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  1. Anyone else having issues with Ifollow? Got no commentary
  2. Boycott the games, wonder how DM and DC and the players would feel when the players run out to nothing apart from the away crowd cheering. Actions speak louder!!! Debating on owlstalk isn't going to get DM sacked.
  3. Seams like the players are trying to get Moore sacked!! Surely they aren't this S##t?? We cant even beat a team with peaky blinder in the net.
  4. I'm listening to it on iFollow and its Oxford commentary which is annoying.
  5. Green needs to come off at HT, effing useless and offering nowt. Get young Theo on for some spark on the right!!!
  6. At home with 4 cans of Budweiser. The heavier stuff may come out depending on the result and Rovrums of course..
  7. Paying for yet again another poor service.
  8. Nothing at all. No sound and it's not the minutes silence either, seams like the app is down.
  9. Clearly they've been paid their wages on time.
  10. The great escape is happening, believe!!!!!!! Come on you Blue and White overpaid, overrated Wizards....
  11. We as fans are robbed by players earning thousands who clearly have zero fight in them absolute tripe.
  12. Are we in a relegation fight?? Doesn't seam like it after listening to yet another awful performance.
  13. Rovrum losing, small consolation I suppose. Yes I am still hoping we stay up.
  14. This is absolutely fantastic. So simple, but probably the best one I've seen in a long time..
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