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  1. 1052 from Edinburgh Waverley. Couple of pints in Preston or Chorley. Horwich Parkway 1446.
  2. Trains from Bolton

    Pretty central really - about 15 mins walk round to Piccadilly at normal walking pace. There's a free shuttle bus according to this but not sure how reliable it is. Maybe someone on here based in manchester can confirm? - http://www.tfgm.com/buses/Documents/Metroshuttle-Infosheet.pdf
  3. Trains from Bolton

    If youre planning on the 1835 out of Manchester could you not go to Victoria and then walk round to Piccadily - youd have about 45-50 minutes between trains. Or get that free shuttlebus?? Thats enough time to walk round. And squeeze in a pint en route.
  4. Trains from Bolton

    There's a 1717 and a 1726 to Manchester on Saturday. One goes to Victoria and one to Piccadilly. Dunno if that doubles your chances??
  5. Plans for the weekend

    Dear God. Looks like the full shortlist of Yorkshire Ripper suspects before it was whittled down to Sutcliffe.
  6. Lee goal onside

    I backed 4 or more Wednesday goals at 14/1
  7. Birmingham - V - Wednesday OMDT

    So you drink McEwans Export Steve?? No wonder you hate Scotland so much
  8. Bolton Away Ticket Details

    So is that 2700 in lower tier then?? I'm guessing they'll make it to Friday??
  9. Stick yer bag in the lockers at the bus station and pick it up when you go back for the train home. Ive done this a few times and its pretty cheap.
  10. Massive Win.

    This was the difference for me. That rubbish clearance from their keeper which led to the first goal - if that had happened at Preston, Bannan wouldve maybe picked it up on the halfway line, a few yards in front of Lees.
  11. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    I've had one pint of John Smith's in my life. At Hillsborough, at half time v Cardiff last season. I remember that first mouthful of it, and thinking how ironic it was to be drinking something so bad in a city renowned for quality ale options. I managed about 1/3 of the pint before I binned it. If the CIA are looking to make waterboarding a more terrifying experience, this is the stuff they should be using
  12. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    That wouldn't be hard considering what's normally on offer How much was a pint??
  13. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    Fantastic news - about time. There was a thread on this very subject about a year ago and I asked why they didnt sell local beer at the ground.
  14. Before you book flights remember the game kicks off at 1230, not 3pm
  15. Bolton away (14th Oct)

    That's great news for me as I was hoping to travel down from Scotland for the Bristol game. If KO time is confirmed next week cheap train tickets should be easier to get