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  1. Team for sat

    My god there's some strange sides and formations in this post! WTF
  2. Wordsmith 8 Lees, Pudil 8 Rest no more than 6
  3. How far behind are we?

    Exactly, the major difference today was the amount of pace in their side and the lack of it in ours. They even had the luxury of taking pacy players off and still replacing them with pacy players.
  4. Article on Big Dave

    Fully agree with this, stop calling him Dave
  5. You must have had a lot of priority points to buy 91 tickets !!
  6. Nuihu & Joao

    I can't remember anyone saying that Nuhiu and Joao would be this good. Joao has always been inconsistent and even the most loyal Nuhiu followers could not see him scoring the goals he has done. He was always regarded as bringing other aspects to the game rather than goals
  7. Exactly, stop trying to justify your comment - the hole is getting deeper
  8. Bang out of order, no need for such a vile comment
  9. Dave and FF

    I'm not "cringing" at all, I just think that one of our players who has stated he doesn't like being called a different name, should have his wishes respected. What you and your missus call him behind closed doors I couldn't care less. WAWAW
  10. Dave and FF

    I don't think anybody's complained about calling Leeds weeds and It's not about setting oneself on a higher branch. Nuhiu has gone on record that he does not like being called Dave. Why don't you show him some respect and refrain from doing so
  11. Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday

    Gets everybody on their feet and singing. Bloody mobile phone and drink!
  12. Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday

    I love this song; plus it's the only time in the match that'
  13. Dave and FF

    Yep, so many classic moments. Best comedy program of all time