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  1. Fuzzy logics

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Low that. No surprise really though.
  2. Fuzzy logics

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    I really don't know whether to laugh or cry. We are lurching from one bad decision to the next. The fan base is fracturing and we are looking pretty poor on he pitch. What else can go wrong? Who's doing what about it?
  3. No, send a team out as close as possible to the Wigan one, let them make a mends for last week.
  4. Fuzzy logics

    Is it official

    ….do they drink it in the Congo?
  5. Fuzzy logics


    Surely those additional signings make things worse not better
  6. As good as it gets nearly that... Looking forward to seeing Hutch a bit further forward, maybe Jos has brought out his inner box to box? UTO
  7. Fuzzy logics

    Your definitive team for Wigan

    Wildsmith Lees JVA Pudil Palmer Hutch Joey Bannan Reach Nuhiu Nando
  8. Fuzzy logics

    Where are the MODERATE #SWFC fans?

    Year of utter Shambles made worse by the fact it was such an opportunity to engage and excite the fanbase. However, my inner Wednesday is telling me we could be the surprise package on the pitch this season despite seeming shooting ourselves in the foot at every turn off it.
  9. I'm just glad someone has finally come out and said it tbh. Now the pressure is on for a settled, expensive and experienced team to go and get the results. UTO
  10. Time to get creative on this :)
  11. Fuzzy logics

    Swansea want Forestieri

    Swansea are the least of our worries. Fulham, WBA and Stoke are all better options for him. Just waiting for the best price...
  12. Fuzzy logics

    Ones to watch this season

    Joao Carvalho.
  13. Is that the members price for the Kop? I begrudge paying £69 for a friendly game in the North Stand.
  14. In answer to the OP, very Little.
  15. Fuzzy logics

    BBC Video of the brawl

    Mansfield scrubbers... Tbh i think Nando was pretty restrained, I'd have been in full fkn hong kong fuey mode