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  1. Let’s just hope he’s not seen out or he really will be ridiculed.
  2. In the words of Jamiroquai, that’s virtual insanity.
  3. I thought all proceeds go to the NHS, or is that just the losing bets?
  4. Benjamin Button was a good player in that time.
  5. He was in and out last season too. It was all over the press of a fall out with Solskjaer.
  6. In all fairness I think Man Utd are going through something similar with Pogba presently. Can’t get in their side because of his ego now and Solskjaer prefers more ‘team’ players. We could have maybe carried one of Carbone or Di Canio in the team but often carrying both defensively couldn’t have been fun for the rest of the team.
  7. Makes good sense in all honesty. Too many contracts throw too many positive spins on bonuses. It’s nice to get ones that get players thinking and trying harder.
  8. I’d take a quality team and crap shirt any day of the week.
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