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  1. Hyperbole

    ffs Wednesday

    That chelsea game should be null and void as Chelsea kicked off both half's of extra time.
  2. So now revealing when you're going to reveal something is a thing.
  3. Hyperbole


    Just read this on my dad's facebook feed, my dad used to go home and away with Jez up until my arrival in 1970 and then they lost touch as I'm sure many of us have over the years with mates. I posted a picture on here of me and the old man on the pitch after promotion in 1980 and WMJ recognised my dad and they got back in touch. RIP you old curmudgeon.
  4. Playing poo all season, entertainment value zero but yet we're still 7th, Imagine where we'd be with a good manager!
  5. Don't fret, be rate. Beer helps.
  6. Isn't that near Castleford?
  7. Hyperbole

    Describe how you feel in a GIF

    Yes Reading are better than them.
  8. Hyperbole

    Song for the chairman

    "Chansiri Chansiri Chansiri Chan.... Were on our way." To the chorus of this...
  9. In 1993 I was working away daarn saarf and was staying at a place called Coopers beach on Mersea Island near Colchester Essex, it was the night Wednesday were playing Newcastle (white kit/ Sinton/ grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory). So I went into the bar to have a beer with a mate who was from Colchester and watch the game, he told me his next door neighbour was joining us just as Perry Groves walks in, all the to55er did all night was take the wee wee about the cup finals earlier in the year and of course when we lost the game we were watching he became almost unbearable, so after a while he left his lager top unattended so I took the opportunity to reach in my pants and pull out a good chunk of stray pubes, i then deposited said pubes into his drink and gave it a little stir with my finger. He finished his drink and just as he did I said "oh I feel better for that" and left him looking ginger and confused. Just heard the to55er after accidentally switching Talk Spite on. Anyone else have any pube or non pube revenge stories involving the worst player to ever play for Arsenal or anyone?
  10. I was DJing in Josephines on the night that L**ds and the pigs were promoted and we were relegated from the first division, a few of the L**ds and pigs players came in and I had a chat with Imre Banana and Mel Sterland, what sticks out in my mind was they had rate nice suits on and a L**ds shirt under it. Roll on a bit and it was the weekend after John Harkes had ripped Derby a new anus with a wonder goal, (which was the first game I saw Tango with his top off and it was proper taters), anyroad I saw John Harkes on the dance floor and shouted over the mic that if we needed anyone kicking out, i'd get him to do it. Had a chat later and even ended up getting an invite to his wedding. By far the most surreal was sitting in a box at Hillsborough as my company were associate matchday sponsors and doing the quiz they used to have before a game with Chris Waddle. looking across from you and having Chris Waddle looking into your eyes as you are both trying to work out who scored the golden goal for Germany in the euro 96 final is unreal. He's a good bloke and we got to hang with him and Gazza a couple of weeks later. I'm on the right holding my now 19y/o daughter.
  11. Hyperbole

    Stream for tonight

    Commentary tonight on RS Rhoney Robinson