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  1. Deserve every boo they get, how is that dreadful? This p u s s y generation needs to get a grip and see reality. Team was awful, no creativity, no desire or passion. You think the fans who have made the journey give a s h i t about players feelings etc. If anything this should be a wake up call - holidays are over. Get back to business
  2. I thought Auschwitz looked grim from the outside. This really is a terrible looking part of the stadium
  3. Dunk is destined for a Premiership club next season
  4. Hunt Wallace Hooper - would like to see João get more game time
  5. Biggest transfer window in years coming up - if Chansiri wants PL football we have to do a Middlesbrough - take this defeat to heart and remember this pain, splash the cash wisely and aim for automatics
  6. You could say the same about any club in this situation
  7. On another day this scoreline would have been the other way around..perhaps more. They have some pace down the flanks but they are nothing special.
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