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  1. It's not really perspective it's just one fans opinion with quite a bit of, as Basil Fawlty put it, stating the bl**ding obvious.
  2. We've had 20 years in the wilderness; I'm resigned to the fact that we will have a good few years more in this location.
  3. Yep I was there. Dad took me, can't remember much apart from it seemed great to be out at a night match!
  4. And Holmowl has got the stats to prove it!
  5. Striker Winnall FF David Hirst Nothing stops me Stadium upgrade As expected ( I know that's 2 words)
  6. Not sure we needed stats to confirm that we miss Fletcher
  7. Don't panic. A lot of the transfer business happens in the last 2 or 3 days of the window. We'll be reight!
  8. Yeah you're right, I forgot about all the people "in the know" on here.
  9. We also need some assistance for Monk; think that would help no end.
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