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  1. Something's amiss. Guess you can only go on what you're being told by the chairman or manager.
  2. Junk Smuggler

    Clare joins Swansea

    Compensation won't be as much as some people think. He joined us from the Nike academy only about 2-3 years ago, it's not like he'd been with us since a young lad.
  3. Junk Smuggler

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Or the season we didn't even have a registered keeper of our own and ended up loaning the likes of Carson and I can't remember the other lad, was it Iain Turner? Think it was the season before we got Lee Grant.
  4. Junk Smuggler

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Until the end if the loan window I wouldn't say we've kept hold of him yet. As the transfer window has shut earlier than normally clubs will now be looking to do transfers and just offset them as loans with a tied in transfer at the end. Still think there's a bit of business to be done yet.
  5. Junk Smuggler

    Wingback Options

    That midfield would get mullered. No creativity out wide in Baker and Fox (both playing in unnatural positions twinned with nobody to get their foot in out of Bannan and Reach. I’d hate to be a CB if they were my only protection in front.
  6. Junk Smuggler

    Wingback Options

    Problems are.... RWB Palmer - not his natural position. Baker - not his natural position. Pelupessy - not his natural position. Hutchinson - not his natural position. Lee - not his natural position. O’Grady - not his natural position. LWB Reach - not his natural position. Fox - not his natural position. Boyd - not his natural position. Pudil - can play there but legs have gone. Penney - not his natural position. Van Aken - not his natural position. You see the dilemma. Of those mentioned, Lee is probably best suited (when fit) with his background of playing RB and in CM and has a footballing brain and good engine. On the left Reach on paper should be nailed on to play there but failing that Pudil is the best option but he openly admits his legs have gone. Wing backs are an art form position, you can’t just throw anybody in there and expect them to perform. Moses Odubajo would have been ideal on the right but Brentford have snaffled him up.
  7. Derby will be fine, they've sold players as well over the last 3 seasons. The likes of Will Hughes, Tom Ince, Matej Vydra, Cyrus Christie brought in 30 million in the last 2 seasons alone. This is where we miss the boat as we just buy and don't sell when the time is right. You can only sustain that for so long.
  8. Junk Smuggler

    Pay them off

  9. His family being insulted and abused is not on...full stop. On footballing matters though the buck stops with him. Plenty of clubs in the league buying good players who have much cheaper season tickets and replica shirts so I don’t buy that one. It’s not a reaction just from Wigan though is it? It’s actually one since the second season under Carlos where the football was awful - for me anyway. Nobody takes control of a football club to make money, if he didn’t expect to lose money he didn’t do his homework!
  10. Junk Smuggler

    Credit where it’s due

    If someone can credit him maybe 40-50 million then we may be able to start again.
  11. Junk Smuggler

    Where is Westwood going

    It could be that we've decided to sell but nobody ends up coming in for him.
  12. When do we get to lock this thread down?
  13. I have to admit, the Kasey Palmer one surprised me. Not that he came back to the championship but more the destination.
  14. Junk Smuggler

    Last good transfer window

    Yeah but didn't we also bring in Wim Jonk?