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  1. Not a bad shout, I remember her the last time we played a centre half up front against Blackburn...
  2. I'm sticking to the same mantra as the last couple of games against Brighton and leeds in the hope of the same result... Fear the worst, cant see where a goal is coming from, etc etc.
  3. Welcome to Hillsborough Manuel. Johnny will be pleased.
  4. 60k a week and 20m if we go up... No ta
  5. Gotta trust monk on this one. If he shows he is ready, committed and on his game I'm sure monk will use him if he sees fit. If not, he will be 'monked' and out on his toes...
  6. https://www.motforum.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=38796 LOVL
  7. Made me chuckle hearing this from the lads today
  8. Has he signed yet? Him and kluivert upfront would RIP this division a new one. HMSPTL
  9. He has witnessed the complacency, lack of desire, hunger and ambition that we have had to put up with over the last few years. This is what happens when you keep an ageing squad that have failed to deliver despite coming close. Unfortunately for Garry, DC has neither the will nor the ability to do what needs to be done for us to become successful.
  10. Had doubts about today, but just turned cricket on and first thing I see is a Wednesday flag, 2-0...its an omen I tell thee UTO
  11. Luongo for me based purely on the fact he was part of a winning team this weekend. With a congested fixture list we will no doubt be needing them both at various times in the coming month.
  12. Not feeling it today...then again, wasn't feeling it last week. Come to think of it, not felt it for a while... Considering this and our run of form...I'm going for 0-0 again. UTO
  13. But maybe not if Nigel wants him back at Watford
  14. There's a reason the rest of the squad call him 'oh no Mo' Initially impressed with the signing, since seeing him play he is the weakest link in defence, even Fox has upped his game. He offers very little going forward either.... Palmer back just in a nick of time. Onwards and upwards.
  15. Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Odubajo Luongo hutch Bannan Reach Fletch Fessi
  16. Engaged, fit and motivated to play at his best he is a real game changer and definitely our best option up top alongside Fletch if Monk can get him going.... Hopefully he appreciates what a privileged position he is in after a couple of seasons of turmoil and gets his head down and concentrates on his profession.
  17. OMDT 6/10...too wordy. 8/10 performance today to secure a 0-2 victory on GM's debut. UTO
  18. I think he'll relish the challenge of being able to have a large input into the overall running of the club. No CEO, DOF and an absent chairman should give him the opportunity. He'll end up bringing additional staff in I'm sure. I think some are in for a suprise with Monk, he'll be ruthless in his pursuit of success which is exactly what we need. I for one hope he gets it right and makes S6 his home for a few years to come.
  19. Whover we ended up with, experienced or not, he'll be judged on performances, results and to some extent media presence. If he gets these right he's on to a winner and will be here a while, If not he'll be gone at the end of the season. Good luck Garry.
  20. Always struck me as a likeable manager with a decent but unspectacular record. Not one I would have chosen, however, he'll get my backing until he doesn't deserve it anymore. WAWAW
  21. Hope there is some substance in this. Whilst their record is fantastic in the league's they have managed, it is their character and loyalty that impresses me too. Do it DC.
  22. We have the personnel. We need a manager. Simple equation for success. Look what Bielsa did for the scuzzers up the road last season. Simple this chairman shiit.
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