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  1. I don't come on owlstalk very often and post even less but having just come across this thread I thought I'd contribute, Al was in the next bed to me on the ward after I had my leg amputated in the summer, he was very popular with the staff on the ward and always had plenty of people around his bed. He was hoping to get out so he could go to Lincoln for the pre season game but I don't know if he made it as I was discharged earlier that day. His wife was nice and friendly too, so sorry to hear he's gone. Wawaw
  2. I'm a disabled season ticket holder who renewed as soon as I could early bird last year, however in the summer I unexpectedly had to have my leg amputated so now I'm in a wheelchair, I'm hoping to have a prosthetic leg by October but so far have missed the first 3 games. My question is how easy is it to go from the stands to the wheelchair area and can I go back to my seats once I have a new bionic leg?
  3. That chelsea game should be null and void as Chelsea kicked off both half's of extra time.
  4. So now revealing when you're going to reveal something is a thing.
  5. Just read this on my dad's facebook feed, my dad used to go home and away with Jez up until my arrival in 1970 and then they lost touch as I'm sure many of us have over the years with mates. I posted a picture on here of me and the old man on the pitch after promotion in 1980 and WMJ recognised my dad and they got back in touch. RIP you old curmudgeon.
  6. Playing poo all season, entertainment value zero but yet we're still 7th, Imagine where we'd be with a good manager!
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