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  1. No, let's celebrate him. After all, I'm sure he didn't mean to. Sure he's sorry...just the last best player on the day.
  2. Odubooboo has cost us massively today. Must say, not what is was expecting from him when we signed him.
  3. Fancy us for 3pts today despite our record there for absolutely no reason. 0-2 Westwood Odubajo Lees borner fox Reach Lee luongo bannan harris Fletch
  4. no timing and weak vocals... Been sayin we needed pace and power since play off final....
  5. We need to go there with positive intent but still be compact... Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Reach Lee Hutch Bannan Harris Fletch Plenty of options with Murphy, Nando, Rhodes, Luongo etc. to come off the bench
  6. Nowhere nearly experienced enough for a job like Managing Wednesday. Not happening, move on...
  7. The test will be how the squad reacts when we lose a couple of games or see a drop in our levels. Its all rosie at the minute after a couple of wins against teams we 'should be beating, but the best managers can rally a team and adapt to find a way to keep grinding results out during the difficult times.
  8. Time to put this to bed either way. We need additional coaching staff in and its Just detracting from a great start from the players.
  9. Same team to start apart from Dawson in for Westwood. Now we have quality to bring on I'd expect the starters to raise the intensity so we can bring fresh legs on after 60-70 minutes. Murphy for reach, Luongo for Lee and FF for Harris are all great changes that would give us a high energy last quarter.
  10. Tough game today. Dingles have a decent manager and a team of hungry young players who will bust a gut to turn us over. We need to make sure we play with quality, purpose and energy to get a result.... 2-1 fletch and Lee. Odubajo howler for theirs.
  11. Eh? This decision makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It is definitely NOT going to improve safety for anyone, so what is the motivation???
  12. Solid 8. Added much needed width, pace and youth. Much stronger than last season and its gonna be hard for bully or whoever to pick an 11. Added bonus is nobody is gonna want to get injured this season
  13. Some great signings that make us substantially stronger than last season. They will also provide serious competition in key areas now that will hopefully get the best out of some of our longer standing player's. Interesting times...
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