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  1. Anyone got sonos and would they recommend or does anyone know any (cheaper) alternatives ?
  2. Don't think we have had a topic on this but thought I would put my neck on the line and say that I think we will need the following on top of resigning Kirkland and loovens. A CB, CM, CF, Left winger and if we have the budget another young CB. Buy all 5 that add quality and improve the level of the squad and release the fringe players. Our budget shouldn't increase and if we have injuries we can loan others.
  3. Kirkland - sign Loovens - sign Goochi - sign ( doubt he will) How long does lee, Semedo, Buxton have left on theirs ? Big summer and will really show the intent of the club.
  4. Of course that means we need to get contracts and loans sorted ASAP
  5. Think we have a basis at long last. For me this summer is as important moving players out as bringing them. Our squad is inflated. We know we will rely on loans so have a squad of quality 22 players. If we have injuries get loans in. Brings salaries down. Kirkland Buxton onyewuo loovens NEW Antonio lee hutch NEW lavery NEW we have as subs and more importantly players challenging for the first team shirt. Palmer Gardener Mattock Helan Maguire Semedo Nuhiu Madine
  6. He looked class today. Was a little disappointed in best but agree lavery just played himself into the starting line up for me.
  7. Got to say I think him and bullen have the potential to be very good. Warm ups they direct. During the game they are all working and planning. The players all seem to buy into it as well.
  8. I have some rapha jerseys for sale if any of you are interested. Posted in the transfer section.
  9. Rapha classic cycling jersey. New with tags. Extra large. £75 Rapha classic long sleeve jersey (red) New with tags. Large. £85
  10. How's everyone's cycling going ? Hopefully the light nights will start soon so we can get some mid week rides done.
  11. Agree. This guy has a name to bring players in through loans. He knows the youth players around the world and could really shape the club for the future. Be a big sign of intent by Milan and to future investors.
  12. Never going to happen but Hoddle would be a class appointment.
  13. Maverick won't download. The macbook appears not to have these kernal errors if I boot in safe mode. However if I don't boot in safe mode kernels kick in. Any ideas ?
  14. Thanks that's been a brill help. Installed and looked great until the nightmare continues. I am having warnings to shut down my computer. From googling I understand this is kernal panic. However I didn't reinstall from my time machine I actually put a fresh snow leopard update on the new hardrive so I could drag and drop from the timemachine and be sure to avoid any software issues as you suggested. However I have this kernal panic. If it holds out long enough I'm going to try and install maverick and see if that works. Also doing a software update. Any ideas what to try next ?
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