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  1. Anyone know how the wage structure works now in Leagues One and Two? I know they have wage caps not don't they? Was just wondering how it would work if we are relegated and players are under contract on wages that are over what the wage cap is? Does League One not have a parachute payment option the same as the one from the Premier League to the Championship?
  2. I get fed up of reading how many things that DC does that's against the grain of traditional footballing process. 10 Year Season Tickets Own Name Sponsorship Pay Structure Bespoke Shirt Designer These are just a few of the strange things we've had to hear. Why can't we just do things the same way as every other club?
  3. Probably happen when we get relegated as they are on wage caps in league one.
  4. Didn't think you were a fan of Reach on the wing or wingers? Or was that Gurujan?
  5. He will probably be known as Sydney knowing our luck.
  6. Yes and no. Wildsmith and Dawson weren’t playing first team football for us then as often as they are no so their flaws in meaningful matches could/would still be there. Also you have to factor in that Westwood is another 2-3 years older than he was when Rhodes left and all goalkeepers have a shelf life at the top level. There is every chance that Westwood has gone past his expiry date and Wildsmith and Dawson just aren’t good enough for regular football at this level. Sometimes you just have to be brutally honest. Pointless going back to something that was working in the past when it can’t be replicated. My personal view is that we are at that point now where we ‘may’ need to drop down a division to strengthen accordingly again. With what’s required now we just don’t have the money to throw at it.
  7. A tradition that’s been part of football for how long? Why does DC feel the need to always have to do things against the grain?
  8. It could just as easily have been DC saying there’s no cash available. In an ideal world I guarantee that Monk wouldn’t have wanted to do that deal.
  9. Unfortunately that’s because Sunday morning referees mostly don’t know the rules or are scared to give reds. You get full blown punch ups in the pitch at times and all the referee will say is don’t do that again.
  10. You don’t have to make contact with the player if you look at the rules for dangerous play.
  11. If we finish 20th and United are relegated that would be a successful season in most fans view. Let’s not forget we started on minus points so to stay up under those circumstances is huge.
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