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  1. LittleG

    Marco Matias

    More of a custard cream
  2. LittleG

    The derby and the underdog

    Derbies are different and a lot of times the results are unexpected so I don't think there is such thing as an underdog in these games
  3. Confident, so not sitting on the fence with this one - either team could win or it might be a draw
  4. LittleG

    reach vote gotm

    Just voted. Mcginn now 52%, Reach 46%
  5. Just don't understand your negative responses. If you don't appreciate his writing style don't read it. I don't always agree with asteneers views but his post tonight cheered me up no end, even though it probably shouldn't have.
  6. LittleG

    Team for Boro

    My guess it will be Nuihu and Joao starting with Fletcher on the bench. With our limited attacking options are we going to see one of our young forwards on the bench?
  7. LittleG

    The invisible giant.

    Thought this thread was about Nuihu. (Only joking - FFS)
  8. Like you say no point in this so why!!!!!
  9. LittleG

    Commercial department missing a trick

    Follow it up at half time with the Terry Curran goal, Tudgays strike and the semi final at Wembley
  10. LittleG

    Commercial department missing a trick

    That's a great call, boxing day match rammed down their throats then the lads on the pitch follow suit and get the same result.
  11. Not had anybody like Nuhiu
  12. LittleG

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Eric Potts in 1976 against Southend to keep us in the third division. God knows what would have happened if we had been relegated
  13. I think @owlstalk could kick start his season with this thread
  14. I wouldn't moan, can't stand lamb chops but I'd certainly moderate my star review if they'd run out of chicken goujons
  15. 100% agree, it happens at every club. Pointless post.