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  1. Probably hoping that, if he's involved till the end of the season and plays well, we might offer him a new contract.
  2. Same here, not bothered at all.
  3. What you've got to remember is that this is a forum and people will have different opinions to you. My opinion is that Nuhiu ( don't call him Dave) has had his time and it's time to move on; doesn't make me pathetic.
  4. Not for me, don't think he's good enough. Trouble is he's probably the level we are looking at, hence the re-signing of JP
  5. He's not really shown that he's good enough for the championship, seems limited. Perhaps at another club he may flourish but I would imagine that he'll end up back home after next season
  6. ??? Think you should read my post again and then your reply, which doesn't make sense. In plain English, my opinion is that a player should be signed up on ability and not because he's cheap.
  7. Just because you disagree with other posters views does not make them deluded. Delusion might be giving a contract to a player because we might go down and he is cheap. I was always under the impression that a footballers ability was the main criteria for signing that player.
  8. Fox, Foresteiri and Fecking Nuhiu.
  9. Regarding Lee, he's agreed to extend till end of season probably in the hope of winning a new contract for next year.
  10. If the system fails miserably today then I can see Monk changing for next game. Even if we win today no doubt, because of the fitness situation, there will be personnel changes for next match.
  11. Who's the right back then? It can't be anything other than 3-5-2
  12. The problem with trying to name a replacement is that we, as a club, will only consider managers that are currently unemployed and most of them are unemployed for a very good reason. But even though our choices are restricted, we will have to fish from this pool if Monk can't get the team firing, playing football and picking up points in the remaining matches; he may not even get to see all the matches through.
  13. Depends a lot on Team selection, not sure Monk will get that right therefore 0-2.
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