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  1. Pretty complimentary from him tbf. He actually talked sense for a change
  2. Why do we need an Irish bass player?
  3. Maybe it's because the coat is back! Coincidence?
  4. I've got a few seats left on the coach I've got going on Saturday. Picking up at Swallownest at 08:15, and Sheffield at 08:30. £30 a seat, unfortunately, no booze allowed, as it is with any coach. Pm me for details
  5. I've got one picking up at Swallownest then Sheffield. Swall at 8:15 sheff at 8:30. £30 a seat. Pm for details
  6. He did actually get tvatted by a tram yesterday. How the flip is he going to see the ball when he cant see a tram?
  7. If it wasn't for my auntie having boobies, she'd be my uncle
  8. Know him since I was 5, some 35 years. Top bloke, gentle giant Get well soon bull
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