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  1. I know Garry Monk as his mum is a pro in Lewisham I used to frequent. He said the reason they've been banished is they couldn't stop gobbling on each others knobs long enough to listen to his tactical lessons. Cast iron proof
  2. Think he sells tuna have you got a fishing rod?
  3. Re-signing a player who could have left for nothing and then managing to get a decent fee for him would be the least Wednesday thing ever!
  4. Points deduction just because we may sneak into the playoffs
  5. Some changes will be worth making though. Dawson, Thorniley, Luongo, Winall deserve a game
  6. Can't we retroactively value Rhodes and ask for his wages back off Middlesbrough?
  7. We need an Owlstalk section we can all get together and point
  8. It's sad but true that if Jordan Thorniley played for our porcine friends they'd probably be selling him for 20 mil this summer. We seem allergic to promoting youth.
  9. Dawson Iorfa Bates Thorniley Odubajo Luongo Pelupessy Reach BannanForestieri Nuhiu
  10. Just enough that people who backed him get their payout at the bookies
  11. An ex with a face like a bag of spanners that has kebab meat and chips for breakfast.....
  12. Westwood Odubajo Lees Börner Palmer Hutch Murphy Lee Luongo Harris Fletcher
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