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  1. He will have been signed as a right midfield. Presuming Bruce is wanting to play 4231 Westwood Iorfa Lees Thorniley Palmer Odubajo Lee Hutchinson Bannan Forestieri/Reach Fletcher
  2. I think we will retain Lee, Palmer, Hooper and Westwood, use Matt Penney in the squad, Thorniley will be a starting centre back. I think we will be in the market for two speedy wingers first and foremost. Probably loans or freebies. A left back, centre back, central midfielder A mix of academy graduates and loans from the Prem. Maybe free agents. I don't think anyone will meet Dejphon's valuations of players, so we won't be able to sell to fund any signings.
  3. We won't be able to compete for wages we would have to give him a long term contract to compete. Like, 5 years.
  4. Keep Westwood Palmer Hooper Lee Loans can come back but unlikely to be signed due to ffp Rest can go
  5. As we're talking about the Bay of Pigs does anyone else think the CIA scuppered their own operation when Gen. Cabell cancelled the final bombing raid to fully destroy the Cuban air force
  6. Don't City often have red and black away kits? The only colour thing that makes me twitch is if I've only got kegs with red on for a match day. Feels like bad luck.
  7. The fact is that people call him big Dave because his name is hard to read. I think Nuhiu thinks (correctly) it also infers he is just a big man up front which he doesn't like to be pegged as.
  8. I'm generally a chilled out person but whenever I hear someone say Nuhui instead of Nuhiu I want to break some teeth
  9. Coach in telling player to train shocker
  10. Wildsmith Lees Van Aken Thorniley Palmer Hunt Bannan Boyd Matias Fletcher Reach
  11. Omelette suffle for pudding? Green haricot beans? Pulling out all the stops
  12. Palmer for Boyd, Pelupessy for Hutch and Nuhiu for fletch and I think you have Jos' first team.
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