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  1. Westwood Lees Hector Palmer Fox Hutch Matias Bannan Lazaar Fletcher Nando
  2. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Palmer Hutch Reach Bannan Aarons Fletch Winnall Hooper on bench
  3. Sorry, didn't realise you 'had a man in' to do it for you.
  4. like wanting the wife to leave you so you can finger yourself in peace. Just not cricket.
  5. Happy with that against tonight's opposition.considering injuries etc. 0-3 Dave, Dave and Dave. UTO
  6. If we're remotely hoping Bolton players not getting paid gives us a better chance of a result then we have hit a new low lads...
  7. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Palmer Aarons Hutch Bannan Reach Fletcher Nando Surprise
  8. Westwood Lees Hector Palmer Lazaar Hutch Aarons Bannan Reach Fletcher Joao
  9. Dire first quarter...no passing, penetration or control . Not even looked remotely threatening. Are we waiting for them to score?
  10. Never said he was... Lad had a half decent career...just never turned into the world beater I thought he would as per the OP.
  11. Today could be the day! Or it could be next week? 4-1 and today to be forever known as Fessi's official comeback game. (although I've had a bet on 1-0).
  12. Im 45. I've seen it all. Not happening. Maybe next year. chill.
  13. Well done lads. Good to see Nando play 80 minutes, hopefully a few more games and he will be knocking those chances in. Super sub Joao securing the 3 pts...all in all a good debut for SB. UTO
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