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  1. I know the ref was poor but you can't lay all the blame at his feet for our total lack of composure and inability to keep possession of the ball.
  2. Pick of the defence tonight
  3. Thats just one of the problems we have. There are stats to suggest that FF is best when played out wide and the other 3 are just not good enough; it's the first area we need to address in Jan.
  4. You are correct, but also a front 3 which includes FF instead of Reach also won't get us promotion and I'm not knocking either one of them. We still need additions to the team; our forward options are very poor, we still need a dominant midfielder and improvement at full backs.
  5. Questionable substitutions; Nuihu for BB, very weird. Would have settled for a point before match but the offside rule really winds me up. Their player is doing star jumps in front of Dawson; surely he's in his line of sight and therefore fecking interfering.
  6. I think your team is not far off what GM will pick; only difference is he may well keep the defence that's been playing with both Lees and FF on the bench.
  7. You were supporting him so well until you mentioned aerial power!
  8. "Capable of doing a job" says it all. Sorry to disagree with you but Nuihu, Winnall and Rhodes are not up to the required standard to play in a 442. They're many arguments to say that FF cannot play as a second striker and we get more from him when played wide. Whether monk wants to play 442 or 433 the priority signing in Jan is another striker.
  9. It's all about opinions. I'm not confident going forward with striker back-up options of Nuihu, Winnall and Rhodes; if you are that's fine. I still think we need some pace up front.
  10. Good stats this time. Defensively we are doing well but like you say we need to improve our creative play and to cash in on the chances made. Unless FF comes back firing we definitely need to look at signing another striker come January.
  11. Pretty much agree with these, I would have given BB a 7 also. Too many 8's being bandied about for a mostly average performance; poor first half, second half better when we upped the pace.
  12. I think you're going a bit over the top with your praise. He might have found space a couple of times but "brilliant"?! And Not sure he's created "plenty". To me he looks slow and his first, second and third touches are not there.
  13. If we're talking about the Lee of 2 years ago then you may be right; unfortunately at the moment he's a shadow of his former self.
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