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  1. I'm with you on this; last week Sky Sports were running with one tag line that said Fletcher scored the winner from the penalty spot against Brentford.
  2. What kind of parents would give their son that middle name!
  3. We'll probably sit back and protect the slender lead!!
  4. On my PC a warning appeared not to access the site, so being the scaredy cat I am, I'm not risking it!
  5. Not sure I've seen any posts stating that our strikers were our strongest area. From the start of the season the opinion has been that we need 1 or 2 pacy strikers to complement Fletch who, like you state, is the only consistent one we have.
  6. Wing back is the most demanding position on the pitch; unfortunately Lee no longer has the legs or stamina to play this role.
  7. Sorry but can't go along with this. Even wing backs need to be able to tackle and both Lee and Reach are not good enough at this. Plus Lee is not back to his previous high standards and may never be.
  8. Not the best of comments mate. You can see from the posts that the majority don't agree with the poster but coming on here with the "haters" word means you're stooping down to his level. I thought we'd moved on from this statement. Fans will always disagree over players merits but haters! If that were the case on this forum we would have KW, Palmer, Lees, Fox, Moses, BB, Reach, FF, Winnall, JP, Rhodes, Murphy haters. Have I missed anybody? People's opinions will always differ, just accept and move on.
  9. Can't get my head around watching people watching TV; each to their own.
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