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  1. I know the lad who was glassed quite well and he doesn't support either clubs, he's actually a Man United fan. He went in to the globe with my brother and another just to use the toilet after a gig at the o2 when he was ambushed in the toilets. Can't believe it's a suspended sentence because his face was a right mess but I'm guessing it's because they pleaded guilty just as the court were about to hear the first days worth of evidence
  2. Who would you sell?

    I would honestly think about it. If rumours are true about £14m last season that Newcastle offered then I'm sure we could demand it this year. That amount of money could be reinvested in 3 quality players as you say, starting with 2 CB as a minimum (my last pick would be a pacey winger but I'm not sure Carlos would agree). Clubs need to be interested in the players in order for us to sell them so after FF I'd then look to ship Bannan on. He's been a shadow of himself since his first season here and we could get a few million for him surely. We have ample cover in CM and I'm not sure he'd be a massive miss anyway.
  3. Anyone else had a night like this?

    My gf asked me why I'm not as passionate about anything else as I am Wednesday. I don't know exactly how to explain it all to her
  4. Loss of an OWL

    Knew Steve on a different forum (Madsteve) where he updated us on his condition over the last year. Told us a few weeks ago he wasn't in a great condition and to expect him to stop posting soon. Even so it came as a shock when I found out. His knowledge on most things, not just Wednesday, was absolutely fantastic. The stats and post game analysis he provided was top notch. He'll be missed by many. RIP Steve and condolences to Max (the "young padawan" Steve spoke about all the time I assume) and family.
  5. One year ago

    Had a fiver on Wednesday to win 3-1 and Joao to score anytime. 65/1 Still a bit annoyed tbh
  6. Abdi from Watford?

    I don't believe you. The Easter range should be coming in about now surely?
  7. Saturday Planning

    7.25 train to kings cross To my uncle's for 10 Breakfast 10.30 Any pub 11.30 Wembley 1 ish Wednesday win for 7 Back on beer
  8. wembley layout/ticket swap

    I have done. 537 is sold out so they can't do anything. It'll be fine. Least we're all there
  9. wembley layout/ticket swap

    Wouldn't swap the Mrs for anything (except maybe a few more quid to buy better tickets at Wembley )
  10. Morning all. Bought 2 tickets for me and my brother on first day in block 537 but had to wait until this morning to buy another for a mate who is now sat in 532. Does the layout at Wembley allow for people to move about a bit so they could come stand with us? If not is there anyone who is sat by themselves in 537 who would be happy to swap with me for the one I have in 532 so we can at least be near each other? WAWAW
  11. Arsenal forums

    took a couple of mates with me, one arsenal, one coventry. Both left at 3-0. Coventry fan shook my hand and told us we were brilliant. Arsenal fan said nowt and apparently told my other mate on the way out that he really hoped Arsenal didnt score so it messed my bet up (I had a fiver on Joao anytime, wednesday win 3-1 at 65/1)
  12. OFFICIAL ticket prices vs. Arsenal

    How is me (a ST holder) getting a price reduction on match tickets any different to you getting a 10% reduction in the shop as a ST holder 25 years ago? Is that not 2 tier pricing also?
  13. OFFICIAL ticket prices vs. Arsenal

    students count as concession? I know they dont always in cup games