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  1. Penny 2 Years, Shaw 2 years, Hunt 10 years 😂
  2. £1.2million is an absolutely criminal wage for a public funded broadcaster, especially in the face of the many cuts it is making in its news coverage.
  3. Just what I think is the best team pal
  4. I honestly couldn't see him pressing as well as Reach Kachunga and Windass did last night. Hopefully if his confidence improves he can get around the pitch with a bit more purpose.
  5. Dunno what Monk will do, he'll know how fresh everyone's legs are etc.
  6. Dele - love the way he pushes past defenders, absolute unit.
  7. Make as many changes as possible, can't risk injuries. Especially with Dunkley still not fit - although Windass Rhodes and Kachunga may need game time to get up to speed.
  8. I like Neil's vibe now where every post he makes means more posts. Like pressing a double odds number every time he posts
  9. Walsall game is clearlybeing treated as a friendly. I'd give Kachunga and windass a second half each
  10. Just been to the website and can only see 'audio' passes, am I too late to buy an annual match streaming pass?
  11. Good free transfer. Hopefully for the left of a new CF in an attacking 3
  13. There's not much point in pumping it up to a big man when all the other players are 5'6" and 10 stone. We aren't gonna win any 2nd balls. We're gonna have to play it on the floor. We need a goal poacher with pace to hang on the last defender, in the mould of Jamie Vardy
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