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  1. What I'm hearing is Jos hasn't put any new ideas across in his whole time here
  2. Best Wednesday Goal ever comp

    That Ritchie Humphreys goal (villa?)
  3. Rhodes needs exactly what we are lacking right now, a team that take it to the opposition and create goal scoring opportunities in the box
  4. Argument in North stand

    Girl who works on the concourse said that a 'paedo was caught filming people on his phone'. Also said Villa got a bit nawty
  5. Hmy dads mate Dave Paterson worked at Donny train station i always thought it might have been him
  6. I saw Billy blunt on Tuesday he isn't nursing broken ribs
  7. SWFC Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    Thanks Ethel saves me searching the web
  8. Bullen

    Can anyone really imagine Bullen keeping quiet if he thought there was an issue? I'm pretty sure his opinion will be aired. If it is listened to or even if we're playing a system he likes is totally unknown. I really don't think the coach is the problem recruitment is the problem and it is quite clear that Carlos is not responsible for that. In particular we need better cover for kieran lee as has been evident since he had his operation, need a proper box to box midfielder
  9. These 10 are leaving today, you choose

    The only player I have any great affection for is Kieran Lee. Other than him I don't mind if they go as long as we get as good or better in return. Westwood and Lees would be very hard to replace. AS will the forestieri of 2 years ago but we haven't had him for a while anyway.
  10. Team for Bolton

    Dawson (isn't wildsmith injured?) Fox Venacio Lees Palmer Matias Jones Wallace Winall Rhodes Joao
  11. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Anything other than a defeat is a result with this one. My money would be on Fulham 2-0 I just hope the new centre back is ready to go straight in and is an absolute beast. I also hope we are fighting for this one from the first whistle to the last.
  12. Umbro

    I don't know why we needed to have a manufacturer there... couldn't we have just stuck a 70s style owl there as the logo of kit was made in house, or just written 150 or summat Really couldn't care less who makes the kit I just want it to be a straight forward blue and white striped top. If thats a nike template or made by admiral then whatever.
  13. Match day rituals

    That or a sausage and tomato sandwich from lilys
  14. Match day rituals

    I always feel a bit twitchy if i havent drunk the blood of a christian child on matchday.