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  1. Wakefield owl

    Jordan Rhodes

    I’m quite surprised that anyone still believes he can cut it at this level any more. Doesn’t the fact he can’t get in the Norwich team after being so poor for us underline that?
  2. Wakefield owl

    Full Backs

    Don’t you think it is most games?
  3. Wakefield owl

    FA Cup - Mick on Talksport

    I used to have these feelings also but sadly I care less about the FA Cup as each season passes. PL clubs and even Championship clubs playing weakened teams and the scheduling of games at differing times over many days have combined to make me lose interest in it.
  4. Wakefield owl

    Why was Hutch not rested

    I can only imagine what the comments on here would have been if CC was still in charge.
  5. Wakefield owl

    Van aaken off

    Thought it was obvious by now Carlos wasn’t the one making the signings.
  6. Or perhaps how much you pay?
  7. Wakefield owl

    George Boyd.

    I’ve been critical of Boyd but I agree he was very good today, possibly our best player.
  8. Wakefield owl

    Hutch's salute....

    Sorry, I wasn’t really trying to clever or funny but I do think it gives a good description of his action. Agree the team winning is what we all want and if Hutch did a repeat today meaning we’ve got another three points then I would be silent (and happy of course).
  9. Wakefield owl

    FF in miscommunication with the courts

    Oh no remember alleged racist words are far more serious than actual physical assault in the crazy world we live in.
  10. Wakefield owl

    Hutch's salute....

    Look up the definition of crass (in case you don’t fully understand it) and I think it accurately describes Hutch’s action whether or not you disagree with what he did.
  11. Wakefield owl

    Ground being sold in February?

    You’ve added the word directly now - that’s a slightly different question.
  12. Wakefield owl

    Westwood - 2 Games 2 Clean Sheets

    I’m not sure we should play a keeper at all. If we let in lots of goals it’s not the keeper’s fault and if we keep clean sheets it’s not because of our keeper either.
  13. Wakefield owl

    Westwood - 2 Games 2 Clean Sheets

    Times have moved on, We have a goalkeeping coach now who does the above.
  14. Wakefield owl

    Lee, Winnall, Hooper

    Exactly. It’s hard to see either of them being offered a decent deal anywhere else.