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  1. Whatever solution is proposed it won’t never fair on some clubs. Even if the season were played out from June it would be nothing like the original competition - three month gap, players now fit and rested, players with contracts expiring 30 June etc etc. Therefore only option is to void the season - no one has yet won promotion or got relegated and so no one has had anything taken away from them.
  2. Maybe but do you think it would have been a penalty the other way around?
  3. If it was that easy then why doesn’t any club with money get promoted then? Winning promotion from probably the most competitive league in world football is, and never has been, easy.
  4. Exactly, Hull’s for a starter and Brighton’s who we were fortunate enough to beat due to their catalogue of injuries.
  5. Surely not this one again. A manager will select his team from players that have been passed fit by the medical team. Many on here blamed CC for our poor injury record but it’s not got any better since he left.
  6. Exactly this - no-one knows yet what’s going to happen.
  7. Yeah that shocking we were in play offs twice.
  8. I don’t see why the EFL have such an issue with it anyway. It’s a one off thing that all clubs can do.
  9. Initially I was pleased to read the Derby statement and thought we must be on solid ground. However on reflection I’m concerned. I know we all (with justification) think the EFL are pretty incompetent but they have now charged two clubs on a similar basis. I don’t believe they would have done this without advice and guidance from their lawyers - and no doubt these will be highly paid and qualified lawyers who know much more than we do about all the facts. This leads me to think they must be confident the charges will stick as they will be well aware of the dire consequences for the EFL if they fail to make them stick.
  10. I’m still a little concerned we could be guilty of all three of these.
  11. And limit the loans an owner can make to his club ie make it share capital and then it cannot easily be withdrawn or recalled. Chelsea owe Abramovich something close to £1.5 billion - imagine if he fell out with them.
  12. Agree and then the PL will want and need clubs like us and Derby.
  13. I don’t think anything is almost certain. If we believe the club’s statements then the EFL were very much aware what we were doing and they also lifted the soft embargo we were under. If this is true then the EFL will have to explain all of this at arbitration.
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