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  1. Looks like there's a bit of a Gap between us and Watford.
  2. Totally agree with this; the majority of time as soon as BB or Hutch receive the ball, they immediately look for the quick pass back to a defender, even when they have time to take a touch and have a look round
  3. I'm sure if they're any doubters on the Preston forums, the response will be "we're playing Wednesday not Man City, FFS"
  4. You may have a point but it also indicates that we have not strengthened the 2 positions that have been under the spotlight for the past few years.
  5. How about bringing in a coach who can help us put the ball in the net.
  6. Hope it works out for him. Only problem might be is if St. Pauli struggle and remain near the bottom, it might not be too long before Jos gets the boot. Good luck to Matt, should be good experience.
  7. Not that sad just a best guesstimate based on average number of words per line multiplied by number of lines.
  8. That must be the longest sentence ever, approx.130 words.
  9. Because he is popular and always available is no reason to keep him around and would show a complete lack of ambition by tbe club. We might as well bring Semedo back; he had the same qualities. Nuihu, JR and Winnall all need moving on or releasing at the end of their contracts.
  10. It was a tongue in cheek post! Even so hes had one purple patch in 4 years snd so like JR and Winnall hes not good enough. We'll struggle to score enough goals this season if those three are the only options off the bench.
  11. If he'd gone any slower he'd be going backwards!
  12. Step forward David Blunkett and Roy Hattersley, surely their opinions carry some influence.
  13. I'm sure it's an excellent post but, at my age, I really don't want to use up several special minutes reading it all. Perhaps bullet points next time. I have given you a plus point.
  14. Nothing odd about the league table; the remaining clubs who have not played 4 matches all play tonight.
  15. Apart from Winnall last night who seemed to be running through treacle.
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