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  1. Struggling to make a coherent formation out of that...patterson in midfield?
  2. Tight silky shorts and a mullet perm In homage to zico...
  3. His studs got caught in the turf, can happen to anyone. Yes he has had his fair share of injuries whilst here but hopefully he can get back soon and playing regularly as he's a top player in this or the division above.
  4. On one occasion the usual pre-match diet of a jumbo Beres (everything but apple) and a portion of chips n scraps didn't make it to half time. I used the North stand facilities but then realised there was no bog roll...socks came off and after being 'used' I tried to flush them, big mistake...bog overflowed and people had to tip toe through my muck at half time. True story.
  5. We will need to play the ball well at the back and counter with pace today as Rovrum will press us hard and try to outrun us. 2-1 if we do...
  6. I hope we see some indication of our new identity under DM today. Hopefully it involves some high tempo, energetic attacking football. 2-0
  7. I've not been as optimistic about a season in a long time. However, tough 1st game and hopefully a result but if not I hope the wetting hordes keep it sensible... UTO
  8. Good business, on paper... Hopefully they can do the business on the pitch.
  9. Good bit of business this, he's a great finisher and his experience and personality will add to a young squad in other ways...
  10. £6k a week...a significant saving over and above what we were paying Westwood.
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