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  1. Because he doesn’t know who he’s partying it too. If he did he wouldn’t be partying it back in the 6 yard box still. I rate him for his reaction saves but Flahavan must get to work on his awareness etc.
  2. I said a couple of weeks ago when we were all discussing our keepers that my issue with Dawson is not his ability to stop shots but his inability to divert them into non dangerous areas. Over a season I said it would ultimately cost us points and Brentford clearly picked up on the same. Cant remember the actual game but earlier in the season he parried 3 or 4 straight back out and I know Harris then cleared 2 of them and think Van Aken another but that was luck more than anything.
  3. Wrong minute and wrong colour card. Can I join your lottery syndicate?
  4. We are playing 3 at the back and 1 up top so anyone can see we need 3 times more defenders than strikers on the books.
  5. I work with 2 Derby season ticket holders. One says he tends to pick up a lot of short term injuries and the other says he’s a really busy player and doesn’t often get the chance to shine at Derby. We haven’t had a box player for a long time now. You could class Rhodes as a box player I guess but he’s really lost his way.
  6. You miss my point though, he wouldn’t qualify as a British player in any European squads named, Champions or Europa leagues.
  7. You get clubs that are in the Champions League bring in a third choice British keeper to put in their Champions League squad so that they can add an extra foreign player. Chelsea did it with Ross Turnbull a few years ago and Manchester United and City did it with Lee Grant and Scott Carson. Only problem is Westwood ain’t British!!
  8. If he’s not intending on staying on another year or two then best to sell him now. I’m done with players letting their contracts run down and we get nothing on the back of it. I’d personally sell and then bring in someone to sit in front the back 4 as a shield, allowing Luongo and Brown to create. Bannan has been decent but I’m at the point now where I’d like to see a whole new midfield.
  9. Like you say, it’s ridiculous that you ask us to judge.
  10. Don’t see Palmer as a CB whatsoever. Plus the Van Aken or Borner option is the side we’ve been undone a little so far. We definitely need one more CB if we are to persist with 3 at the back throughout the season. Sanderson at Cardiff would be ideal for his versatility.
  11. Yeah I was at that game and it came as a shock to Forest fans and was a bit of a wake up call. That first half came as a shock to me too.
  12. I also though let he was much closer to full fitness when he signed and was just expecting him to fall seem less into the back line after 2-3 weeks of the season start. Takes me back to when we used to sign players on loan and have to wait 3 months for them to get to match fitness. Can only happen at Wednesday - or at least it feels that way anyhow.
  13. Lamouchi reminds me very much of Carlos. Came to Forest with no real track record to speak of and the fans loved him when they were in the play offs and the football was decent. He then changed how they played as soon as the expectation factor came into play as well as creating a bloated and unbalanced squad. According to my Forest mates (as I live in Nottingham) he had no plan B. Problem for us was we kept hold of Carlos for too long whereas the Forest owner knew when to strike and got in a good manager in Hughton.
  14. I opened it up expecting it to be a thread about Isaac Promise and his old school chum Little Progress.
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