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  1. Would snatch you're hand off
  2. Fuzzy logics

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Man U were next out
  3. Fuzzy logics

    Come on then Mr Chansiri

    Is he on his way over? He should be. Anything less would be a dereliction of his duties as owner & chairman of our Club. Listen up or sell up Mr Chairman.
  4. Fuzzy logics

    Serious Candidates?

    Some decisive and progressive management is now required from Mr C. We need a new structure and personnel imo.
  5. Fuzzy logics

    Enough is enough.

    The problems run deeper than that. Unfortunately.
  6. Not so much a gif but sums thing up! :)
  7. Just for you Si, this is what im watching instead...
  8. Just for those who want to remember a time when something interesting was happening on the hallowed turf of Hillsborough...
  9. I feel embarrassed more than anything. The club has been stripped of its pride, character and integrity.
  10. Well done lads. 30 mins in and we are just about keeping up with Bolton. Except they've had a shot on target. Don't think I've seen a more lacklustre Wednesday team ever!
  11. First game of the season we get it right, clean sheet and a couple of goals - 2-0. However, the performance will still be a little bit poo so the 'balloons and shoes protest' behind the South will still go ahead. DC will come out for his post match fag and start windmilling through the crowds like Cato on acid. UTO
  12. My head is telling me we have 1 point from 15, are 4 points from bottom 3, have only 1 clean sheet this season, 3rd worse goal difference, play crappy football, lack leadership but my heart says 2-0 win...
  13. Fuzzy logics

    Team for Derby

    Dawson Lees Hector Palmer Penney Joey Matias Bannan Reach Forestieiri Nuhiu 5 defenders & 5 attackers. Did I miss the presser or is Jos in hiding??
  14. How's he doing over there? Meant to look a few weeks ago but couldn't even remember the name of the team he signed for