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  1. Some R8 Wednesdayites on here. People who were posting earlier. Why weren't you at Oakwell instead of commenting crap about not having kits.
  2. That's fantastic mate, great to see a list of reserve & youth honours & also the county cup etc. You dont usually see these listed. NOTE............We also won the steel cup in 1990 in a 3-0 home win V Sheff utd. (you have shown photos from the programme with madden with the cup) This game also doubled as his testimonial. There was a 19K crowd there as i recall.
  3. Why tell them. They aren't clever enough to realise.
  4. Jeteembassy Anonnarex Aginierepjoge dauhshumurl Votknothine Vuittonelnb Scorornetroke tododentews kabdrurry Trausape gapepeetrig BixKinisnorgo NEIL !!!!!. Why do you always get all these silly negs from names we never see on the site. Just about everything that anybody puts on most sections other than matchday get them.
  5. Kay was capped once for England, scoring a goal in his debut match against Switzerland which England won by 8 goals to 1 in Basle . 1962. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=lTM5twdtzcg. It was called the Fix, 1997. Its on youtube in 4 parts. Its worth a watch.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTM5twdtzcg. It was called the Fix, 1997. Its on youtube in 4 parts. Its worth a watch.
  7. Yes the season does start on the 3rd august. (championship). I asume this will be an U-21 game?
  8. "Their fans will be driving their team on and being supportive of them. There will be things going around the stadium and if Peterborough or Barnsley concede a goal the stadium will roar for no apparent reason" EH............? isn't this a REASON to roar?
  9. Barnsley are only a point behind us, so if we loose & they win goal difference doesnt come into it
  10. We only need one of them to win because Wolves can't catch us. Plus if Millwall dont get anything from the game in hand they need to win aswell. I think we would be very unlucky for all 3 of them to win if we dont get anything.
  11. Do you actually go to matches. I hear it every game, home & away !!!
  12. Do you have any record of the squad's that were picked for all the soccer 6's & Mercantile tournaments.
  13. Thanks for that Kivo, great infomation. was there any more to add to that list or is it complete. Were the games in Ibiza not over 90 mins.
  14. I agree that the referee was poor! BUT.....Why hasnt anybody mentioned that Kirkland should have gone for the pen.
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