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  1. Junk Smuggler

    Hirst Gone

    It is as simple as that. Anybody thinking there's any loyalty in football is crazy. Since money arrived in the game that's the only driving force. It's not the fault of George Hirst that the rules are wrong in the game.
  2. Junk Smuggler

    Hirst Gone

    George Hirst hasn't done anything wrong really when you look at it. He's let his contract run down and the club haven't given him a new contract he feels he's worth. It happens all the time at other clubs. If he wasn't the son of David then not as much would be made of it. We failed to give him any game time under Carlos and it was clearly in that time where he made his decision to leave. Let's all move on, it's tiresome.
  3. Mods, can we have a Donald Trump face emoji for fake news?
  4. A lot can happen in 9 days.
  5. It means we will (or should) have had an easier time elsewhere in the season. Dont panic Mr Mainwaring!
  6. I used to love Aswell. My mistake, it was Aswad. Don't turn around! Never criticise poor grammar by posting with poor grammar.
  7. I personally think that Jos won't get the same budget that Carlos was privy too so pulling power in that sense can't be benchmarked. The bigger names we pulled in previously in Abdi, Rhodes and Fletcher hardly fired on all cylinders.
  8. This time of year everyone walks around Sheffield with no shirts on.
  9. Not really as Fabianski has been playing PL football.
  10. Junk Smuggler

    What was the last game you went to

    Social Media Innit
  11. Junk Smuggler

    What was the last game you went to

    If you've got social anxiety then maybe Owlstalk isn't for you.
  12. I just can't get excited by England. I've been the same since 98. I may start to feel more emotion should we get to the quarters or semis.
  13. That's the solid and genuine rumour right there our Kanye.
  14. Junk Smuggler

    Are their any hidden gems

    How do most clubs balance the books if they refuse to sell?
  15. Probably seeing as there’s nobody in the current managerial, backroom or playing staff with any previous links to Pressman. I can see Jos’s own man coming in.