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  1. Much improved, the players hadn't quite clicked with Pulis' plan last week. I think they get it now. We just need a bit more pace in midfield to arrive in the box from our counter attacks.
  2. It will end up being something like 4 2 3 1 Palmer Lees Borner Van Aken Luongo Bannan Odubajo Windass Reach Paterson
  3. Rhodes mentioned 4 day match prep, could this be driving injuries? He stated there will be less time out on the training pitch under Pulis when the games are coming thick and fast.
  4. I hope so, but there needs to be one available for free, with reasonable wages - which seems unlikely. Half expected Pulis to go for Gestede, but apparently he didn't fancy him at Boro.
  5. Losers: Izzy Brown - wrong system for him, Alex Hunt - will be seen as too lightweight despite the fact he loves a tackle, Cameron Dawson - Pulis won't play a keeper that parries shots, possibly Adam Reach - can see Pulis losing patience with him quickly Matt Penney - isn't defensive enough for a Pulis left back, or fast enough for a Pulis winger when we have Harris Reach and Odubajo available. Could be preferred eventually at LB for his set pieces though. Bannan: this isn't as cut and dried as everyone thinks, Bannan could fit in to a Pulis team - but I suspect he wi
  6. Wouldn't have chosen Pulis and I hope he isn't given a long contract, but I 100% see the chairman's reasoning, we are in a dogfight and we need someone with cojones.
  7. Apparently very popular with most of the players. May well be a nice bloke. Shame he over complicates things on the pitch.
  8. It's the same team as against Bournemouth but he had to replace the suspended Harris, so he's brought Van Aken, who is returning from suspension back in. I'm all for criticising Monk when he's made one of the many daft decisions he makes, But the 1 change he has made from the side against Bournemouth is enforced and actually makes more sense than the side against Bournemouth, given we have 3 CBs at the back and Odubajo and Palmer at wing back. People need to stop looking for sticks to beat Monk with. He'll provide them himself.
  9. Probably had a go at the players when they were playing dogga.
  10. We need a goalscorer and we need to be selling the training ground the megastore the kitchen sink, and get sponsorship from D Busses D Trains and D facemasks, do whatever it takes to get a goalscorer who can bag a goal every other game. Should have done this in the summer but better late than never.
  11. He did. People need to realise the issue isn't that the players are all shiite, they're played out of position. Harris created our own goal from open play from the Right wing.
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