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  1. gazzerooney

    Adam Clayton

    Why do we need an Irish bass player?
  2. gazzerooney

    Praise For Carlos

    Maybe it's because the coat is back! Coincidence?
  3. gazzerooney

    Coach to Wembley

  4. gazzerooney

    Coach to Wembley

  5. I've got a few seats left on the coach I've got going on Saturday. Picking up at Swallownest at 08:15, and Sheffield at 08:30. £30 a seat, unfortunately, no booze allowed, as it is with any coach. Pm me for details
  6. gazzerooney

    Coach for Wembley

    £30 about 8:15, no booze
  7. gazzerooney

    Coach for Wembley

    I've got one picking up at swall
  8. gazzerooney

    Coaches to Wembley from S25

    I've got one picking up at Swallownest then Sheffield. Swall at 8:15 sheff at 8:30. £30 a seat. Pm for details
  9. gazzerooney

    Who is Our worst EVER player? Ever?

    Colin West, for us oldies
  10. gazzerooney

    Kirkland in hospital?

    He did actually get tvatted by a tram yesterday. How the flip is he going to see the ball when he cant see a tram?
  11. If it wasn't for my auntie having boobies, she'd be my uncle
  12. gazzerooney

    Owls fan savaged by Samurai

    Know him since I was 5, some 35 years. Top bloke, gentle giant Get well soon bull