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  1. If they had signed why wouldn't they have been announced? Especially to help market season tickets etc.?
  2. A good signing if it comes off. A big upgrade on what we have had on that side for a while. Would provide much needed balance and if he plays reach on the left they should be able to provide the ammunition our forwards have been craving for.
  3. So going through this thread the team looks like this for next season.... Westwood Iorfa Hector Borner Odubajo Lee Diame Bannnan Reach Austin Forestieiri take that, #HMSPTL
  4. German - tick Defender - tick Lefty - tick Good age - tick cover other positions - tick cheap - tick good hair - tick sign him up.
  5. Wonder season for him next time round... Nailed on. (FACT)
  6. Westwood Lees Hector Palmer Fox Hutch Matias Bannan Lazaar Fletcher Nando
  7. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Palmer Hutch Reach Bannan Aarons Fletch Winnall Hooper on bench
  8. Sorry, didn't realise you 'had a man in' to do it for you.
  9. like wanting the wife to leave you so you can finger yourself in peace. Just not cricket.
  10. Happy with that against tonight's opposition.considering injuries etc. 0-3 Dave, Dave and Dave. UTO
  11. If we're remotely hoping Bolton players not getting paid gives us a better chance of a result then we have hit a new low lads...
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