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  1. That's all the Joao money spent and us back under a soft embargo
  2. Think they're struggling to find 2 more galacticos these days
  3. Train already set off from Doncaster. Just selling match tickets
  4. Got 2 spare adult tickets in away end if anyone is interested. Face value
  5. 2 of the lads not turned out so I've got 2 spares in away end for face value. Let me know if interested
  6. I've had a season ticket coming up 7 years but I've not been since Cardiff at home in January. Don't know if I'm bothering Saturday yet but I'll probably renew
  7. I know the lad who was glassed quite well and he doesn't support either clubs, he's actually a Man United fan. He went in to the globe with my brother and another just to use the toilet after a gig at the o2 when he was ambushed in the toilets. Can't believe it's a suspended sentence because his face was a right mess but I'm guessing it's because they pleaded guilty just as the court were about to hear the first days worth of evidence
  8. I would honestly think about it. If rumours are true about £14m last season that Newcastle offered then I'm sure we could demand it this year. That amount of money could be reinvested in 3 quality players as you say, starting with 2 CB as a minimum (my last pick would be a pacey winger but I'm not sure Carlos would agree). Clubs need to be interested in the players in order for us to sell them so after FF I'd then look to ship Bannan on. He's been a shadow of himself since his first season here and we could get a few million for him surely. We have ample cover in CM and I'm not sure he'd be a massive miss anyway.
  9. My gf asked me why I'm not as passionate about anything else as I am Wednesday. I don't know exactly how to explain it all to her
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