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  1. 9 replies and no one claiming to have "inside info" yet. This place has went reyt downhill
  2. Gutted FFS Cant they just bring some big tents and pitch them on some wasteland outside Glasgow?? Not only would this mean I could pop along to two matches with minimal travel/cost, it would also let our Scottish players get an idea of what the World Cup in Qatar will be like
  3. Ya dancer, this has fair cheered me up! (Possibly the first time in history that someone has been excited about a jaunt to motherwell)
  4. As a proud Scot, I was delighted to see my players decided to boycott it. Decided at 745pm last night to be precise
  5. Only been a Wednesday fan since 2000 and live in edinburgh now after a brief stay in sheffield 20 odd year ago (which is why I'm a fan). So missed a lot of the previously mentioned highs and lows. When you consider what's happened last couple of years, what's happening now in Ukraine, etc last night is a mere blip for me. Just glad to be experiencing stuff like last night. The pre match pub, the walk up penistone road, the buzzing crowd when I walked in. Possibly biased but what a fantastic football team i have ended up supporting by the sheer chance of living in Sheffield for a short period. Even tho it didnt ultimately go our way I loved (almost) all of it. When gregory scored there was no place in the world I would rather have been than in that mad kop corner. Appreciate those who go every week will feel different! League one championship whatever....I'll feel up for it and be excitedly checking trains etc when fixtures get announced in June. WAWAW
  6. Sorry was just if you were logged on at work, the VPN might be stopping you. If youre on your phone, sorry - no idea
  7. Wont let me buy. Must just be random...or you have points you dont know about!
  8. This! We need to get this site back on track e.g. Inflatable bananas....are they racist or what??
  9. So for gen sale tomorrow, can I buy tickets for my old ID but not my new one? or both in theory? Wasnt sure if ticket sales are limited to those with a purchase history or not.
  10. How do you get into this phone queue mate? Ive tried phoning and it wont even connect me
  11. Yeah probably. Be loads of calls about stuff which can be answered by reading a page on the website. My issue is my email address has changed since I last bought a ticket online. So resetting my password is proving problematic. Tried the email address, which mentions this issue, quoted on ticket page but no joy. Tried phoning a couple of numbers but no answer, just "call back later". If they had a queue for the phone Id be happy to sit for hours waiting, but they dont. Good chance it will be sold out before this gets resolved which will be no use to me of course. And may also mean I wouldnt get a ticket for the final if we get there.
  12. How do you suggest people resolve issues if they cant get through on the phone and emails arent being answered? Ive tried everything to contact ticket office over last couple of days but no joy. Appreciate theyre busy but at least if there was a queuing system for the phone that would help.
  13. Is "Customer Number" the same as ID number?? Im looking at old e-tickets i bought online pre-COVID and it has customer number
  14. "Mr Partridge....Mr Partridge.....he says hes a Sheffield Wednesday fan but he cant get nae ticket for friday....then he picks up these train tickets to Sunderland and says "these would be nae use to me man""
  15. 28.69/1 at William Hills for that scenario above
  16. Just arrived back in Edinburgh and having a wee half in spoons before bus home. Great trip and I hope we can finish it off on saturday. Was in home end last night. Tried to sneak into away end after goal 3 but denied Great trip back to Blackpool on the tram after match. Rocking with the lads who were going to some place called Shenanigans. Got to try titanic plum porter grand reserve for the first time on my way back in a preston pub All in all a good couple of days. Feckin love you, at times, Sheffield Wednesday
  17. Do like that little fleetwood lad who does the vlog. Remember him from first game
  18. "A point"? When they are on the same number of points as their main relegation rival?? My guess is journalist thought it was 3 teams go down
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