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  1. Me and a mate coming down from Edinburgh for the day on the 1011 train. First Wednesday match since West Brom in Nov 2019. Been looking forward to this for an absolute age
  2. Rotherham away at Morecambe next week and their allocation is a mere 705 tickets. https://www.themillers.co.uk/news/2021/august2/tickets--details-v-morecambe-a/ No idea why its so low compared to the 1389.
  3. Moved to Sheffield early summer 2000. First game was a 3 2 defeat by Huddersfield in August. I was in my 20s, young and naive. Ridiculous as it sounds now, I wasnt even that sure where Huddersfield actually was?? But I knew Wednesday were a big club and was genuinely excited about this incoming "Return to the Premier". Expected a routine victory and instead got the following 21 years condensed into some kind of 90 minute "trailer".
  4. Amazing how these easy-to-confirm facts have been almost airbrushed from history. By their fans (of course) but also by so-called journalists, who know fine well what happened, but still claim they were "relegated". Still its good to see the new club's fans havent forgotten their predecessor - that get together in George Square yesterday turned into a sort of tinpot version of Manchester 2008
  5. Good luck pal. I was at the game at the Hawthorns in November, first ever trip there. Thought the ground was great and the atmosphere fantastic Gutted I wont be going back there to see Wednesday any time soon.
  6. The policeman wrestling the Copenhagen goalscorer to the ground to stop him celebrating was well OTT
  7. It wont be Tuesday as City have league game v Arsenal two days before
  8. Been on this bus a couple of times and can vouch for the above. Cracking bunch.
  9. I watched the game with my dad. He saw the build up and he mentioned that one of the Hearts players came out with headphones for the warm up. It sounded so ridiculous I just assumed he had imagined it due to xmas day drinks?? Id be raging if Id paid 40 quid and the first thing I saw when I got to my seat was THAT.
  10. Trust me mate, Im Scottish, and we don’t take anything like that for granted. Even Andy Robertson looks anonymous and ineffective for the national team on occassion. At times it feels like a Scotland jersey is the footballing equivalent of Lex Luthor’s power-draining kryptonite necklace in “Superman: the Movie”
  11. If I was this boy Id probably try n get this tweet deleted ASAP. Suspect the work offers might dry up quite quickly otherwise....
  12. So thats the reason for the reduced allocation. I was sure I read somewhere that it was cause of some crowd trouble at a game v Stoke, or Villa. So they wanted to increase the segregation area.
  13. Id take Ed the Duck right now regardless of league position
  14. It does. Theres been 17 finals in scotland since they last met in one
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