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  1. Just scrap that next season too. Start again the following season based on next season's results. No need of it or the risk of International travel.
  2. Just void the whole lot of it and move on to trying to get a solution for next season. Nothing else is safe. Also, from a utilitarian perspective it does the least amount of 'damage' to the fewest clubs.
  3. Just individuals but not the club?
  4. What are the odds of a 12 point deduction this season prior to an announcement that there will be no more games played this season?
  5. Heard Bazza threw a right wobbler and could be heard raging down the phone to KSL asking for a refund...
  6. I find it incredulous that people actually give a shiit about someone else's sexuality, gender, race etc. My problem is with people who discriminate, and that especially includes those who espouse equality then support positive discrimination. Just be.
  7. Sick of these big teams devaluing the FA Cup by not playing their 1st teams. 2-1 Fk em
  8. I agree with the OP that central midfield has been our biggest issue this season. Personally I think its worth trying Iorfa as a proper CDM in a 4132 formation, cant get any worse...can it?
  9. I expect a convincing victory and to hear the rattle of champers against the hull of HMSPTL... 0-3 UTO
  10. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Lee Luongo Reach Windass Wickham Nando 0-3 tonight....nailed on. Put your house on it. Lump on....
  11. 4231 today then...looks as good as it gets really. 0-3 UTO
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