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  1. He wasn't a million miles off with a crap Birmingham squad before their points deduction (which was through no fault of his).
  2. Well I listened to Sky (considering we were in 'advanced' talks with Danny Cowley) and lost £50. We were THAT advanced in the talks we appointed Monk. There's been only one big winner here....the bookies as usual.
  3. Get them in. Give them the proper backing to build from the bottom up. We’re not the club we were in the 90s - far from it. The Cowley’s could start something special at Wednesday and would not just be seen as a quick fix like so many other managers are. They don’t have to spend big so just believe in what they do and I think we’d be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Turned down WBA and Huddersfield who've had considerably more success than us the past few years.
  5. Falling out of love with football. Never thought I'd hear myself say that.
  6. The thing that bugs me is why do Wednesday under Chansiri have to do things the polar opposite to other clubs?!
  7. So if the rumours are true he's approached both Hughton and Pulis and been knocked back. It shows he's still keen on his own man but is renowned for being stubborn. Might still be a long wait if he's waiting for one of those two to reconsider.
  8. Yep, unfortunately only DC knows what his plans are and the sceptics amongst us can only think he's not backed Bullen with extra staff because he's not the long-term solution in his eyes. Really not sure what DCs plans are which is the frustrating part for most as with the right manager we could be around the playoff spots.
  9. They were being exposed long before Bullen.
  10. What's the point of giving Bullen experienced staff if you're not going to give him the job long-term?! Just more people to pay off if and when a new manager does comein with his own team.
  11. Cant think of many owners off the top of my head that ever do.
  12. A luxury we can no longer afford to start. Think the best we can hope for now is impact from the bench in games where we think he can make a difference. Not sure our current set up suits him.
  13. I think if we were serious about Rowett we would have got him by now.
  14. I heard a rumour you could spell. I didn't notice.
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