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  1. If Carlos walks REALISTIC names

    If the reason DC isn't getting shot of CC is due to compensation then we won't be going for any of the names currently in employment for the same reason. The list is therefore rather shorter and a little less appealing. That is unless we unearth an overseas manager or young English manager.
  2. Players not without blame

    The defence is getting more criticism than normal but some of that can be put down to the protection in front of them. I was a CB by trade and can say that I'd be more comfortable playing if I knew I had Hutchinson in front of me than say Jones. The lack of clean sheets is a culmination of a lot of things.
  3. I foresaw this last season and therefore didn't renew in the Summer.
  4. We will need so many new players

    All depends which manager comes in after Carlos. Most here have Rhodes written off but under a different manager and ethos he could easily be lethal again.
  5. Brian Laws?

    What's Laws been up to of late? I really have no idea. Has he been in the game recently?
  6. Karanka next boss

    If we did get Karanka and he wanted to implement his 'Boro' strategy then he'd need a few players in for sure. Let's be honest, we have nobody in the club in the mould of a Clayton, Leadbitter or Forshaw. Would Rhodes be frozen out? How would Forestieri fit In? There are more questions than answers in appointing Karanka. I dont have a name I can throw out who I'd prefer, all I know is I'm so tired of Carlos and have been since early last season.
  7. Mass Boycott

    Geoffrey’s lad?
  8. Bannan is the problem

    It's not necessarily the player, just how he's being asked to play. I actually think Carlos thinks he's Xavi and Iniesta rolled into one - here lies the problem.
  9. Is our season over already?

    If we get rid of Carlos now I personally don’t see a point in waiting until next Summer to appoint a new manager. Get one in before the end of the season to get his message across before next season and assess the playing staff.
  10. Flint

    Huge threat in the opposition box but not the best defensively with ball at feet or against clever players. Take his goals away and people wouldn't even talk about him.
  11. Westwood Lees Hutchinson Van Aken Hunt Butterfield Bannan Reach Lee Forestieri Hooper
  12. Even the sideways and backward ones?!
  13. Get a grip and stop this drivel about it being 100% a penalty. You're making yourself look a fool. You said yourself it hit the body first and then up onto the arm (if you still believe it hit the arm). Handball has to be intentional remember so that's some skill when he's sliding on the floor and the ball hits the body first. Just move on Carlos.
  14. 100% we won't go up this season. Under Carlos we've had our only chances of going up I fear. First season was a fantastic journey with lots of good things to see. Second season the scenery wasn't great but we got to the gates where Carlos left the key at home. This season we are in a bit of a tunnel and not sure Carlos knows the way out.