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  1. I stopped building my hopes following highlight reels after a certain Necj Pecnik.
  2. Connor Wickham has extended his contract at Palace. He'd still be a great option for lone striker - or loan striker.
  3. Now there’s a club on the up.
  4. You do know the reason why WBA chose not to sign him permanently? They’d be first in the queue for a loan again anyway, I’m sure.
  5. I imagine one or two deals are verbally done but the players are on holiday so we will sign them officially when they return.
  6. You said they'll struggle next season, is that fact or fiction?
  7. What's your definition of struggle? I'm sure most Bristol Cuty fans would have been happy with their season.
  8. Yep, cashing in on players and making sure they don't fall foul of FFP and P&S. could be the way to go. Not financially. Why struggle next season when they've only sold a single player so far this Summer? It didn't affect them last season after selling Reid, Flint and Bryan. Biggest loss for them would be Lee Johnson.
  9. Don't some clubs play in their new kit for the last game of the season? I'm sure I remember that in the past. We'd never be THAT ahead of the game.
  10. Need players with their best years in front of them, not behind them.
  11. It may be an option to extend for a year - granted. But it could easily have something like a % pay increase wrapped into it. Agents of today try to look out for their clients. Something not straight forward if you ask me.
  12. Not necessarily. There maybe caveats involved.
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