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  1. The issue is not all on their heads but the system / tactics we employ.
  2. I can say with complete certainty that you definitely are. Probably one of the most stupid posts I've ever read.
  3. A few teams have sung that at Hillsborough this season
  4. Definitely this one, still remember it. Can't believe it was so long ago.
  5. Yep, he's been told his stores have to close.
  6. I'm a season ticket holder and the idea of including cup games as part of the season ticket is good, unfortunately, knowing our luck, we may not see much benefit as we will probably end up getting knocked out in the early round. I don't expect any recompense but like you say, it would be nice to see the players make some sort of gesture.
  7. It was you that brought the "Gestapo" reference in to play following Worksop Wednesday reply to my post; all because I commented that the joke about FF's ban has seen its day and is no longer funny. I'm far from upset mate, just expressing my opinion, hope you carry on expressing yours. No issue at all.
  8. Gestapo, get a grip FFS! If you appreciate freedom of speech then I'm sure you have no problem with my posts, or do you?
  9. Sorry, but its a forum and its all about having an opinion. Didn't see Todwick Owls remark so can't comment; if I had I would have expressed the same view. No shame on me. Have a good day.
  10. From what I've heard the players from these clubs have been giving their own fitness/training programmes to follow, just not training together
  11. Our current midfield of Lee, BB and Pelupessy has to be the softest I've ever seen in.
  12. Surely Vic Mobley has to be considered; hard as they come.
  13. Misread that as Ale; that's been my remedy today.
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