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  1. Was on the away end at Olham that day, went on a coach from the Southey Club, it was kicking off before the Curran sending off, quite a mob of Wednesday fans on the Oldham end you could see the agro from the away end
  2. I doubt it, unfortunately he isn't good enough if we have any ambition at all to have a tilt at promotion And as previously noted on here he's the managers choice, a tad worrying
  3. Your absolutely right, I watched him when he came on today and to say he is inafective is unfair to inafective footballers, he is much worse than that, and bringing him on just lessens any faith that JL is the answer to our dilemma
  4. I like this 3 centre backs system but as most have identified we need effective recruitment in both wing back positions. Unfortunately what we currently have isn't of sufficient quality if we are to become serious promotion contenders
  5. first job should be send Butterfield back to Derby and get Winnall back at S6
  6. Leeds played Wednesday night and have just won 0 - 2 away
  7. I've stopped listening to Carlos and his musings on our 'preparedness' etc, all predictable stuff (mind you the £20 note tantrum was a tad off the cuff) The players interviews are also all the same old, same old, I could write it for them I now, tend only to take notice of the performance and the result, neither the hype nor the excuses I was at Villa last game and to be fair I thought it was the best we've played all season, very encouraging But at 3 O'clock tomorrow we're into it again, here's hoping we start on the front foot with tempo, you know it makes sense
  8. Best performance of the season without doubt
  9. employing a new manager is always a risky business however Paul Heckingbottom has done an impressive job at Barnsley, likes to play the right way
  10. I remember we lost one nil i think, it was one of the last games of the 79/80 season
  11. Yep was on the kop, I was 20 at the time didn't expect the result, we never looked back after that game and went on to get promoted some good away days that season, Blackburn, Oxford, Bury, Exeter Terry Currans goal away at United, etc
  12. looks like a good un I always think you look a better team when you have a competent centre half who also looks composed on the ball
  13. I've done all that and I'm still not over the playoffs
  14. Yes I remember when they lived up Nether Edge near Chelsea park. Eddie McCalliog was in our class at school and played in our school team. We used to go up to their house with Eddie and I remember him showing us Jims trophy room, which included the 66 loosers medal
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