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  1. Mayb better for them to get 1st team experience away from the pressures that’s at Wednesday !
  2. From days of playing champ manager Italia on Amiga
  3. 1-GK 2-RB 3-LB 4-CDM 5-CB 6-CB 7-RM 8-AMC 9-CF 10-CF 11-LM
  4. So we are “under watch” for late payments too players !
  5. Does anyone actually know why “EFL are going in hard on us now” we are already under restrictions since March for late accounts ie max 23 man squad with wage restrictions on new signing. what wil b lifted once accounts are submitted!
  6. Neil what is it for now ? We know we have restrictions in place for late accounts since March ie max 23 man squad with wage restrictions on new signings ! Is it for not paying wages ? How can it b for ffp when accounts haven’t been submitted to EFL !
  7. If no accounts submitted how can we be punished for ffp yet ? It’s a total mess all down to one mans total incompetence
  8. So is it related too late accounts been submitted to efl ?
  9. Not new news, isn’t that the restrictions we knew about till accounts are submitted.
  10. We got 47 points Without the points deduction we are safe ! Doesn’t matter about who took points of us or how many dropped from winning positions ect that’s football. Fact is the 6 points deduction for been run amateurish got us relegated !
  11. 47 points we stay up ! Think chansiri is more the problem tbh ! If u think nxt season wil b any different with new players your deluded !
  12. Points deduction is what sent us down ! That’s down too one man ! time to get him outta our club
  13. Were have I not supported the team like ? I was replying too a player been blamed for possible Getting relegated saying it’s down to the chairman’s running of club if we doo go down ffs
  14. And? If club was run half decent we wouldn’t b in this position in 1st place
  15. One man to blame and it’s chansiri’s pathetic running of club
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