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  1. Started playing L.A. Noire again on PS4. It's been almost 10 years since last playing it. That's me hooked
  2. This is for all the idiots who celebrated a draw against WYCOMBE last Saturday. Well done Moore, great performance. Definitely a step in the right direction.
  3. Are these the same facts people had about beating Gillingham, Lincoln, Cambridge etc
  4. Everyone acting surprised and disappointed about tonight. This was inevitable with that clown in charge.
  5. The fact you’re blaming the ref and complaining how GILLINGHAM played against us at home in League 1 is utterly pathetic
  6. Another embarrassing result at home against awful opposition. Get rid of this clown
  7. Erm, erm, erm, erm, erm, erm, erm. Get this clown out. Completely out his depth.
  8. Erm today, today, today, erm, erm, today, ToDaY. Get this clown out
  9. Stop trying to play the good shepherd. We are a “something club” when it comes to this league - you’d be a fool to think otherwise. The fact we were completely outplayed by Plymouth with the team we have - regardless of this “time to gel” nonsense talk - shows just how low our fans expectations really are. Defeat to Morecambe was even more embarrassing but shrugged off with more “need time to gel” pish. Look at the experience these new signings have. No excuses.
  10. You hate the truth? Fair enough. Or do you prefer Moore’s post match interview - um yeah, um yeah, um yeah definitely. Thick as mince
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