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  1. How to release a popular player without telling the fan base you have released a popular player. Show him the terms of the new contract 4 weeks before the end of his old one, then tell the fan base he has turned it down when he doesn't't sign instantly. Perhaps.
  2. Me too. Thought he would play round pegs round holes, and understand the players we had couldn't play Pulis ball. Wrong.
  3. It's a shame and a damning indictment of Chansiri's chairmanship that it took relegation to change his thinking. However, you're right to say it was important that the change finally came. Hopefully it will long continue.
  4. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch/Gibson Brown Bannan Byers Wing Adeniran Gregory Corbeanu Switch out Johnson who had a poor game. Would like to see Brown at LB. Dunkley can't place a pass, doesn't suit our game at all, if Hutchinson isn't fit play Gibson. Other than that stick with the team that beat Fleetwood.
  5. Vast improvement, great understanding between him and Bannan. A few iffy decisions, hopefully as the team gels they will read each others game better.
  6. Peacock-Farrell 6 Hunt 6 Iorfa 7 Hutchinson 7 (Dunkley - 5) Palmer 6 Adeniran 7 Wing 6 Bannan 8 Byers 6 Gregory 7 Johnson 5
  7. It was probably Lee Gregory, may have been offered one of the blank contracts at Derby?
  8. Having BPF instead of the chuckle brothers will probably have us 20 points better off at the end of the season.
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