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  1. Absolutely love it, "Aston Villa look comfortable and in control early on" then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM pick that Fcker out the bag.
  2. Cunny Funt aren't you!!! Everyone were creaming themselves at the start of the season when form and results were going for us. Not fussed about last season as eff all will change what happened.
  3. It's not all Monks fault, the players have a lot to answer to, they clearly aren't performing. Reality is no one here knows WTF is going on behind the scenes and why all of a sudden form has dropped.
  4. Exactly this ^^^^^^^^^^ Make it happen Monk...
  5. I really hope it's a thriller in our favour for all concerned this will be huge for morale. I do feel though that we need to win comfortably today and not just a scrappy 1-0 win, the team and Monk need to show the fans that the last couple of games were just a blip and not the way the season is going to be. Here's hoping. Wildsmith in goal and Rhodes up front please.
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