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  1. Think they worked out the ball is in play on average about 58mins of that 90 hence the 30 min half suggestion
  2. Stick em on at 7 .. I want contender at 7.30
  3. Dear Person in charge of music.. fizz the 30 sec scoreboard music off for 10 mins before kick off and crank the contender up to max volume.. Give it that big game feel .. that is all!
  4. Johnson makes Pudil look like prime Ashley Cole.. at fault for both goals will play next game
  5. Fair prices! the comments are laughable on the official posts Starting to think some fans would like to see us go into administration
  6. You're source is wrong, Chansiri is not even in the UK until a day or two before the Forum. So id ignore the stupid rumours and get comfy cos I don't see a change until at least January maybe end of season.
  7. He's not going anywhere Chansiri isn't even in the country!
  8. The fact that they ever thought he knew what he was doing!
  9. I stand by this full heartedly, can't defend! Joey P will take the stick but Messi would struggle next to Kirby he just not ready and João instead of Fletcher. A better manager has been sacked today!
  10. We have a massive budget, it's not about today unlike the bipolar mob on here I don't live game to game we conceded 14.9 shots per game, and we don't keep clean sheets my point is we can't defend. If we could we could be contenders.
  11. If you have a Hole in the wall do you hang a picture? It needs addressing winning 2-1every week isn't sustainable.
  12. He threw 10 bodies behind the ball that's not good defending even if it is effective, our clean sheet record tells you everything this season and even today's goal came from hacked clearances and panic he fails to find any balance to a team and I won't let a few good/Bad results form my opinion on a failure that hasn't been addressed in 6 months.
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