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  1. Junk Smuggler

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    To answer the OP I think we'd get 3 million max for Westwood right now.
  2. Junk Smuggler

    Next season

    Think Swansea may struggle and all is not well at Derby apparently according to fans lus they have Butterfield!
  3. I wouldn't know what he looked like and can't imagine many would. Who spotted him?
  4. Junk Smuggler

    Next season

    WBA, Boro, Villa and Stoke to finish in the top 6 but there's still a couple of places up for grabs.
  5. You could be right, yes. Thing is, JL has inherited his strikeforce and could well have an ideal player in mind who fits the mould of his own playing style. If that's the case then I'll back him, providing we can offload 1 or 2 the other way. Also timing-wise doesn't always mean we can sign players we want when we want so don't be alarmed if the first Summer signing is a striker, we all know the areas that need strengthening elsewhere too and I'm sure Jos does too as he seems pretty clued up.
  6. Junk Smuggler

    Clare rejected us??

    I have no issues with a player trying to make as much money as possible and most people would do the same as it's a relatively short career but it's a sad state of affairs that money and agents have ruined the modern game - especially when you talk of players who at certain stages of their careers have achieved nothing so far. You've got kids at Man City on at least £10k a week who are a year or so away from their first team, it's crazy. I remember going on a night out in Manchester and the City academy lady were out and the girls were swarming around them like the proverbial. If that was 20 years ago nobody would have cared less or even known who they were. They missed a trick in capping wages when the PL came out (same way as rugby did when it turned professional) but the big clubs would have rejected that as it's the reason the PL was introduced because they were being held back. It will only get worse I fear and I'm slowly falling out of love for the game - didn't think I'd hear myself say that.
  7. Junk Smuggler

    Charity match tomorrow

    Trust you @trevdi9 you can always be relied upon for modern art.
  8. Junk Smuggler

    Clare rejected us??

    Now you're just being daft. The End
  9. Junk Smuggler

    Clare rejected us??

    You totally miss my point. Jos seemed like he wanted to give him a go but the damage had already been done. Had it not I believe he would have played more for us in the Championship than the likes of Everton or Leicester in the PL. if you think he's going to be getting starts in the PL next season then WOW.
  10. Junk Smuggler

    Charity match tomorrow

    Same lot played at Pirelli stadium in Burton 2-3 weeks back. Katie Price managed one team and Kerry Katina the other. Katie Price was vile and shouting the f word from the touchline. Not great when the majority in the crowd were kids.
  11. Junk Smuggler

    Clare rejected us??

    So if Hirst signs for the likes of Everton or Leicester who he’s been linked to you think he’ll play for them? He’s not THAT good. Did I say anything about training?
  12. It does in the mirror!
  13. Junk Smuggler

    New kit designs

    Can't beat a bit of Charles 'Charlie' Charles. Literally!
  14. Junk Smuggler

    Starting XI

    Dawson Lees Venancio Van Aken Hunt Lee Pelupessy Bannan Reach Forestieri Hooper Just because I think Westwood will go and we will re-sign Venancio. Other positions ‘may’ be updated during the Summer. Given the chance in a back three I think Van Aken will flourish.
  15. Maybe we can get a chant going next season against the non tattoers?!