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  1. booo......a lead is like a bar of soap atm. :(
  2. Today’s team

    As good as it gets...except maybe Rhodes for Nuhiu.
  3. Gonna be a big ask to get 3pts today....Villa will be looking at the fixture as winnable and they need to get back on track after a couple of poor results. Great opportunity though with QPR playing Forest and Ipswich, Reading and Bolton all having tough fixtures... Release the Hounds Jos! UTO
  4. Team for Villa

    Wildsmith Fred Pudil Fox Palmer Boyd Clare Joey Reach Joao Rhodes
  5. Really gotta feel for the guy. I suppose he knew what he was getting into but he really has been dealt a sheety hand. I for one would like to see him given a chance with a fully fit squad and a few of his own additions next season.
  6. It explains the reason for it. I think we need to trust Jos much more than Carlos when it comes to managing players injuries / fitness and he states clearly that the two forwards we have 'fit' are not in a physical condition to give 100% in 2/3 games a week. It will be interesting to see what team plays Saturday.
  7. I'm ok with the starting lineup

    I'm OK with ANY team selected (dependant on subsequent performance and / or result).
  8. relax lads....the old 550 formation will get us 3 points
  9. The better side first half. Joao on for Wallace so we have more attacking threat kicking into the Kop please.
  10. Young George Hirst

    I don't know the first thing about the truth of the matter but I reckon he is a top top prospect who will go on to be a success. However, playing with similar aged kids for England on massive contracts at prem Clubs like Chelsea, Man Utd etc. has probably led him to think he deserves a similar package to them. We aren't in a position to do this despite offering to make him our highest paid youth player so we have an impasse which will probably lead him to move when he is available to do so regardless of sentiment. What I fail to understand is the Club not allowing him to play? Sounds like cutting your nose off to spite your face if you ask me which has caused even more damage to the relationship. Shame really as it will negatively affect his value to us and who knows, he could have proved himself worthy of a first team opportunity and an improved offer? Time to move on and concentrate on developing our other young prospects.
  11. It's positive that we now have a team in place that is focusing on players being able to sustain fitness when they are ready to return rather than being brought straight back and yo-yo'ing in and out of the 1st team.
  12. Starting lineup for the Swansea game

    Wildsmith Fred Lees Thorniley Hunt Boyd Joey Wallace Stobbs Joao Rhodes
  13. Amazing how he can look like a completely different player in the space of a week. My favourite moment of his performance was how strong he was to hold 2 Derby players off when he received the throw in the build up to his 2nd goal. Normally he would lose it and capitulate throwing his arms around. For me it is 100% attitudinal with him. A woulda, coulda, shoulda kind of player... Can the real Luca Joao please stand up....
  14. Massive well done Wednesday

    Excellent result against one of the top sides in the division. Looks like the lads finally took some personal responsibility and were brave enough to play. Same against Millwall please.
  15. Any I-Follow users on here?

    SSShambles....only just come on