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  1. eddie1973

    Just moved up to Edinburgh

    That pretty much is Livingston to be honest Welcome to Edinburgh pal. Im in East Lothian. I travel down on the train to a few home games each season and any away games in the north of England. Usually stay over at my mates for Hillsborough games, but sometimes attempt the day trip with the mother of all carry outs
  2. eddie1973

    Nuhiu's Second Goal

    Reminded me, as a Scot, of Kenny Dalglish goal Vs Spain in mid 1980s. Adthes goal the better one tho, based on where he started from
  3. Asda do Jaipur (330ml) for £1.50. Well they do up here anyway
  4. eddie1973

    First time going to L**ds

    I was there last season for the first time and never saw a hint of notable bother in or around the ground. I thought the atmosphere in the ground was good too. I liked the visit there even though the actual game was dire. Much better than going to the likes of Blackburn. Leeds city centre afterwards was a total zoo though Not sure why but saw loads of bother outside pubs as early as about 4 or 5pm,
  5. eddie1973

    Just seen a post

    Could well be. £4m?? No chance.
  6. eddie1973

    Middlesbrough ticket info

    Surely this is a game which could've been rearranged for later in the season?? No idea who decided to just rearrange it for a January evening but you'd have to assume they want as few people there as possible?
  7. Sorry pal, I was hoping to come out to watch it but have some babysitting to do now Havent heard of anyone else in Edinburgh going out to watch it either unfortunateley.
  8. eddie1973

    Who's had a bet....

    Was wondering if that was the game I was thinking of before I clicked on the link Pretty sure there was a similar bet on Spurs to beat Man City in FA Cup, when City came from 3 down
  9. eddie1973

    Edinburgh Owls - Derby Day

    There was a group who met up but Im not sure how many have been out for games recently. Previous pubs have included the Wetherspoons on George St, Amber Rose on Rose St and the Irish pub at Forrest Rd. Im up for watching it in city centre if something gets organised - shouldnt be to difficult to find somewhere as no other English/Scottish games on TV that night.
  10. Me too. Dont even have to buy train tickets till on the day, which is a bit of a novelty
  11. How can someone who radiates so much positivity and belief then go and set up a team so negatively a few hours later?? Every week.
  12. eddie1973

    What you drinking tonight

    The porter and the amber one are the best. From what I remember
  13. eddie1973

    The apparent "booing".

    Would never criticise anyone for booing, especially at the end of a game when its all over. I didnt boo at the end on saturday - simply because it felt like the final whistle sort of ended the misery, and I was pub bound. Only way Id have booed furiously was if the ref had added on 15 mins injury time
  14. I sometimes have a bag with me when I travel down for a game and stay over. But whatever inconvenience arises due to this new rule wont bother me too much. It will have been worth the hassle, just to have read that post about the firing squads