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  1. The Loovens challenge.

    I like Loovens and he has been a good servant to the Club, but now is the time for him to take a back seat and Van Aken to be first choice. Yes he will make mistakes, but we need to build for the future and he may as well be blooded with what's left of this season ready for the promotion push 'this next season'....
  2. Gotta love Mick Mcarthy...says what he likes and likes what he bloody well says. Always get a sneaky suspicion he has a soft spot for us too. One day Mick, one day...
  3. Not overly confident tonight tbh. We are gonna need to be right on it to get anything down there, predicting a bore draw 0-0 UTO
  4. Really need to go balls deep for a win tonight... Westwood Lees Van Aken Hunt Reach Jones Matias Lee Bannan Hooper Rhodes
  5. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    I'd take him in a heartbeat. We're watching dull football as it is, may as well see some success to go with it.

    Blah, blah, blah, same old excuses that focus on how strong the / any opposition are. Getting fed up of him being satisfied with mediocrity. His lack of ability to motivate and gel our strong squad is starting to really grate me. After 17 games we are entrenched in mid-table and really need some fresh impetus if we are going to make the play offs again this year....thankfully the festive manager merry go round is almost upon us which may free up some candidates.
  7. Must have been a quality field then Si?
  8. Important week this week with 3 winnable games before we head into a difficult December schedule. 2-1 today with Hooper back on the scoresheet UTO
  9. Yes....we probably could put out two teams with a realistic chance of play-offs....that's where the frustration has come from this season. Wildsmith Venacio Loovens Pudil Boyd Jones Hutch Matias Abdi Fletcher Forestieiri
  10. Fernando Forestieri

    Fit. Deffo an 8.
  11. Fernando Forestieri

    Behind the front 2 in a free role replacing Wallace.... Westwood Venacio Lees Loovens Hunt Butterfield Bannan Reach Forestieiri Hooper Rhodes
  12. 0-1 1-3 Hooper, Lee Hunt, Reach, Hooper
  13. Loovens

    Tbf he's just coming off an injury. However, it was a poor effort, seems the whole team finds it difficult to get a strong foot in though. He needs to cut out the elementary mistakes sharpish as he is fast becoming our very own Shambles Bramble.......