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  1. Westwood Lee's Dunkley Urhoghide Palmer hutch bannan Reach Brown Paterson Rhodes
  2. Just part of the overall contraction and concentration of football. Sadly, there is plenty more to come... 10 years and stadia will be more like TV studios.
  3. Trying to play up to our big man who's playing against 2 bigger men Need to start playing through midfield so wing backs can get up...
  4. As good as it gets really apart from having Luongo as an option. Did I miss Green being injured?
  5. Don't know the cause. Not disappointed with the effect. On to Stoke.
  6. Not gonna be easy today. Stop their crosses and get windass in behind FTW.
  7. We have become a tinpot laughing stock of a Club. A mass exodus on the cards at the end of the season regardless. Shambles.
  8. Oh dear. The penny has dropped. We really, really, are föoked aren't we?
  9. I do like watching Coventry under Robins and this one 'should' be winnable, however, they do play some good stuff at home and are tough to beat there so a draw wouldn't be the end of the world. 0-0
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