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  1. Bad day for Van Aken. Reach poor in first half but slightly better in the second. All in all, a bad day for a wednesdayite. But fair play to them, their game plan worked. Brooks bossed it- great game for him. But Leon's second should have been dealt with:
  2. The lad who scored the free kick, Corey Glaves, is my mates son. He's also a regular for Wales U15s. Been following his career for a while, and he's definitely an exciting prospect. Proud of the young man.
  3. I just clicked the link to their forum for a bit of a Monday afternoon laugh... Some brilliant ad placement at the top of the page- seems very apt!
  4. who are these people who keep calling to complaint that they cant get on air? GET OVER IT cretins
  5. I hope you're right and we pay them off- everyone benefits
  6. this never gets old, still makes me chuckle (pun intended- "to me, to you")
  7. unfortunately I'm of the same opinion of a few posts from others in that I cant really see this happening due to wage demands etc which is a shame for both the players in question (mcgugan etc) but also a complete waste of wages. They'll be here until their contracts run out.
  8. I've still got my Rumbelows Cup trucker cap. Its not black and white, have i lost my faculties?
  9. I know its a satire website (and yes Ieppings lane is shocking) but ohhhh the irony of being accused of being stuck in the past by a poster called 'Alan Lee'
  10. Is it just spare change that they're collecting? Might nip to Tesco on the way to the ground, buy a load of soap and donate that the scrubbers can then have their annual bath
  11. Same team as Tuesday with possibly Wallace the only change for Bannan (that's what I'd do anyway) 2-1 Wednesday Fletcher, Lee
  12. Absolute top performance last night Sammy Hutchinson- Dream Babe
  13. fair enough pal, I do think they had more chances but they kept fluffing their lines
  14. some poor kid is gonna be upset he's not getting his six fingered gloves for Xmas cos daddy just blew his savings on his smoke bombs tinpot
  15. just got back great game to watch, especially second half. Thought it was fairly even in the first half, and we were just the better side in the second. Lady luck definitely on our side at times- Tom Lees missed that glorious chance and I was thinking "here we go again" but we controlled the game for the last 15 or so. also shout out to Heckingbottom for his post match interview, very dignified
  16. It'd be ideal, promble with that though is its a landfill site so would cost a fortune to lay foundations etc *insert sinking feeling joke here* on a positive note, the lease from the council states the land must be used for leisure, so planning would get passed easier than say housing developments
  17. sorry for your loss Max RIP Steve WAWAW
  18. Premier League bigwigs slowly killing the beautiful game. Absolute joke if this happens.
  19. this Definitely Dull and Swansea for me, I also think it'll be between Sunderland and Palarse. Torn with Sunderland. Part of me thinks they could walk back up to the prem, part of me thinks they'll struggle massively
  20. Sanetti for his crying "celebration" v. Villa Edit- sorry, was this 98 or 99? Wrong century!
  21. Matty Hamshaw v. Watford is my favourite Wednesday goal. I remember me and me old man going mental!
  22. Very true, but I couldn't resist getting Semedo on mine last season...
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