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  1. Owls 0 - 3 Burton

    Which way were you facing?!
  2. Joey Song

    Any relation to Rigobert Song?
  3. The 2 Derby season ticket holders I work would disagree with you (about Huddlestone anyway) and say he’s got one pace and that’s it. If the game is at his pace he looks good, if not?! I’ll take their word over yours seeing as they watch him week in/week out. I’d say the reason they are contending is Rowett, plain and simple. Birmingham were on the fringes of the playoffs before he was sacked - look at them now.
  4. Our only aim this season is...

    I’d be happy to stay up and hope that Jos has got his ethos over by the end of the season. That way there’s no excuses come pre season. I think United will not be as good next season as they were this. We will struggle to finish top half the season so I’d forget completely about our rivals for now.
  5. Huddlestone is not the best player in the division, he's not even the best player at Derby! If he was then he wouldn't have let a player playing in his non-favourite position dominate him like Reach did. I think Jos got his tactics spot on tonight, something Carlos failed to do at Wembley.
  6. I think we should stop thinking we are going to be saved by our injury plagued lot when they return. They've been out that long that it will take most a month to get back up to speed. Focus support on the players we have, whether we rate them or not.
  7. Unless I am mistaken...

    I'm not overly concerned with our league position just yet. If we are nearer the bottom come the end of March then I will be.
  8. International Break

    Guarantee we will get a couple more injuries during the international break, even though nobody will be called up. That's just the sort of luckless season we are having.
  9. Will FF ever play for us again?

    Dont be fooled into thinking football players give too much of a monkeys about their club when they aren't at a game or training. I'm friends with an ex PL footballer and during a couple of poker nights round his when he was injured we had MOTD on and his team were on. He didn't even lift his head and wasn't bothered.
  10. Fans at games abusing their own players

    If things were going well there wouldn't be a scapegoat. At the minute it changes week by week. I'm not a fan myself of abusing your own players. They like to think you have their back against opposing players and fans so when you turn on them it's not good. I guess they have the last laugh with the money they're on!
  11. Have to admit..

    We need to grit our teeth and get behind the players currently in the side in order to stave off relegation. We can't rely on the injured players to come back and save us. Why? Because let's face it, they are all now classed as long term injuries and therefore haven't trained fully for a while. Plus the last time they trained was under a different manager for most of them. It will take a lot of them time to get match fit which is a luxury we don't have with the end of the season closing in on us. Yes I think most of us agree that Fox, Palmer, Loovens, Butterfield, Jones, Wallace, Nuhiu and Rhodes aren't everybody's cup of tea this season but it is what it is and no amount of moaning will change anything before now and then. We as fans need to suck it up and support those in the matchday squad regardless. It's the end of the season we hope to see many changes but for now the only positive thing to do is get behind the lads.
  12. pay on dayers

    So what’s a true fan? Basically you’re saying that only ST holders are true fans? If you work on that basis I’d say only those that go to watch away are true fans. If that’s the case we don’t have many true fans. We may as well just fold the club if that’s the case. What an incredibly shortsighted viewpoint!
  13. Are the season ticket holders killing our club?

    You know moles are blind don’t you?
  14. League 1

    I certainly ain’t paying £700 for a season ticket to party on League One.
  15. Jos hoping to welcome back

    Rowett will use that in his pre-match pep talk to his team. All, the incentive they need!