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  1. Michael hefele

    He's been injured a lot this season, he's slow and not that good. He'd be a perfect fit for us.
  2. Winnall seems to be a lot more popular now than when he was playing for us?
  3. Yes we've been very poor at moving players on over the past two years. This really needs to change or we won't be bringing many in.
  4. Catch up Jos we've been starting games slowly for 18 months.
  5. Almen Abdi at #SWFC

    But that's been the case for the past two years. What confidence can we have in anything being different.
  6. Barry Bannan's Injury Twitter Update

    Yet another player that Carlos has rushed back and overplayed then. It's quite amazing how Carlos can keep doing this isn't it?
  7. Can't have a proper inquest if judgement is already made ie lack of fitness. Despite what a lot have said on here that is not factual. Instead the inquest should be why have we had so many injuries and then maybe one of the outcomes/reasons would be a lack of general fitness.
  8. All the injuries

    A lot of medical experts around. Think it's clear by now the main issue wasn't Carlos. Have to out it down to bad luck and so let's hope next season we get back some of the luck.
  9. Must be CCs fault for rushing him back.
  10. Gary Hooper to see London specialist

    So over half a stone per player on average - don't think so. Jos must have brought some new scales with him.
  11. Gary Hooper to see London specialist

    Are they really? Still getting injured though. Didn't realise the weights of players was made public.
  12. Injuries and FFP.

    But we spend those whether or not the players are injured but if extra players are brought in then it's different.
  13. Just goes to show

    Or perhaps because Carlos had a good dialogue with him that got lost when he left?
  14. Injuries and FFP.

    Good idea although to have any chance of success we would need to demonstrate how and where we had spent extra cash due to our injury situation.
  15. Just goes to show

    So he was due a rest but we played him.