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  1. Think you'll find that was Sockrates
  2. Hoping that DC is channeling at least 90% of his time into finding a new management team and only at most 10% of his time bothering with the Newcastle saga. We have every chance of losing out on both counts if he doesn’t pull his finger out.
  3. You should be ashamed of yourself for a comment like that. I get the feeling though you feel quite proud.
  4. Thought it was Odubajo but may have been mistaken?! Watched it again, I am mistaken. Odubajo had switched to the right.
  5. Decent result against what looked good opposition technically - especially their second goal. Fletcher is looking pretty sharp and he will be key for us this season. One thing that's lovely to see that's been lacking for a few years, a wide man getting to the byline. Kareem Harris could be great for us this coming season and can only help the likes of Fletcher and Rhodes.
  6. Personal reasons should be left just that way - personal. In certain circumstances he's a footballer secondarily. It may co e to light in the future but for now give home space.
  7. I guess we can only moan if another week or so goes by and we end up with someone like a Pulis. Until a new manager is named its purely just guesswork right now.
  8. Ciaran Clark Yoshinori Muto Jack Colback Henri Saivet
  9. Totally agree. We got them halfway through the season which suggests they weren't the cream of the crop when it came to sourcing loan players at the stRt of the season. Still think we could do better.
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