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  1. 4231 could work well as long as the LB and RB get forward and offer width when attacking, withe more defensive CM sitting back and creating a defensive 3 with the 2 CBs If we play 4231 and invite pressure it will turn into a defensive 6 which will not end well for us. We have to play on the front foot, this team crumbles when under pressure.
  2. Dunno what's cringe other than Williams' head looks like someone's photoshopped it on
  3. I really hope Moore keeps it simple and doesn't tinker. Palmer is a defender now and needs to stay there. Hutchinson needs to go back into the back line where he was playing well. Harris must never play on the left. Reach must never play on the right. Jordan Rhodes can't play up front on his own. If he's going to play 4231, he's going to have to totally change the mindset of the players and push the defenders much further up the pitch so the midfield can support the lone striker.
  4. I think DC should go back to pretending he can't speak english, so his interpreters can say something completely different. He must realise that continually having a go at the fans is counter-productive?
  5. I think this is what it will be, if Moore feels they are drilled enough in the formation in the sessions he has May have to play 3-5-2 if he doesn't have time to change it
  6. Thompson isn't great but he's the least of our worries. Why have we left a caretaker manager in place in our most crucial season for 10 years? Why was monk left in charge after the end of last season? I just keep telling myself one the club will be sane again
  7. Lees has done a decent job this season but I suspect we could much better value for his wage now we are skint and heading into league 1. Could always try the old fire and re-hire like we have with Sam Hutch.
  8. Really hope we get the 6 pointer with brum out the way before they sack kawanka
  9. Great to see Dunkley and Luongo out on the pitch too. Reach, Lees and Hutch looked tired at points, may be due a rest.
  10. Neil's on coke and fond of paying for female company?
  11. When there isn't even the money to pay the players on time or in full, surely we'll get better results if he backs Thompson and uses the managers wages to sign a CF
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