever gone a complete season without winning a single point from a losing position?
  10. Can’t agree with this. As bad as the players have been they have won enough points at the moment to be out of the bottom three. It’s off field issues that have us in the bottom three.
  11. Maybe but my point is that the PL has cared little for the EFL until yesterday when it suddenly became one of their priorities.
  12. For English football this all started when the PL was formed. Many forget that the clubs chose to leave the football league at this time. As the money has increased in the PL the clubs, owners, players and agents have all become too greedy - too little of this money has made its way down the football pyramid that everyone is now saying is very important. The PL has almost become a closed shop now with just a few yo-yo teams - the parachute payments are real evidence of how little the PL cares about the EFL. The irony of PL clubs talking about others being greedy is beyond the pale for me.
  13. Exactly. Rhodes does it now and then and a lot of you say great, Hooper used to do that several times every game he played.
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