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  1. Engaged, fit and motivated to play at his best he is a real game changer and definitely our best option up top alongside Fletch if Monk can get him going.... Hopefully he appreciates what a privileged position he is in after a couple of seasons of turmoil and gets his head down and concentrates on his profession.
  2. OMDT 6/10...too wordy. 8/10 performance today to secure a 0-2 victory on GM's debut. UTO
  3. I think he'll relish the challenge of being able to have a large input into the overall running of the club. No CEO, DOF and an absent chairman should give him the opportunity. He'll end up bringing additional staff in I'm sure. I think some are in for a suprise with Monk, he'll be ruthless in his pursuit of success which is exactly what we need. I for one hope he gets it right and makes S6 his home for a few years to come.
  4. Whover we ended up with, experienced or not, he'll be judged on performances, results and to some extent media presence. If he gets these right he's on to a winner and will be here a while, If not he'll be gone at the end of the season. Good luck Garry.
  5. Always struck me as a likeable manager with a decent but unspectacular record. Not one I would have chosen, however, he'll get my backing until he doesn't deserve it anymore. WAWAW
  6. Hope there is some substance in this. Whilst their record is fantastic in the league's they have managed, it is their character and loyalty that impresses me too. Do it DC.
  7. We have the personnel. We need a manager. Simple equation for success. Look what Bielsa did for the scuzzers up the road last season. Simple this chairman shiit.
  8. It's obvious, we've been waiting for an international manager. Will all be sorted in the next 2 weeks. Welcome to Wednesday Ryan
  9. Round pegs in round holes. Good enough for me. WAWAW
  10. Westwood Iorfa Lees Bates Lee Luongo Pelupessy Bannan Reach Rhodes Forestieri
  11. No, let's celebrate him. After all, I'm sure he didn't mean to. Sure he's sorry...just the last best player on the day.
  12. Odubooboo has cost us massively today. Must say, not what is was expecting from him when we signed him.
  13. Fancy us for 3pts today despite our record there for absolutely no reason. 0-2 Westwood Odubajo Lees borner fox Reach Lee luongo bannan harris Fletch
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