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  1. Me too. Thought he would play round pegs round holes, and understand the players we had couldn't play Pulis ball. Wrong.
  2. It's a shame and a damning indictment of Chansiri's chairmanship that it took relegation to change his thinking. However, you're right to say it was important that the change finally came. Hopefully it will long continue.
  3. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch/Gibson Brown Bannan Byers Wing Adeniran Gregory Corbeanu Switch out Johnson who had a poor game. Would like to see Brown at LB. Dunkley can't place a pass, doesn't suit our game at all, if Hutchinson isn't fit play Gibson. Other than that stick with the team that beat Fleetwood.
  4. Vast improvement, great understanding between him and Bannan. A few iffy decisions, hopefully as the team gels they will read each others game better.
  5. Peacock-Farrell 6 Hunt 6 Iorfa 7 Hutchinson 7 (Dunkley - 5) Palmer 6 Adeniran 7 Wing 6 Bannan 8 Byers 6 Gregory 7 Johnson 5
  6. It was probably Lee Gregory, may have been offered one of the blank contracts at Derby?
  7. Having BPF instead of the chuckle brothers will probably have us 20 points better off at the end of the season.
  8. I've gone for a 10... Might seem mental, but as much as I can imagine better players to sign etc. The reality of the club at the minute, only being to spend nominal fees, most signings being frees and loans, trying to attract players to a club that everyone knows wasn't paying their players last year.... Given all the challenges Moore faced, he has done a fantastic job, totally out performing what I expected.
  9. Accurate. A lot of people are gonna get a nasty shock.
  10. We have basically a new squad, on top of all the many issues that we faced last year. If we don't sign a decent striker, anything better than relegation is an achievement on Moores behalf for me. This season is the first stage of a rebuild, hopefully next season we can challenge for promotion
  11. Really seems like a fantastic guy. Also a much better footballer than many on here give him credit for. Not saying he's in the same league as Hooper or Fletcher, but he's not useless as many on here say.
  12. BPF clean sheet in open play Unbeaten Drew with a team in the league above us Couldn't even field our new striker Number 9 still available for our inevitable 20+ goals a season striker
  13. He's got to be better than the centre forwards we had on the books this morning...
  14. Harris had no left foot at all. Several managers consistently played him on the left. Every time he reached a crossing position he just turned around and passed it to Bannan. I can remember at least two assists Harris got last season in his limited time on the right wing. Another player played out of position, who could do a decent job in his natural position, with someone to cross to.
  15. Reasonably capable as a winger, as can be seen here. Garry Monk played him as a right CB in a 3 man defence. While he had Sam Hutchinson training with the kids. Absolutely criminal. It could have gone very differently for Odubajo while he was here, he is nowhere near as bad as everyone on here reckons. Might well be a kn0b tho, celebrating with grabban etc, I have no idea.
  16. If he means what he says, and the signs in the transfer window seem to indicate that, then that has to be good news. However, he has lied and misdirected repeatedly.
  17. I'm gonna have a breakdown if we don't sign a CF before next saturday
  18. Are you Garry Monk in disguise? If we don't get a proper CF in there will only be Windass scoring, and he won't get more than the low teens.
  19. I reckon they'll add a third kit in yellow or orange in a couple of months.
  20. We need a Fletcher/Hooper type, who will play with his back to the goal, be a focal point, bring other players up the pitch. Was sorely missed last season, we could not make the ball stick in the opposite half and counter attacks of 1 winger and Windass/Paterson were all we could offer.
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