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  1. LittleG

    Westwood starts u23

    The one you currently have is not bad!
  2. LittleG


    Even if he his chosen to replace BB for the two games and plays extremely well, we all know that will be it and he will be back on the bench for the next match. We should be looking at playing him regular in a midfield 3 cos at the moment our midfield 2 of BB and JP are outnumbered every week in that area.
  3. As long as they all don't start growing moustaches!
  4. LittleG

    Bannan at full time

    Posted similar in a thread yesterday. BB and JP are, more often that not, outnumbered in midfield; we need another body in there ( Kieran Lee clone)
  5. LittleG

    Booing at half time

    Should not be counter productive at all; the players should have responded to the boos, rolled their sleeves up and come out determined to put in a better performance. We looked an embarrassment in the first half and had 2 shots, only 1 on target, against bl**st Rotherham. They were poor and we were even worse; they certainly didn't deserve being clapped off. I didn't boo but I can fully well understand why people did. Surprised it's taken this long; shows the patience of our fans.
  6. LittleG


    I take my 10 year old grandson and now it's more about spending time with him and having a laugh rather than turning up and looking forward to the match. I think he only goes for the pre-match hotdog ( even that's gone up 50p!!!)
  7. LittleG

    Two full backs needed

    We have problems all over the pitch. All the full backs are not up to standard and I agree with you that teams walk through our midfield. However this is because our midfield 2 Of BB and JP are usually outnumbered by the opposition's midfield. We know BB can do a good job but more often than not he his having to pick the ball up from our defenders because we have nobody else to bring the ball forward. It is the formation, tactics, style of play or whatever you call it that is the issue. Put an extra body in that area and things would be different. That would then lead us on to the final problem, our lack of goal scoring forwards. Nuihu, Fletcher and Matias will not score goals consistently, FF is constantly injured and we may not see Hooper again. Without Joao's goals we'd be struggling even more
  8. LittleG

    Today's team is ...

    When you look at the players we supposedly have available/can pick from, it's quite scary how poor we look on paper. No flair, no creativity, no pace, no ideas.
  9. It could be the constant team changes and formations that are effecting him, like a few others. He's always been regarded as someone who, even though he might not be the most gifted, always put 100% commitment in; that seems to be missing this season and that's the disappointment
  10. Nuihu should not lead any attack! Apart from the West Brom game he's been garbage, he's looked so disinterested; completely different from the player towards the back end of last season
  11. LittleG

    Rotherham United

    Mine needs a bit of attention too!
  12. LittleG

    Jordan Rhodes

    Or Feeley or West
  13. Rules out the majority on Owlstalk!!
  14. LittleG


    Agreed, all our midfield are non existent at times