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  1. It’s a lot to do with the expectation at the club as well. He could be saying tough gig because he knows he has no money to play with (or Monk previously) and therefore what money has been spent has been wasted. He’s sort of letting those outside the bubble know what’s going on inside the bubble so to speak.
  2. Played there on occasion for his last club but it would be a last resort for me.
  3. Any point is a good point. We do need to start turning some draws into wins though which goes without saying. People hate playing against a Pulis side and it’s not easy on the eye but effective as it’s disruptive. Defensively we aren’t looking too bad and that’s without the likes of Iorfa, Dunkley and Flint. I bet Pulis can’t wait until January to sort out up top and out wide.
  4. Thnk our options were limited unfortunately. Especially with the -12 point start. The minute he was able to bring in his own back room team the signing options were limited. Very strange summer. Hopefully we may be able to bring in a couple of better players in up top and out wide in January now that 4-4-2 is seen as the way to go. We’re not in as bad a state as we were at the start of the season.
  5. Unfortunately neither offer goals. Paterson offers more all round.
  6. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe his attitude isn’t what’s required? We only know so much. We’d benefit from some of his set piece work for sure.
  7. Harris looks like someone who just gets on with what he’s asked to do - Pulis will like that. He may lack quality like a lot of our squad but as with playing wing back which he did under Monk he does the defensive work and can’t fault him for that considering he’s more of a forward player.
  8. As usual it sends out the wrong message. Gets a 3 game ban for grabbing a guys balls twice in full view. What did Forestieri get again for ‘supposed’ racial remarks that was one persons word against the other? The FA/EFL on the button yet again.
  9. He had a right foot too which is unusual in modern day players.
  10. Wide right for me. Play people on their strongest foot in the most suitable positions.
  11. Just a good team effort for me and that’s what will probably please Pulis the most. No real stand out performers but lots of solid displays.
  12. Pulis will be pleased with his showing and that’s good enough for me.
  13. He’s like a low grade Steve Watson who in comparison is a low grade James Milner.
  14. Hard to knock him for Saturday as he hadn’t played competitively for yonks. Hope his previous faux pas are a thing of the past. Time will tell. I’m still all for sticking with Wildsmith.
  15. It’s like I said, a lot players don’t like the roles they are being asked to do but the manager sees it as a greater good for the team and for results. We are a LONG way off having a harmonious squad like the first year under Carlos. I still think he landed lucky in that sense but feel more confident of Pulis getting there - given time.
  16. No professional footballer is useless. They’ve conned a lot of people to get where they are if so. It’s all just a matter of opinions and fine margins. All players in the modern game play to strict roles and tactics set out by the coaching team. If they deviate from that then they may find themselves dropped indefinitely. Most players I would imagine don’t necessarily like the jobs they’ve been asked to do as it restricts their natural game but that’s as an individual and.not as a team. There’s also some that land lucky with the players, structure and style of play. Thi
  17. Because Pulis eluded to it didn’t he? Harris will get game time under Pulis and maybe Reach but then out wide we have nothing. This is based on Summer recruitment being for 5-3-2 as the formation.
  18. In a strange sort of way we'll be getting around a 6th of our usual capacity but will probably need about 6 times more stewards to facilitate the changes.
  19. Hardly any 3pm Saturday kick-offs is also a big turn off for me in joining the PL.
  20. Think we will need to be savvy in the transfer window but imagine there's a little money in the pot, not a huge amount. There are key areas to strengthen in out wide and up top (possibly someone in the middle of the part too). Let's just wait and see what happens. We don't have that many players on loan at the club so we could take advantage of that market in the short term.
  21. I know there's a few people bemoaning this as just a prank but it would be double standards in British sport to have some sports like Rugby Union and Rugby League handing out severe bans and for football to be turning a blind eye. It sends out the wrong message.
  22. I agree and think Iorfa will play RB under Pulis. Then think the middle will be 2 from Lees, Dunkley or Flint (when fit). LB is a tough one to call. Maybe Borner or someone new in mind.
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