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  1. If we can get Leefit again he's the only one I'd look to keep. He offers us something we currently don't have. The others are replaceable in that respect.
  2. Junk Smuggler

    Total Football.....Jos Style.

    The Dutch total football philosophy hasn't been see for years. It was good in the 70s, 80s and 90s but other teams took over with different footballing styles. I personally think he's getting the best out of certain players just by good coaching.
  3. Im sure that was tried in the summer with zero success.
  4. Junk Smuggler


    If it's a throw up between Hector and Onomah then we'll done to Jos for bringing them into the club.
  5. Junk Smuggler

    Matt Penney Contract

    It certainly won't be the fault of Jos if we're not in a position to tie Penney to a new contract.
  6. Junk Smuggler

    I think Jos is doing a good job

    I think a lot of credit has to go to Jos for and his team for what's being achieved. He's getting more out of some players than Carlos did and is also introducing some of the youngsters successfully. Even when Jos finally goes I'm sure the next manager will rake the reigns of a club in much better shape than when he first arrived. That's the mark of a well managed club.
  7. Junk Smuggler

    You take one for the team

    In all fairness there were 2 defenders that Barnes still had to beat when he picked up the ball and It was only a minute before that he'd scored an own goal so his head was probably still on that. You need your experienced players to step up vocally after they'd scored the first to steady the team. Not sure we have vocal experienced players. Lees, Pudil and Hector aren't all that vocal. Things like this will probably continue until we get true leaders in the team.
  8. Junk Smuggler

    20 players

    Youre gonna have a stack of swapsies.
  9. Junk Smuggler

    Central midfield

    Our midfield is fine when we are in possession of the ball but it's when the opposition have the ball that our weaknesses are exposed. With the energy that Bannan and Reach have we often find them well out of position when we lose the ball. Add to this the lack support our wide men often give our full backs and we become an opposing managers dream. Our back line gets a lot of undue criticism when it's actually the midfield that's the issue.
  10. Junk Smuggler


    Fair play, good luck. Yeah we could/should be in and around that area of the league and it's going to be a tight one.
  11. Some strange odds in there. I think the best and safest return on those odds would probably be on Derby.
  12. Junk Smuggler


    How much do you class as a huge wedge?
  13. Pace doesn't have to be how fast a player can run, it can easily be the speed of transition from defence to attack. That's what I see a bit more under Jos. I think that's why Reach is playing centrally because he often gets us up the pitch quicker with his directness. Marry that with Bannan and his passing and we can find ourself in the final third in the blink of an eye.