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  1. Watford team sheet sounds strong and they are rightly favourites. Today is gonna test where we are at all levels, but only at week 2. Still gonna need that unity and spirit at quarter to five...
  2. Free hit today. A good performance and I'll be happy. Any points would be a bonus.
  3. That's what VHS viderecorders were invented for. Call rumbelows you can rent one these days 👍 P.s use an E180 as it's on 'kin ages.
  4. Level headed interview. Were gonna need plenty of uniteh to get through this season. Well done all
  5. We need 12 points today or we can forget about promotion...
  6. WOW... And I thought the club management were incompetent.
  7. It's on, but its radio fkin leeds doing huddersfield WTF
  8. Where the fizz is the commentary only option?
  9. Getting twitchy now, wheres the commentary???
  10. Mine too. Hopefully update once John has had his pie.
  11. Hope so, I'm still being charged for it...
  12. Saw a bit of him whilst he was at Cardiff as live down here. Not prolific by any means but has all the attributes we need atm. Got a feeling he would slot in quite nicely at S6 alongside Kachunga, Rhodes & Windass
  13. Welcome to the wednesday... Looks like a good signing on a free. Will definitely add to our options. Hopefully he gets the backing of the fans and can kick on in his preferred position. Him and brown seem to be tight which will add something both on the pitch and in the dressing room. Sneaky suspicion this may turn out to be an astute bit of business.
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