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  1. When I look at the team sheet I reckon odubajo is the only player who can 'beat' a man. How bads that?
  2. As good as it gets. Saw the lads in KFC, they were bang up for it. Pats had coleslaw side, crazy bstd. Who the fizz does that 1-2.
  3. Peanuts are actually seeds. Fact.
  4. Hopefully plays out more like a 4132 as we will be attacking but I expect Windass will fill right in the 451 with oddubajo dropping back when we are defending. Simple shapes that players understand whilst TP assess things makes sense.
  5. I heard TP talk about playing to our strengths etc. So I've been thinking about it. What are our strengths? I'm stuck.
  6. Funny art innit, when I look at the background all I see is a raven haired mermaid snatch. Weird.
  7. Soooo 1990's, like Ceefax....might have a go on bamboozle for old skool shiitz n gigs afterwards.
  8. Like it or not, we should get behind the club now and try and get out of the position we have found ourselves this season. Not a decision I particularly like, but one I understand.
  9. Maybe after his last managerial stint Mr Pulis has realised that he needs to change his ways and we will get free flowing attacking football?
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