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  1. I'm astounded by the amount of negs and negative comments I've received just because I put forward an opinion that I have no interest in watching Scotland or Kosovo even though 2 owls players might have been involved. I welcome reasonable debate with anybody but the response here as astounded me. I could understand it if I'd tore a strip off the club, the players, the boss, the fans or whatever but this... I'm sure some people neg just to follow the trend that others have started. Anyway I really can't understand why this has turned into something of a slanging match so have decided to call a halt and, even though I will still view, I will not be posting on Owlstalk in the future.
  2. I agree and I can't understand the bitterness just because I've stated I've no interest in watching Scotland or Kosovo. It's more like the Spanish Inquisition!
  3. I just find their hatred for the England team over powering and I suppose I've fed off that. In my younger days I was more tolerant and wanted all the home nations to do well
  4. I admire your commitment, unfortunately for my sins I'm only interested in watching Wednesday and England. I even find it difficult to watch Premiership matches on the box.
  5. Grow up. Why does it sound babyish. I'm an England fan and have no interest in Scotland. You do realise how much the Scots, Welsh and Irish hate us so why would I want to watch Scotland.
  6. It's probably the same with most threads on here.
  7. This is a forum FFS, you asked a question if he was in involved and I replied with an off the cuff remark. It doesn't matter who's bothered about anybody's posts, that's the beauty of it being a forum; everybody's opinion can be aired. As long as they are aired in a respectful way.
  8. If people react to my posts then I will reply, always in a respectful way.
  9. I would also be happy but I think we're getting away from the subject. I'm being completely honest when I say I have no interest whatsoever whether Nuihu played for Kosovo or not. If we had players good enough to play for England, France, Croatia, Spain or whatever I would be far more interested. And I would imagine most other Owls fans would be also.
  10. Most of them on the verge of England call-ups
  11. I'm not sure many would as far as Kosovo is concerned.
  12. To be fair he was a decent player but should be careful when he speaks out
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