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  1. MrEdwards

    'i dont wear red'

    Don't City often have red and black away kits? The only colour thing that makes me twitch is if I've only got kegs with red on for a match day. Feels like bad luck.
  2. MrEdwards

    His name is Atdhe...

    The fact is that people call him big Dave because his name is hard to read. I think Nuhiu thinks (correctly) it also infers he is just a big man up front which he doesn't like to be pegged as.
  3. MrEdwards

    His name is Atdhe...

    I'm generally a chilled out person but whenever I hear someone say Nuhui instead of Nuhiu I want to break some teeth
  4. MrEdwards

    Fessi warm up

    Coach in telling player to train shocker
  5. Wildsmith Lees Van Aken Thorniley Palmer Hunt Bannan Boyd Matias Fletcher Reach
  6. Omelette suffle for pudding? Green haricot beans? Pulling out all the stops
  7. Palmer for Boyd, Pelupessy for Hutch and Nuhiu for fletch and I think you have Jos' first team.
  8. MrEdwards


    His didn't lie. He didn't say Kieren felt something and couldn't play. Or was on compassionate leave. Or that the fire wasn't got enough so the meat stay in the fridge. He said Kieren is fit and he didn't play.
  9. MrEdwards

    Hutchinson at CB

    I love Curb so much I can forgive your pedantry
  10. MrEdwards

    Hutchinson at CB

    As stated earlier when he had his run at CB he got a lot less yellows.
  11. If if spit on a salmon in Bentley and it goes upstream to Hillsborough does that count?
  12. MrEdwards

    #SWFC Training photos.

    There is one thing that I am absolutely buzzing about in these photos. Kieran Lee running. If he is back we are automatically playoff contenders again
  13. I just don't like the wierd elev8 logo, that we have to play with DCs name on the shirt, don't like colours other than blue white or black, and the badge being too light blue However massive improvement and 7/10