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  1. No easy games in this league plus Wigan had already beaten us this season.
  2. Junk Smuggler

    Loans out ?

    Thing is though you still have to stay match fit and sharp so playing an odd U23 match is good for that. No good if we call him back to play for the first team and he's not quite up to speed, that would just be another backwards step in his development.
  3. Junk Smuggler

    Fresh Fan Investment: New Share Offer

    Youd think so but not if the rumoured asking price after the last fans forum is anything to go by. Can't se much interest with such an over-inflated price being banded about.
  4. Junk Smuggler

    Just an idea

    If Mr C had money to inject then the easiest thing would be for him to buy say 1,000 pay on the gate tickets for every home game as a ghost entity. They don't have to then be taken up or given away but its revenue. Alternatively he could buy all the garbage that's in the club shop and then give it away in Thailand. Daft a it sounds it could generate more fan base overseas.
  5. McTominay would be an excellent addition on loan. Can slip onto midfield or defence and is a commanding size which is something we lack. If only Bruce could use a United contact or two.
  6. Junk Smuggler

    Chairman’s statement

    Can't help but think that the lack of communication over our so called 'soft embargo' whilst still cashing in on season ticket sales has left a bitter taster in some fans mouths. Not sure the take-up on the v2 of the 1867 scheme will be more than first time round which let's be honest, didn't pull up many trees. These late night statements are very left field to say the least
  7. Junk Smuggler

    Fernando in trouble again?

    Currently injured is he not?
  8. Junk Smuggler

    Possible Signing

    His brother Valentino can come too.
  9. Junk Smuggler


    Jones really can't tackle for toffee so can't see him being a defensive midfielder. He can be a deep lying ball player but not a defensive midfielder. If Bruce wants a deep lying ball player then he may as well stick with Bannan. If he wants a couple of ball winning midfielders then the only option we have (without pushing Hector into midfield) is to play Hutchinson and Pelupessy.
  10. Junk Smuggler

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Was it a puppet show? Only joking, hope he's a different player and person under Bruce.
  11. Is that Iker Casillas's dyslexic doppelgänger?
  12. Junk Smuggler

    No Press conf????

    Steve Agnew comes across well. One thing with Bruce not being here yet in term of transfers is that Steve can just bat the question of ins and outs away and just say that's between Bruce and Chansiri.
  13. He's gonna be worth millions.
  14. Junk Smuggler


    Surprised at Norwich considering their prices are higher than ours!