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  1. We've played worse than that about 20 times this season, and that's playing senior players in defence. Apart from organisation at corners and Pelupessy and Brown, we didn't do too bad. Don't get me wrong I wish we were competing at the top of the Prem and in the FA Cup final, but in the context of this season that didn't depress me.
  2. Galvin, Urgohide, Penney and Green all did well. Pelupessy was gash. Brown's movement is OK but his touch and final ball are dung. Kadeem Harris much better on the right but I'd use him on the right of a back 4 as he struggles to put a cross in.
  3. It really is a poor appointment by Derby. The players will also be further demoralised by that loss yesterday. I'd say with squads and managers as they stand, I'd back us to stay up over Derby.
  4. I remember how most fans thought Kieran Lee was useless for his first two seasons
  5. Always suspected my Dad's mate Dave Patterson who was a massive owl and worked for the railways may have done this. If they ever knock that shitty old shed down I'll really miss that owl. Anyone got a picture?
  6. 10 goals in 119 games across his last 2 clubs seems legit.
  7. Wholesale changes, injury crisis = don't play anyone we want to start the next game.
  8. What do we need... Reliably fit starting goal keeper 2 left backs A combative box to box midfielder 2 wingers 2 centre forwards What will I think will be a good window given our (chairman/FFP) situation... A left back and a centre forward.
  9. We all need an arm round the shoulder this year I think, whether it be Covid or the Wednesday! Foook off 2020 and if 2021 doesn't play nice I plan on turning to chaos magic
  10. 1. An apology for the Pulis appointment. 2. Will be told the players have been payed there is no embargo. 3. Promise of investment in the squad (no figures) 4. Introduction of the new recruitment people. 5. Told we need to come together and support the club. 6. That's our lot and off he foocks
  11. The whole rigmarole of hiring and firing managers is getting a bit tired now. I think we should move on to playing a system from the youngest to the 23s, to the first team, and only buying players who fit that system. And then instead of changing the system with every sacked manager, only appoint managers to fit the system. And what about bringing coaches through the academy into the first team too?
  12. Does well when played on the right. Can't cross when on the left. The issue is the position he's played in, not the player. Is a good championship RWB.
  13. I'm convinced all this with delaying paying the players is some kind of way to diddle FFP.
  14. Agree it's difficult for Thompson to make a lot of changes. Personally think we will still see one up top, but possibly with Brown and Windass in support.
  15. Somebody who is a wizard with the dead ball, and a centre forward who will score in a Pulis team.
  16. I was impressed that he was only playing 3 centre backs until I realised that we only have 3 fit
  17. We need 11, we will probably get 2. Chansiri needs to realise the choice in this window is FFP and league 1, or break the bank and just about survive in the Championship.
  18. Personally think it's more important we play with fullbacks instead of 4 centre backs, and allow one of them to get forward to offer an option to the wingers as we counter. With 4 Centre backs we are outnumbered too easily on the attack. If we played a second striker we'd have 2 players isolated up front instead of 1.
  19. The problem is who do we replace them with. As others have said with our recruitment at the minute it seems unlikely we'd get an upgrade. For me though I do think Bannan might have to leave for us to move on as a club. We look to him too much and other players need to take more responsibility. It would be better if we could do that and keep him on the pitch, but I don't think we can.
  20. Monk made some dreadful football decisions and I'm in no way here to defend him but... Monk is pretty far down the list of people responsible for our current recruitment issues. Even Almen Abdi is above him on the list.
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