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  1. Trust me mate, Im Scottish, and we don’t take anything like that for granted. Even Andy Robertson looks anonymous and ineffective for the national team on occassion. At times it feels like a Scotland jersey is the footballing equivalent of Lex Luthor’s power-draining kryptonite necklace in “Superman: the Movie”
  2. If I was this boy Id probably try n get this tweet deleted ASAP. Suspect the work offers might dry up quite quickly otherwise....
  3. So thats the reason for the reduced allocation. I was sure I read somewhere that it was cause of some crowd trouble at a game v Stoke, or Villa. So they wanted to increase the segregation area.
  4. Id take Ed the Duck right now regardless of league position
  5. It does. Theres been 17 finals in scotland since they last met in one
  6. What happened to that young lad who scored the first goal when Hearts leathered Celtic to end their long winning streak?? Sorry cant recall his name
  7. It's on their website that its definitely £40 for us.
  8. Was in two minds about Bullen getting the job permanently but, being Scottish, I think Id rather we just get Jos back so I don't have to see another "Jimmy hat" on this forum
  9. Based on last year, should be announced within the next week or so pal.... https://www.efl.com/clubs-and-competitions/tv-games/
  10. https://www.efl.com/clubs-and-competitions/tv-games/ Those dates are your best guess at the moment.
  11. Not going today due to illness but feel your pain pal
  12. "Little yobbo's ruined my christmas " - Geoffrey
  13. Only one train back from Blackburn to Preston after game - at 1913
  14. What he did very well last night was create a lot of space for Fraser and Forrest to exploit. Shame Wednesday don't have similar wide players like those two.
  15. Phone the ticket office and cancel it. It will be pretty straightforward pal.
  16. Is the strike likely to be over by 1st December?? Ive got train tickets booked coming down from Scotland but I dont get to Preston till 1315. Might just get a refund (which I can do) as I cant be bothered with buses etc.
  17. And Wigan first game of season. There goes Billy Davies' theory
  18. Definitely this place - its fantastic and (when I was there a couple of years ago) you could get a brilliant lunch for much cheapness
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