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  1. Stuart Gray sacked

    Still in the Championship.
  2. Relegation???

    Can't see it myself, there are teams that will lose more than us. If we continue on our current form we could end up mid table or just below at worst. If we want playoffs or better (unlikely) then either Carlos needs a change of psyche or Mr Chansiri needs a change of manager.
  3. What we really need is

    Put a sock in it Joffe.
  4. Short list

    In all fairness, with him not coming from a football background, will he have heard of other names being mentioned? This is part of the problem if he doesn't have the right advisors.
  5. One game. The OP states this season!
  6. 3 changes tmoro

    Good call IDK?
  7. Van Aaken

    Well you can’t blame it on the sunshine, moonlight or good times!
  8. 3 changes tmoro

    Carlos Out Carlos In Carlos Out My three changes.
  9. SWFC Midfield

    Problem is that our midfield is packed to keep it compact - supposedly. This forces the opposition out wide which often outnumbers our fullbacks or they are left stranded from a foray upfield. The lack of a disciplined DCM to cover is my main concern, has been since the playoff final season.
  10. Phil parkinson

    Agree with you there. When I look at the Boro side promoted a couple of seasons ago (for example) they had Nsue and Friend as attacking fullbacks but Leadbitter and Clayton sitting unselfishly in midfield allowing them to do so. At present our one sitting midfielder in Jones isn't as good at it as either Leadbitter or Clayton so we will always be vulnerable out wide, especially if our wide men tuck in too i.e. Bannan. After that it's a knock-on effect because your full backs are under pressure which means if more crosses come in then your CBs are under more pressure and then your GK comes into the equation too. Lots of the time people blame the full backs or the defence as a whole without identifying the source.
  11. Phil parkinson

    If that first part is true then I've never heard anything so stupid from a professional football manager.
  12. Phil parkinson

    Teams like Man City and Arsenal I doubt change their approach very much game on game, they just play a certain way and hope they win which they can afford to do. Teams like Bolton and Burton who are battling for survival will try and eek out every ounce they can to get an edge and looking for weak areas in the opposition to expose. Well done Bolton on this occasion.
  13. No interest in buying the kit this season but I would have loved the Lacatoni polo shirt or tracksuit bottoms, not that they will ever be available!
  14. Roland Nilsson

    Players held in such high regard should be involved with the club for ambassadorial purposes but not management. I don't get the love of bringing in ex players. We all know the average tenure of a football manager is short and often that's due to being sacked rather than poached.
  15. DCFC.

    I thought it was Dejphon Chansiri FC