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  1. Source: Nancy Frostick and Matt Slater, The Athletic Sheffield Wednesday will require “additional funding” if it is “to continue in operational existence”. Those are the words that cause the most concern from the latest set of the club’s accounts. The accounts, which were filed over seven months late of the original July 31 deadline, are for the 2018-19 season and showed that in line with previous seasons, further significant investment will be required from owner Dejphon Chansiri if the club is to continue operating. For a team that is staring relegation to the
  2. stabbo


    If anyone has just got Wednesday player faces they can send to me that would be amazing! Sortitoutsi is saying the download of just part 1 will take 5 hours and no idea if that part covers Wednesday. I really just want our player faces. Some other sites have facepacks that are 13GB big. I don't need all that!
  3. I'm sitting here thinking £10m is madness for a player who has only played regular League One and League Two football. But knowing Brentford, he'll probably score 10-15 goals next couple of seasons and they'll sell him for £25m to Villa or Everton. Despite Brentford absolutely choking at the end of last season, I can't understand how anyone with half a brain who looks at that club and doesn't think 'that is the way to run a modern football club'.
  4. The relegation to League One after the Palace 2-2. That season and the League One season after. They were worse.
  5. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/12019453/efl-chief-rick-parry-filmed-wigan-administration-bet-relegated/
  6. I usually bet against Wednesday and the draw. If we're going to lose, I might as well be compensated. I will always want us to win though.
  7. Hi gang, Quite incredibly, we've just started the 9th series of the Monkey Tennis podcast and up to 85 episodes now! We've got a couple of feedback episodes before we get cracking on covering Knowing Me Knowing You Radio episode by episode. Available wherever you get your pods. www.podfollow.com/monkeytennis
  8. EFL ‘frustrated’ by Wednesday’s stalling but want to deduct points this season Fears are growing at the English Football League that its dispute with Sheffield Wednesday over the sale of their stadium will spill over into the close-season, raising the possibility of legal action from clubs relegated from the Championship in May. The South Yorkshire club are facing severe punishment after being charged with an aggravated breach of the league’s financial fair play rules in December, with owner Dejphon Chansiri and two former directors also in danger of receiving bans.
  9. It's a disgrace and we should be awarded a 3-0 win immediately.
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