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  1. We need to be looking at bringing in a player like we did when we signed Brunt, not the 35 year old version.
  2. Urhoghide and Penney will add numbers to the squad which at the end of the season will get depleted somewhat. Wouldn’t say either are first choice regulars but in case of emergency they are both good to have and won’t cost the earth. Not only that they are both able to play in more than one position each so always useful.
  3. I think Connor Kirby would have offered more than Joey on the pitch.
  4. All it takes is a canny agent to get involved. A lot can happen till the proposed season start.
  5. If both Fox and Fletcher get offered even slightly better deals elsewhere they will be off, let’s not kid ourselves. The fans have mistreated Fox in the main and Fletcher hasn’t always been first choice so neither of them will think they have anything to owe the club.
  6. Was a fine player for us but he does like to show off with his mouth. Why would they have contacted him to say it’s going to be a 10 point deduction?
  7. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Murphy Luongo Bannan Reach Harris Fletcher Wildsmith Odubajo Lees Lee Forestieri Windass Nuhiu With the 5 in midfield I’d like to see Luongo sit and the others licence to get forwards at different times to support Fletcher.
  8. We could be back in the Championship before we’d be able to do a parade for the promotion. Oh the irony.
  9. Yep and they’re the levels of the game that need protecting.
  10. Talk about putting words in people’s mouths. I love football but this is bringing out everything that’s wrong with the game and it all comes back to money.
  11. Totally agree with you here. If it were for footballing reasons it would be across the board and not just the top 2 leagues. Stinks if you ask me (which I’m sure you’re not) which is just my opinion of course.
  12. I think mindset plays a big part too. You can have loads of skill but if you’re not a team player nobody wants to know.
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