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  1. You're source is wrong, Chansiri is not even in the UK until a day or two before the Forum. So id ignore the stupid rumours and get comfy cos I don't see a change until at least January maybe end of season.
  2. He's not going anywhere Chansiri isn't even in the country!
  3. The fact that they ever thought he knew what he was doing!
  4. I stand by this full heartedly, can't defend! Joey P will take the stick but Messi would struggle next to Kirby he just not ready and João instead of Fletcher. A better manager has been sacked today!
  5. We have a massive budget, it's not about today unlike the bipolar mob on here I don't live game to game we conceded 14.9 shots per game, and we don't keep clean sheets my point is we can't defend. If we could we could be contenders.
  6. If you have a Hole in the wall do you hang a picture? It needs addressing winning 2-1every week isn't sustainable.
  7. He threw 10 bodies behind the ball that's not good defending even if it is effective, our clean sheet record tells you everything this season and even today's goal came from hacked clearances and panic he fails to find any balance to a team and I won't let a few good/Bad results form my opinion on a failure that hasn't been addressed in 6 months.
  8. We have to score 2 goals every game to come away with something, tbf today we conceded a fluke volley but the lack of ability to keep a clean sheet will kill us! The man was brought in to fix up the defence.
  9. The offer is antagonising and damn right disrespectful to those who have suffered supporting this club. Quite frankly I wouldn't blame anyone for taking the offer even if I wouldn't myself. It's the first sign of Chansiri chucking his toys out of his pram, I have 100% confidence in this will end in either Chansiri weeing off or extremely badly for us supporters.
  10. Hope your right, frankly I don't see why as he does what he likes with little regards for the loyal customers.
  11. Problems started as soon as Paul Aldridge left. It was like all of a sudden nobody had a flipping clue what was going in. Chansiris first statement mentioned our 150th anniversary so how can it have been so shambolically executed both on and off the pitch is beyond me. If he bans fans that ask for a refund I won't go for the foreseeable, I don't agree with those asking for a refund but I find the offer provocative our club is a joke at the minute and fans vocalising this have every right to and shouldn't be threatened into silence. We could be relegated with the highest ticket prices in the division, this is the first year I haven't been a ST holder and frankly the football I've seen this year is some of the worst I've ever seen and I feel like I've dodged a bullet, where island should miss it.
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