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  1. LittleG

    What about....

    First half especially he looked to go forward and put a few decent balls in. He also doesn't amble back into defence like a certain other defender we have.
  2. Did he mention the fallen Madonna with the big boobies.
  3. LittleG

    Reach as LWB

    I also thought Reach played well yesterday and last season he was stand out in midfielf. Would not move him to LWB cos he's not the best of defenders( you still have to defend in that position) and we would miss his energy higher up the pitch
  4. LittleG

    Observations over Hull goal.

    Exactly this. Said it in another topic yesterday that Lees has got to play in the centre; there were many instances in the game where Hutch was passing to Lees who then had the responsibility to play the ball out and as you said he's like a fish out of water.
  5. LittleG

    Lucas Joao

    I agree with most of what you say but got to be Peter Feeley as worst ever player.
  6. GK and back 3 get a 6(lot of ball watching for their goal). Stll think Lees looks uncomfortable on the right, I would play Hutch there and Lees in middle. Midfield BB 6.5, Baker 6, Reach 7, JP 4, Fox 3 FF 7 Fletch 6.5. We looked far better with Thornlie on the pitch, hopefully keeps his place
  7. LittleG

    Joey Pelupessy

    Fans around me were comparing him to Darren Potter; no forward passes just 5-10 yard sideways / backward ones usually putting the receiving player in trouble. Don't get me started on Fox, how many times did he give the ball away! Absolute useless
  8. Think Reach will be wing back, Hutch will be midfield
  9. Think it will be Lees Pudil and Fox as back three with Baker and Reach as wing backs. SH, JP and BB in midfield with FF and Fletch up front.
  10. LittleG


  11. Agree, we've got to revert to 3 up front. We're poor in defence, indifferent in midfield; the only area we have adequate players is up front. Play to our strengths
  12. And a centre back!
  13. Should be Dawson but I reckon he will choose Wildsmith