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  1. That's absolute what I read! haha!
  2. Palace to pay wages according to Nixon.
  3. He's coming home...according to Alan Nixon.
  4. Well that was a bad decision! No issues, but some of the people I was sitting around were a special, special type.
  5. Considering it for Millwall next Saturday - choosing the section closest to the Wednesday fans. Won't openly be supporting Wednesday, obviously. Anyone else considering it or think it's a terrible idea? Only ever done this once before. Away at Liverpool opening day of the 1995/96 season. Collymore's debut and lost 2-0.
  6. I'll take one if they're still available!
  7. As per title. London Owl looking for 1 ticket to Millwall. Please message me if you a spare! Thanks.
  8. It's World Mental Health Day today and Liverpool have released a documentary about the impact of mental health problems in football and wider society. Jason McAteer presents it and he goes to talk to Chris Kirkland and he talks about his struggles when he was at Wednesday. He's incredibly candid and I cannot admire the guy more - 1. for how he performed for us when he was internally struggling and 2. for being brave enough to speak up about his struggles. The whole documentary is fantastic, but if you just want to hear Chris the his section starts at 16:05. Despite seemingly having the perfect life - money, cars, playing football for a living etc. depression and anxiety can hit anyone. If you're having a bad time then please don't bottle it up. Speak to someone. Not many people in my personal life know that I see a therapist, but it's helping me overcome a number of issues I've bottle up for years. It's ok to not be ok. Sorry if that sounded preachy. I just think this documentary is a fantastic thing and helps people. UTO!
  9. So you're refusing to buy your kids a shirt and as a result, you upset them, because of a badge? Jesus. Just buy them a shirt mate. You don't have to get one.
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