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  1. As much as i want the band in the point im trying to make is that even though we were 3-0 up they still couldn't help themselves having a dig And yellow hat man gets right on my boobies, I swear he must do his back in with the amount of times he leans back to belt out an awful high pitch chant.
  2. Just leave them out. Just put a stale atmosphere on what would have otherwise have been a flawless evening. 3-0 and you still carried on! Slag them off one minute and then sing with them directly after goals. Bore off
  3. He'll say he something like he has no regrets and thanks the staff and the chairman. Defend himself throughout it all and say he won't think we will do much due to sacking managers too quickly
  4. The fact if he DID get the job, he HAS to remove his twitter. Can you imagine the abuse if we started playing bad, I've never known a top league manager have a social networking account
  5. Megsons shouters are deluded, Megson has SAID that he will not return with milan at the club
  6. I think it was time for him to go but i do not by any means hate the man. He made some bad tactically decisions lately but he did get us that vital promotion. I wish him well for the future and hope we respect him in future games!
  7. Tomorrow I am going to watch Manchester City v Tottenham because it is a great game (not because I want Pellegrini job)
  8. "I come to Sheffield to watch game not because I want a job. I hope so because is my dream but this is not why I come."
  9. Must have seen wrong game, apart from 2 poor passes i thought helan did well today
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