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  1. Have to disagree with the OP. He’s clearly keeping himself fit as he’s on the bench most weekends or in the starting lineup. With the number of players leaving in the Summer I’d offer him another year as he’d be an experienced footballer to have within the club and sure his wages wouldn’t break the bank unlike some. With a couple of young fresh faced additions in the midfield next window we could have a revived CM next season. Luongo Bannan Lee DM addition CM addition
  2. Only because he's the only one small enough to fit in the barrel of a cannon when you run out of ammo.
  3. Dont agree with that I'm afraid. Definitely the following summer after Huddersfield playoff but only hindsight would say get rid of him after Wembley.
  4. I wouldn't say bottlers but you don't lose 5-0 for there not to be something fundamentally wrong?!
  5. If there was a fingers crossed symbol I would have used it.
  6. Plus it’s not as if it’s just one or two teams In the running. There's probably ten clubs in with a shout of finishing 2nd-6th.
  7. Personally think we won’t have enough this season. It’s not the fault of Monk either, just circumstances.
  8. Thing is we were a dark horse in that first season under Carlos and caught a lot of teams by surprise on the counter. Take things on another season or two and we were trying to play the same way with teams deciding to sit back against us. Add to that the expectation that the club had and the job was just too much. Truth is, we still haven't recovered from that.
  9. The young lad is doing okay but he was run a bit ragged on Saturday, even before we went down to 10. He’s going to take time to develop so let’s not get too excited too soon.
  10. How do two big loss making years drop off soon? I thought it was a rolling three year thing and therefore you'd only lose one year at a time?
  11. I know we stuck the knife into Luhukay for the treatment of Hutchinson and Westwood but it becomes a little clearer now as they are both known to be a little dramatic/vocal/disruptive if more recent comments are to be believed.
  12. After us bettering Forest at the Cuty ground, who actually saw that coming? They were truly awful that day, similar to us last Saturday.
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