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  1. To an extent I agree with you and would rather have a more complete forward, but as France showed during the world cup you don’t need your target man to score goals if he brings others into play around him. Olivier Giroud didn’t have a shot on target in the whole tournament.
  2. The problem I keep seeing with Cam is his handling is suspect at times you just expect him to keep hold he fumbles it. He conceeded against Wigan because of it and he will keep dropping us points.
  3. football=owls

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Why can't i up-vote this a million times!
  4. football=owls

    Wednesday/England Band

    Football 365 pretty much summed it up for me "This is a complaint that has been made many times on this site and beyond, but can we please do something about the England trumpeter? I’m even prepared to make my peace with the rest of the band staying put if we can just get rid of that infernal racket during England matches. At least the vuvuzela was a continuous drone that eventually became white noise. The BBC offer options for radio commentary, and you can obviously mute your television completely if necessary, but if they managed to isolate that squawking trumpet noise and offer me an option to listen to the match without it, I’d allow my licence fee to be immediately doubled."
  5. football=owls

    Just want Carlos back

    We are the only team who kept him for longer than one season; I somewhat wonder if that's because of our naive chairman.
  6. football=owls

    Paddy Miquel Nelom

    Linked to Man Utd and Barcelona this transfer window, might be a little out of our grasp.
  7. football=owls

    Season ticket refund OFFICIAL OFFER

    I must say that I am on the side of DC here regarding the unprecedented offer of a refund; if the reason you want a refund is because we are near a relegation fight then too right you should lose your privileges to discounted tickets in the future. The only own goal that has been made by DC in my eyes is no differentiation between fans who have a honest reason (lost job etc) or those who were just throwing their toys out of the pram because of a bad season.
  8. football=owls

    Stars In Stripes.... Pt 2

    Could you imagen the sh*tstorm on here if we had a red away kit now!
  9. football=owls

    Jordan Rhodes to Sunderland or Wolves

    I love this thread!
  10. football=owls

    Steven Fletcher

    Don't know how to feel about this link... Could he do a job? http://www.examiner.co.uk/sport/football/news/championship-transfer-news-rumours-sheffield-11467987
  11. football=owls

    Carvalhal - YES or NO

    Looks like it's a yes from Melo! https://twitter.com/melosilva33 Filipe Melo Silva ‏@melosilva33 8m8 minutes ago You are a great man and coach. I hope very much we can work together. #swfc
  12. football=owls

    Song for Nuhiu

    Easy plagiarise: Atdhe Nuhiu, he's bigger than me and you, he'll score a goal or two, Atdhe Nuhiu,Nuhiu!
  13. football=owls

    I trust Milan to get it right

    I guess officially Paul takes the managers shortlist of targets and negotiates from there. I don’t know if any of the players we have purchased Jones didn’t suggest as a option.