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  1. It rarely works when we start with Nuhiu but he’s a great option to have on the bench.
  2. But if we don’t do something like this, the capacity of the North Stand will be further reduced.
  3. But the three teams we have beaten will probably finish in the bottom six. Perspective, both ways, is needed at the moment.
  4. I think many are not fooled by our league position. If we continue to perform as we have in our last two games then we will struggle to make the top 6.
  5. Wenger - exactly as much as Carlos had. No concrete evidence that players who were picked were injured. As I’ve also said many times on here a coach/manager selects a team from the players that are available. Their fitness, and therefore availability to play, is determined by the medical team not the coach/manager. Agree re Morrison and Dunk but I was just giving examples of the centre backs that CC put forward as potential signings.
  6. Arsenal had a lot of injury problems over the years but Wenger doesn’t seem to be blamed for it. Your point about Kieran Lee is way off the mark.
  7. Two centre backs who Carlos wanted to sign were Dunk and Morrison but he didn’t make the signings.
  8. How can you disagree with facts? He hasn’t regularly scored goals for years including his time at Norwich last season.
  9. We know he could finish - past tense as we’ve seen so little of it over past four years and his confidence, unsurprisingly, is low.
  10. Surely not. I think there is little to no chance of him coming good for us but I would be delighted if he did and became that 20+ goal striker we need.
  11. We don’t really know what his strengths are anymore.
  12. I find it hard to believe how many of you still think that Rhodes can come good. He’s finished at this level - it’s probably now 4 years since he was a regular goal scorer. Would be a good signing for a division one club but it won’t happen for him at Hillsborough.
  13. Did we get offers for him? Also he did play some games for us, Hector has never been anywhere need the Chelsea first team.
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