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  1. LittleG

    Team for Swansea

    I was going to include Reach but stuck to just the forward players. ( agree with you about him, think some are over critical). As for disallowing penalties, shame on you. Nuihu's contribution shows where he should be - at the best 5th choice( currently, but could be lower if we ever see Hooper or Winnall again)
  2. LittleG

    Team for Swansea

    I know you like stats so here we go - Joao. 0.63 goals per 90 minutes FF. 0.38 Fletcher 0.28 Matias. O.21 Nuhiu. 0.14 Assists Fletch. 0.11 per 90 minutes FF. 0.09 Joao. 0.07 Matias. 0.07 Nuhiu. 0.00 Just saying
  3. LittleG

    The shadow of The Blades

    I know this might sound ridiculous but, as a lifelong Wednesday fan, I'm actually more bothered about how the Owls are doing than what is going on at the dark side. It doesn't matter where they are, what matters is how we are doing. I'm not a liar!
  4. LittleG

    Jordan Lonchar left

    Wash your mouth out!!
  5. LittleG

    Team for Swansea

    You really need to get out more!
  6. LittleG

    Team for Swansea

    Presumably the minutes played when he has come on as a sub are included in your first statement. Then a correct calculation would be to not include goals scored before he comes on. Not really a fair comparison, just saying.
  7. LittleG

    Fans yesterday

    Chanting derogatory remarks to opposing fans/team is nothing new, it's been going on for decades. I would imagine that fans of all teams do this.
  8. LittleG

    The shadow of The Blades

    I don't care and I'm from Sheffield
  9. LittleG

    Foul on Forestieri

    You've put up a good fight, go and have a good drink.
  10. LittleG

    We've not replaced Wallace

    Neither did Bronco Layne
  11. LittleG

    Foul on Forestieri

    Keep digging!
  12. LittleG

    We've not replaced Wallace

    We've never replaced Hirst, Waddle, Sheridan, Palmer(Carlton), etc. Even after that we've not replaced Whelan, Brunt, Antonio etc. We've got a poor side, people need to realise this.
  13. LittleG

    DO we trust the players

    I know it's a Sheffield derby but seriously there's going to be no surprises. The best we can hope for is to defend like their lives depend on it and scrape a nil nil draw.
  14. LittleG

    DO we trust the players

    Who's the good One?
  15. I don't think luck has anything to do with it.