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  1. I can't believe anyone is saying they would start Reach after his game last week. He's already gone, and will apply himself even less than he has for the rest of this season. If he plays, we need a Left Back behind him. That's the only way he possibly gets on the pitch. In a game that decides what league we will be in next season (and probably for the foreseeable) I'm pretty sure it would be impossible for us to start 11 players contracted to us next season without raiding the youth set up. That really brings home the terrible planning by the club. It isn
  2. I think a lot of the players, like Reach, who have been woeful for us for a couple of seasons, will do OK at their next clubs. I think the circus, and specifically the ringmaster, at Wednesday has made some of our decent players worse.
  3. He needs dropping. Palmer to the left and Harris at RWB
  4. Does anyone know if this will be on an outdoor screen at a pub somewhere in Sheffield? Is this even allowed at the min?
  5. Really hope Collymore is right and it kicks off. Go on agent Alonso put them in admin
  6. Kick them out and move everyone below them up 6 places The money in football is disgusting and I hope it does calm down. The parachute payments etc. ruin the championship
  7. It's because we are shi'ite at moving with and without the ball, the pass we can find is always backwards. Pelupessy in particular will run all the way into the oppositions half, about turn and run all the way back to the centre backs because he couldn't find a pass on the bus
  8. All of those players bar Bannan struggle to find a player with a pass. I'm predicting possession between our cbs or none at all
  9. We need a CF who can get teams out of L1 We need someone out of Contract at the end of the season.... Step forward Gary Madine, the prodigal Son. 25 goals and all is forgiven Gash.
  10. Rotherham get relegated every other year it would give me more of a chuckle to see Derby go down
  11. GK 1st Choice - New. Westwood won't stay fit. 2nd choice - New 3rd choice - Wildsmith Defence LB - New 1st Choice / 2nd Choice - Galvin RB - Palmer / 2nd Choice NEW CB - Hutchinson /Osaze / Brennan / Dunkley / New / NEW MIDFIELD RM - Harris / Odubajo / Dele-Bashiru CM - 4 New, Hunt LM - Green, New, Penney CF - 2 actual proper centre forwards, Windass, Paterson By my count that means 14 new players minimum
  12. Would be a decent option at left midfield in L1 next season if we are still broke and DC keeps the cash minimal while he looks for a buyer. Personally see him staying. He could be a good player somewhere like Rotherham, L1 yo-yo club (not ready to accept that's what our future is)
  13. Lads a Wednesdayite, it must be hard for him to keep quiet when he sees us playing dogzhit People saying its alright for a 30 odd year old to grab a 20 year old by the neck in the workplace because they questioned tactics are dinosaurs. Tell to shut the fizz up by all means, leave him out next squad or fine him if that's what it deserves. If this is how Hutch behaves can see why he was with 23s and then bombed out the club.
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