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  1. Don't think we have had a topic on this but thought I would put my neck on the line and say that I think we will need the following on top of resigning Kirkland and loovens. A CB, CM, CF, Left winger and if we have the budget another young CB. Buy all 5 that add quality and improve the level of the squad and release the fringe players. Our budget shouldn't increase and if we have injuries we can loan others.
  2. Kirkland - sign Loovens - sign Goochi - sign ( doubt he will) How long does lee, Semedo, Buxton have left on theirs ? Big summer and will really show the intent of the club.
  3. Of course that means we need to get contracts and loans sorted ASAP
  4. Think we have a basis at long last. For me this summer is as important moving players out as bringing them. Our squad is inflated. We know we will rely on loans so have a squad of quality 22 players. If we have injuries get loans in. Brings salaries down. Kirkland Buxton onyewuo loovens NEW Antonio lee hutch NEW lavery NEW we have as subs and more importantly players challenging for the first team shirt. Palmer Gardener Mattock Helan Maguire Semedo Nuhiu Madine
  5. He looked class today. Was a little disappointed in best but agree lavery just played himself into the starting line up for me.
  6. Got to say I think him and bullen have the potential to be very good. Warm ups they direct. During the game they are all working and planning. The players all seem to buy into it as well.
  7. Agree. This guy has a name to bring players in through loans. He knows the youth players around the world and could really shape the club for the future. Be a big sign of intent by Milan and to future investors.
  8. Never going to happen but Hoddle would be a class appointment.
  9. Put aside the whole MM and DJ stuff for one min and I think our biggest concern is our spine of the team. It's weak, not ours and it's been like this for two years. Building a side based on majority loans is crazy and will never offer any stability or allow us to play with a set style of play. We need to work and get some of the dead wood sold and get these loans tied down on contracts.
  10. Agree but think about your job. If your manager kept saying he wanted to bring someone with quality into your position. How would you feel ? You would be pi@@ed off. You wouldn't think about the money. Your first reaction would be anger and frustration. No different with footballers. I bet we have a lot of pi@@ed off players and with bringing loans straight into the team that isn't going to help.
  11. He would be awesome. Connections throughout Europe, his own academy etc. now he would be a real builder. However no way would he come to us. Realistically we are a club that is stagnating, we don't have the current squad and we don't have a chairman who is willing to put enough money in to change that. Who ever has the job is on a hiding to nothing. However expectations should be set by all. From seeing our activity it's clear to me mandaric and jones' aim this season is to stay up. That's it.
  12. One thing that has bothered me for a while is that jones is vocal that we need a CB, at least one CM and a striker. Which is great but by being so vocal and clear what he wants this is awful for the guys in those positions. We all know we have 7654 CM so can you imagine hearing the manager wants to add quality to your position. Your confidence would be on the floor,likewise the forwards and CB. I imagine the teams general motivation and team spirit is on the floor. Really goes hand in hand with Reda's comment last week which again is an insight by a player.
  13. Defo need a few more. Striker and CM are key for me. Got those right and we could really push on as the threat from maghoma Antonio and Helan is huge.
  14. It's going to happen. Now we have Helan and maghoma I imagine those two out wide and Antonio up front with all 3 rotating. So Kirkland Buxton gardener new CB reda McCabe new CM Maghoma Antonio Helan New CF JJ to come on from the bench. If we don't get a new CB I think Taylor will start No new cm I think coke No new CF think we have probs Think we will sell semedo mattock Loan corry and palmer (maybe)
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