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  1. eddie1973

    Skys April and May schedule

    https://www.efl.com/clubs-and-competitions/tv-games/ Those dates are your best guess at the moment.
  2. eddie1973

    Trains to Hull

    Not going today due to illness but feel your pain pal
  3. Is just to the right behind the goal then??
  4. What section is best to get tickets for?
  5. "Little yobbo's ruined my christmas " - Geoffrey
  6. eddie1973

    Blackburn to make general sale?

    Only one train back from Blackburn to Preston after game - at 1913
  7. What he did very well last night was create a lot of space for Fraser and Forrest to exploit. Shame Wednesday don't have similar wide players like those two.
  8. eddie1973


    Phone the ticket office and cancel it. It will be pretty straightforward pal.
  9. eddie1973

    Blackburn to make general sale?

    Is the strike likely to be over by 1st December?? Ive got train tickets booked coming down from Scotland but I dont get to Preston till 1315. Might just get a refund (which I can do) as I cant be bothered with buses etc.
  10. eddie1973

    Spare for Today

    If this is still available I'll have it??
  11. eddie1973

    Holte End

    Yoda is an owl
  12. And Wigan first game of season. There goes Billy Davies' theory
  13. eddie1973

    Wednesday Tap

    Can you only go in at half time from the South??