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  1. We got 47 points Without the points deduction we are safe ! Doesn’t matter about who took points of us or how many dropped from winning positions ect that’s football. Fact is the 6 points deduction for been run amateurish got us relegated !
  2. 47 points we stay up ! Think chansiri is more the problem tbh ! If u think nxt season wil b any different with new players your deluded !
  3. Points deduction is what sent us down ! That’s down too one man ! time to get him outta our club
  4. Were have I not supported the team like ? I was replying too a player been blamed for possible Getting relegated saying it’s down to the chairman’s running of club if we doo go down ffs
  5. And? If club was run half decent we wouldn’t b in this position in 1st place
  6. One man to blame and it’s chansiri’s pathetic running of club
  7. Simple fact is players ain’t good enough ! Can slag off management team all you like for tactics ect could of gone all out attack but stil wouldn’t score coz not good enough!
  8. What are there supposed to doo ! Let’s be honest whatever the tactics or what team plays nowt will change coz players ain’t good enough simple.
  9. Players haven’t played with any drive for past 4 years
  10. Draw a line under it all we want nowt will change nxt season weather a miracle happens and stay up or we go down ! Chansiri is the problem and nxt season wil b same as last few as long as he at club, nowt wil change
  11. Some can still doo the basics that you are taught as a kid, shame majority of Wednesday players can’t
  12. We can win this ! Boro are just as awful as we are
  13. It’s embarrassing these are professional footballers
  14. I dunno how many people I’ve had to tell it’s 18/19 accounts. By the way are 19/20 accounts due out in A few months ?
  15. I can’t see any out of contact player staying weather we stay up or not ! The club is rotten
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